Dell Venue 8 Pro coming in hot red, ships tomorrow

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Microsoft News

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Dell Inspiron

Dell has today announced an all-in-one PC and two new 2-in-1 Inspiron notebooks that feature 360 degree swivelling displays to rotate between laptop, easel, tent and tablet modes. The new notebooks are designed for those who actively switch between working on the keyboard to hitting up some gaming on a tablet, perfect for performing multiple tasks usually carried out by separate products.

The Inspiron 11 3000 Series 2-in-1 sports an 11-inch touch screen with 500GB internal storage and has over 8 hours worth of battery to power an Intel Pentium quad-core processor. Audio improvements from Waves MAXXAudio technology are included to further enhance the user experience. It's a solid device, which will be available starting June 19th at $449.99.

Dell also announced the Inspiron 13 7000 Series 2-in-1, which is a considerable step up from the more affordable sibling. The PC comes with an 13.3-inch touch screen with a full HD resolution. Moving up to the Intel Core processor family, upgrades also include a backlit keyboard and a built-in passive stylus, designed for noting things down in OneNote. The Inspiron 13 7000 will be available later this year in September.

Dell Inspiron

The last Inspiron device in this announcement is the 20 3000 all-in-one PC, which is a radically thin and lightweight design with an adjustable stand for multiple viewing experiences. It has a 19.5-inch HD display, Intel Pentium quad-core processor and premium speakers (including sub-woofer). The PC will be available from July 1 in the US for $349.99 (available now in select countries).

On a side note, Dell is also set to launch new 27-inch, 23-inch and 21.5-inch Dell UltraSharp monitors. They're all Full HD and are optimized for Microsoft Lync with the built-in 2 MP camera microphone combo. They will all be available from June 3rd on Dell's online store, starting at $449.99 for the 27-inch model, $299.99 for the 23-inch and $269.99 for the 21.5-inch variant.

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theefman says:

Hopefully they've moved to a more mature stylus tech, that synaptics crap should go back to the drawing board.

ivo_apo says:

Any news on new generation of Dell Venue 8 Pro?
That's Dell device with most potential

stephking92 says:

The article said passive stylus, as in those rounded soft styluses used for ipads, not active styluses like wacoms, n-trigs, and synaptics. Might just be a typo though.

cruelvaldez says:

I think Asus did a waaay better job today.

psychotron says:

I know Dell hardware has been a bit hit and miss recently, but my Inspiron notebook and Venue 8 Pro tablet have served me very well. Not a single bit of trouble with either over the past year since I bought them.

nasellok says:

that stylus is absolute $hit though, i own it, its truely terrible. handwriting is passable, but to tr and sketch or draw, its sooooooooo bad, even the gen2 version. love my dv8p otherwise though

psychotron says:

Well, don't use mine for any kind of drawing or sketching, but it does quite well for me writing in OneNote, which is what I need it for most work-wise.

x I'm tc says:

Recently? Dell hardware has been utter crap for decades.

psychotron says:

X I'm tc - That is pretty much true of most mass producing PC manufacturers (I've had almost nothing but misery with HP hardware) with the exception of their higher end machines but during this recent transition period from public to private company it seems to have gotten even worse there for a while. That being said, I've always had fairly good luck with Dell (knock on wood).

romant56 says:

Same here.  I've been very impressed with Dell lately in terms of solid value for a low price.  My Venue 8 Pro and Inspiron 11 touch laptop (which I got for $300!) are basic devices, but awesome and reliable.  I just got my parents an Inspiron all-in-one to replace their aging desktop and they love it.

They stylus was terrible, but Dell sent me two revised ones for free.  I never use them though.

DWTrump says:

Who makes up these names? Good lord...

portalfocus says:

The design could be better. But its not that bad at all. Good to see more W8.1 devices

Nazir Taib says:

Come on Dell show us what you've got. 4k ultra book. ;)

a7medo778 says:

The 13 sounds interesting
Wonder if they can hit the 11+ battery life

cashcar1979 says:

Who needs 4k on a 11" or 13" screen?? Overkill at this point.

jomarr says:

Have you seen the iPad Air? Not an Apple fanboy but the screen is stunning. 2k is not really overkill for a 13 inch.

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Lumia 8x says:

I was hopping they would announce new xps lineup.

schlubadub says:

$349 for an all-in-one PC (the 20 3000) is insanely cheap! Is that the correct price? It's showing as $449 on the Dell website (AMD model)

S Vaibhav says:

Pentium's are quad core!!? Since when? :-o

iamchrisinny says:

Surprisingly, these are some nice looking machines. Dell doesn't often win in the style department.

Kadcidxa says:

They should update their Venue Pros!

That line-up is a snooze-fest.  Lenovo is already shipping hardware that is far more interesting than any of this, including the Lenovo Yoga Pro 2, on which I am typing this.