Deal Alert: Xbox Live Gold 12-month membership for $39.99

Xbox Live Gold

Looking to renew your Xbox Live Gold membership? There’s a good deal right now at NewEgg. You can purchase a 12-month Gold membership for only $39.99. Most stores usually sell this subscription for about $60. Free shipping is also available.

If you are a Masterpass user from MasterCard, you can save an additional $4, bringing the total down to $35.99. Just enter the promo code MASTERPASS at checkout.

We’re not sure how long this deal lasts, but act quickly before it’s gone. Head over to NewEgg to take advantage of this deal.

Source: SlickDeals



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explosive0 says:

Rushed in thinking this was xbox music pass.

Gatlyn says:

That will be later for $69.99. Still a great price.

Graven Pshya says:

Man, I already have a year subscription that renewed back in September.. Tempting to buy that now and save me some money by next year.

explosive0 says:

Will this deal be available online or in store only? I don't want to have to drive to the store just for this.

thirdday2002 says:

A newegg brick & mortar store? Is that even a thing? ;)

itsmebryan says:

They were out here in SoCal.  I would go to the store in Torrance but they went out of bussiness a long time ago and came back as a online store.

WebColin70 says:

Perhaps you are thinking of EggHead? No connection to NewEgg. I only know this, because I had also assumed NewEgg was the web presence from EggHead as they went out of business, but turned out I was wrong. Pure coincidence that both have "egg" in their names. NewEgg was always a web-based store.




purefire21 says:

Got damn 1520 I need it but my focus S is still going strong

Broomcorn says:

This has no reason to be here, but I laughed pretty good. Get that upgrade!

Upgrade and use that Focus S as a back up. I have my Lumia 900 there just incase.

cesar ruiz1 says:

Still have my original focus as an mp3 player when me and the wife are washing windows.

Graven Pshya says:

Dang! I just bought a year for $60 on my Xbox... Grrrrr

coip says:

Me too (><). Can we buy this now and add then just redeem the code right away and basically be covered for the next 2  years? Or do they not let you do that?

Ninja1043 says:

You can hold on to it as long as you want; grab it for backup purposes.

Agent-P says:

If you use it now, it'll just tack it on to the end of your existing membership.

erzhik says:

Yes, you can stack them all you want. My most was 3 years.

coip says:

Do they run these type of $40 deals all the time? Or should I snatch this up stat and tell my friends to do the same? And then tack it on to my current subscription?

Aaron M says:

They run them pretty frequently.  Usually I get mine at $35.  Used to reguarly find $30 deals.  So to me this is nothing special.  Then again, if your membership is about to expire, this would be a much better deal than $60 or service disruption.

DavidinCT says:

Yea, if watch the deal sites, about $40 is a good deal but, $35 is the best you will find them.


I have never paid over $40 for a year of xbox live because of these deals, I'm good till 9/2014 but, I will grab one at the start of next year (after the holidays because I am sure they will show up again)

mriveaa says:

Just bought one to go with my new X-one

Reflexx says:

Disappointed to not see a familiar hand or blurred person in the background. I feel like a streak has been broken.

Mark Guim says:

Hahaha sorry to disappoint. My usual hand model was unavailable

RayWP7 says:

12 days deal leak shows it for cheaper in the 18th. -I believe-

Memristor says:

No, the deal on the 18th is for Xbox Music only and not a Live membership.

jsnod25 says:

That's the music pass, and its also the same price.

Astro Boyd says:

Digital code or card?

Zeroplanetz says:

Hmmm isn't Xbox live the same for 360 and xone? I got mine for my 360 gor $25 that bestbuy price matched from buy.com a few months back. Even seen it as low as $20 on groupon occasionally.

Bob101910 says:

Really rare to find a year of gold for $20-$30. $30-35 happens occasionally, but sells out almost instantly. $40 should be the most that anybody pays because it is almost always on sale for this price.

Zeroplanetz says:

This is true I guess. I was just lucky

DavidinCT says:

very lucky, I shop for these all the time, the lowest I ever found was $35. Yea, I found one for $25 once from a site but, never actually got it..

JRich442 says:

Perfect timing, I'm due to renew next month.

erzhik says:

Get it now, I doubt these will be any lower till next year.

adrian1338 says:

true. since microsoft does not have to do anything they can in order to beat playstation sales :)

sholokov says:

Yes... I was looking for a deal

CitrusMocha says:

I would to extend my subscription but I'm strapped!

efektos says:

Got a year subscription for free, but I don't have an Xbox at all... :/

Ayman Jaddaa says:

He probably got the Microsoft Office that came with 1 free year of Xbox Live

Oh got unnecessarily exited:/

efektos says:

Yup, exactly...

I thought it might have a future use for my WP device, but so far it appears that it doesn't... :(

iZangetsu says:

Sell it for $30 and any poor bastard would take...I know I would.

DavidinCT says:

If you dont need it or want it, I will take it off your hands... :)

Listening to wake me up by avicii:;) wake up guys!

Good I bought two of them. So now I'm good for 2 years plus my current subscription. Life is good.

kenzibit says:

Is that a Lumia 625 in the article's photo?

link5a says:

It was $35 on eBays' Cyber Monday deals and it sold out b4 I could even notice. Still hoping to snatch something like that this month, let's see...

Any idea if this is region locked?? Or can anyone avail and use this??

Ayman Jaddaa says:

That's weird, on the Canadian Microsoft Store, it has the Xbox Live for 39.99 as well...is it not like that in the US?

Picked one up...I am good to go for two years. I always miss out on these deals. Now if I could get BF4 on Xbox One to be un-broken, I would be a happy camper!

wpguy says:

I wish the family plan hadn't been phased out. $99/yr for the family was an even better deal in dollars, time, and effort.

luisvase says:

I got a free 6-months Xbox Live card at the Xbox One launch event in NYC last month. Now I just bought this one at Newgg, so I'm all set for the next year and a half :D

Came here to complain my Lumia hasn't received GDR3 yet

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