Deal of the Week: 43% off the Seidio ACTIVE Case (with metal kickstand) for Nokia Lumia 900

Deal of the DayThis week: Save $15.00 on the Seidio ACTIVE Case (with metal kickstand) for Nokia Lumia 900!

This two-layer case features a compact and lightweight rubber polymer with a precisely positioned hard skeleton for added protection. The arachnid design of the skeleton extends out to protect vulnerable parts of your Lumia 900 and the back of the case features a retractable metal kickstand for viewing your favorite media in landscape mode. Comes in black, blue, red, purple and white.

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List Price: $34.95         This Week: $19.95

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Why can't be blue cover be the same blue as my lumia 900?

cae758 says:

I bought this case the week it came out. It's good for the days I'm landscaping/construction, though I don't like that I can't lock the phone on the clip. My Nexus One holster had a lock and the one my friend got for his iPhone has one too.

Nokia, do you see that red? That's what I want my next Nokia phone available in (you've got 1.5 years, I just bought the 900). Also, my wife would go for the purple in a heartbeat, so there's another color to offer...

For those curious, I'll have a hands on video/mini-review of this later today as I've been using it for the last few days.

Zulfigar says:

Why can't this be for the 710 as well?

puredrive07 says:

Just ordered this in Blue! This comes in handy at work.

peterjr1boom says:

Wish it was for lumia 800 :(

No love for Lumia 800...

athix says:

Just goes to show you how ridiculously priced all of these cell phone accessories are.  Never buy anything until it goes on "sale", even then you are still getting overcharged. :) :) :)

DMBFan5 says:

Are there any cases, besides those made my Nokia that are the same Cyan blue? Been looking everywhere...

gorebashd says:

You ship to Canada? Without cost being ridiculous?