Game online for less with Dell's 12-month Xbox Live subscription offer (US)

Xbox One Controller

Dell currently has a rather attractive offer on its US website, enabling consumers to save up to $20 on their Xbox Live subscription. The PC maker has the 12-month Xbox Live Gold subscription package listed for just $39.99, down from the RRP of $59.99. This is a limited time offer, so be sure to head past the break for more details and store links.

The best part about this deal is you're not required to have a computer or any other product in the basket to be eligible for the promotion.

Dell Xbox Live Offer

The offer itself appears to be for the US only. We couldn't locate a similar deal for other regions, but this is a perfect option for those who have forked out for the brand new Xbox One console from Microsoft and are looking for a sweet deal to get their gaming done online with friends.

Source: Dell (US); thanks, link5a, for the tip!



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DavidinCT says:

Isn't everyone running this promo now ? Didn't MS store have it for this and a few other places ?


Still holding tight for the $35 deals...Mine does not end till Nov of this year so I have plenty of time...

nbolmer says:

Yep, this is a non story. WalMart has them, best buy has them, Microsoft store has them, etc...

blackhawk556 says:

$29.99 like a few years back and I'll slap my grandma for one :)

sholokov says:

Yup. I got mine for $39.99 at Danbury store.

KasakDesign says:

On a side note: when you do get your subscription you have until tomorrow to play the Titan Fall beta. Really enjoying it. Its such a tease.

mab664 says:

Titanfall beta ends tomorrow?

They extended it a day since there was a server outage on Friday.

MikeSo says:

It's usually this price on Amazon too. Still good to get the word out there so people don't pay more. :)

Aaron M says:

$40 deal on Xbox live is pretty much the standard. Used to get it for $30 but now the cheapest I see is $35.

MacDaMachine says:

Those were the days

MobileVortex says:

Cheapest I've got it for is 24.99. I bought 4 of them lol.

Awesome deal, I've never seen it that low in awhile!

Wael Hasno says:

Shouldn't it work for other regions too? It's a subscription, not credit or something..

Brswan says:

Back in my day...

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rodrione says:

59$? I país 26£ for mine!! Lol

Kevin Rush says:

Re: MobileVortex,
When and where did you purchase one year of Xbox Live for $24.99? What was the retail price at that time?
Thank you.

mango.lover says:

Um this is also available at Microsoft Retail Stores.

As soon as my subscription ended I was offered to continue for this $39.99 price by MS, so I did.