Deal of the Week - Amzer Skin Case for Nokia Lumia 900

WP CentralWe’re starting a new feature around these parts for you accessory geeks—the Deal of the Week. Every week we’re going to try and bring you the popular and unique deals from our store for your Windows Phone.

We’re in the middle of this week already but you still have plenty of time to pick up the Amzer Skin Case for Nokia Lumia 900. A soft silicone case available in many colors, the Amzer Skin Case is perfect for you 900 users who want to throw a case on for protection—even if just temporary—so that you don’t ding up that polycarbonate shell (we toss one on when we hit the gym or running, but otherwise keep it naked).

The Amzer case is fetching for a low $4.95 (75% off) with our 60-day return policy, fast shipping and friendly support. Grab your case here while you can!



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KoreyTM says:

Make that Amzer Shellster case/holster a deal of the week, and I think those will run off the shelves.

AaronP105 says:

Need more posts about cases for other phones, like the lumia 800. :)

We're ramping up review of cases. Expect more in the coming weeks.

So it's in white? Does it look just like the white phone? I need a white case.

It's in like every color out there--yeah the white looks quite decent.