Deal of the Week: Save 40% on the DICOTA Hard Cover for Nokia Lumia 900

Deal of the WeekThis Week: Buy the DICOTA Hard Cover for Nokia Lumia 900 and save $7.99!

Remember, this deal ends Sunday!

Made of impact resistant hard plastic, the DICOTA Hard Cover follows the shape of your Nokia Lumia 900 for a perfect fit.  The stylish patterns let you add a personal touch to your Lumia 900. There are cutouts for all the ports and buttons, allowing you full usage of the device without removing it from the case. Comes in purple and blue.

​Read our full-review of this case right here for more information.

List Price: $19.99    This Week: $12.00

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blessthejon says:

Noooo, this is the case I wanted! Oh well. :)

Rude123 says:

Never 710 cases

What's better, the 710 or the 900?

sinime says:

Hmm, maybe.

stevethenerd says:

I have one of these, like other covers it caused my Lumia overheat... causing the phone to act eratic not mention look fat and ugly

I have had one these DICOTA covers on my Lumia 900 from day one, and I have had zero problems with overheating. I'm not sure what you are doing with your phone to cause it to be eratic and overheat, but I can tell you this...you are doing it wrong...it's not the case.
Also, this case is less than 2mm thick, so it doesn't add bulk to the Lumia 900. It actually maintains the shape and contours of the Lumia 900 quite well, and offers slim protection and style for the device.