Dell Venue Pro available unlocked for just $31 for nonprofit organisations

Dell Venue Pro Deal

TechSoup, a nonprofit organisation offering technological assistance to other nonprofits, is offering the discontinued Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone to nonprofit organisations for just $31 through the Dell donation programme. The device itself is locked to AT&T, but TechSoup have since enabled those who make a purchase to unlock the device for use with other operators with GSM networks.

The Venue Pro is a unique Windows Phone as it sports a QWERTY keyboard that slides out from beneath the display (as opposed to sidewards like the HTC Arrive and other smartphones). We reviewed the Venue Pro favourably with its solid feel and great display. Sporting a 4.1" AMOLED screen, 1Ghz chip, 16GB storage, and a 1400mAh battery makes it worthy of heavy usage. 

If you're interested in purchasing a Venue Pro or two from TechSoup and introduce a nonprofit to Windows Phone, be sure to head on over to the product page for more information. Once purchased, the Venue Pro can be unlocked by entering the IMEI number on TechSoup's website.

Source: TechSoup; thanks, Aaron, for the heads up!



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Wish they had this when I had a dvp...

Run for your life. If they GAVE you $31 to take one, it wouldn't be worth your heartache.

DocSc00teR says:

Why is that? I work for a non-profit with TechSoup, and was conidering picking one up. When we switched to all Windows Phones, one of the team wanted a physical keyboard. At the time, that meant buying that LG Quantum device on AT&T. Every time I watch them pull out that crummy little phone, I sort of cringe. I tried and tried to talk them into something different, but they really wanted the physical keyboard. Now they're stuck with a dead-end device and a very tiny 3.5" screen. Yeah, I know the Dell device is also a dead-end, but I think it would at least compare nicely to their LG unit for a while. And for such a cheap price, it's worth the risk to me to pick one up and surprise 'em with it. If they hate it, then I'll just tuck it in a drawer as a back-up device if one of us ever needs one (say, while waiting on a repair). Something I'm missing here?

Most problems have been fixed, but when they first shipped them they had am issue where the phone could not run for more than 10 minutes without crashing. They denied the issue for 2 months, then when the heat got heavy, they acknowledged it and said a fix was on the way. That fix came FIVE months later. While that was going on, a whole slew of us (not all) started developing tons of dust under the screen...and I mean bad. Then a lot of us started experiencing the phone shutting off when you closed the physical keyboard. By the time all of this happened, we are now all waiting for the update to fix the disappearing keyboard. Now while the disappearing keyboard isn't their fault, after dealing with all the other crap, it has just been one giant pile of crap for me. I'll never by anything from Dell again. I was bring sarcastic though.... $31 for a smartphone is a good deal.... But I wouldn't pay more than that if it has Dell's logo on it.

Naterade123 says:

Yeah, I get how you feel. I was fortunately one of the lucky ones to get a day 1 device and not have a single problem with it. But 31$ is crazy. If I could I would grab another one just to have around.

DocSc00teR says:

Hmm. Well, as it turns out, it's all moot. Apparently Dell has decided that its charitable provisions through TechSoup will exclude any non-profit organization with faith-based connections. So our non-profit community theater endeavors, evening youth resources and camping, adult education, clothing giveaways, free counseling, and community programs are all ignored because a small church meets at our facility on Sundays as well. They also block non-profit run nursing homes and hospices, any farming-related organizations, civil rights groups, organizations offering legal assistance to the poor, etc. Way to keep it politically correct, Dell...  :(

inteller says:

the Quantum is good because it is relatively compact.  The screen size sucks but the PPI makes up for it.    Really it is a shame LG dumped Windows Phone because they were headed in the right direction with the camera enhancements and such.  Plus the Quantum was easily hackable which made it a bonus.

NIST says:

@missionsparta I have one and love it. Gets tons of compliments. I NEVER use the slide out keyboard but still a solid device.

JoePR31 says:

That's crap. Just about all of the issues the DVP had initially were resolved by updates. Running Mango, its a very good phone. Its been able to tide me over nicely while I wait for TMO to come out with a cutting edge WP. Definitely a nicer phone than my HD7....and a steal for $31 unlocked.

JoePR31 says:

Just read missionsparta's follow up post. I can't argue with that post...but as someone who bought the phone after most of that stuff was ironed out, I can't complain...and 7 months later, I'm still happy with it.

DaSchnee says:

Same for me, i also bought it 7 months ago and can't really complain about the device. There is already an offical update to 8773, while others are still waiting for it to happen. The only thing that really annoys me it the nonfunctioning compass.
I bought it because it was (and still is) the only WP7 device with easy user upgradeable storage available in Europe. 

Fixed with updates SEVEN MONTHS later.... That's what's crap.

Jf.Vigor says:

Mission has a good point. I was one of the original dvp owners with no problems. But I closely monitored the chatter and its sad the story behind this beautiful device. Truly sad

tbonenga says:

I have one (daughters). Besides the camera being crappy it's solid. I just can't get no updates. That might be Tmobile though. I wish I could buy another at this price. My daughter cracked her screen and there like 70 bucks for just the screen on eBay.

Who wants to help me get a DVP

blessthejon says:

Is it possible for just a regular person to get one?

ade333 says:

Requirements are at the bottom of the page on tech soup. Unfortunately, you pretty much have to be a non profit or educational.

Thanks for publishing this , Rich.

SoylentGreen says:

I bought my DVP from Tech Soup, they are the 8 Meg version, I upgraded mine to 32 Meg. It works great fo me, but I used to have a Pantech Laser before.
To make it unlocked you have to have a T-Moble card.

inteller says:

non profits can get these and use them with Straight Talk, no unlocking needed.  With Tango these are decent devices.  Crossing fingers Dell and/or Microsoft does the right thing with 7.8 and fixes the compass...all they need to do is include the driver again!

How do I pretend to be a non-profit? I'd like to get a fresh one and swap my Tmo innards into it.


Jf.Vigor says:

Honestly pondered the same thing pal lol. Gave my dvp to my cousin. Her first windows phone. But my titan has an annoying 4.7 Inch CRACK!
I would go back to the dvp as j await wp8

Residing says:

Great deal!  This is the only device I considered spending money on prior to the Lumia 800/900 designs being released.
DVP is still the best looking 1st gen WP device, in my opinion.

wpos8 says:

Don't waste your time. I rather just get a new wp8 phone

My friends mom is a librarian but I don't want pressure them to order for me. I'll be the douche and ask how can I fake it
/noy joking

My friends mom is a librarian but I don't want pressure them to order for me. I'll be the douche and ask how can I fake it
/not joking

xstaces19 says:

Love my DVP. No problems at all. I am sad that when it's time to upgrade it will not be with a Dell.

Please will someone help me? Like teamviewer your stuff in and I'll pay. PLEASE IM BEGGING

zeke27 says:

Like straight up man I try to use google to find a non profit organization number and nothing, someone should share theirs haha

Seriously please? Its for a good cause in my case, I just want to get my Dad a phone because his coworker dropped his flip phone in the water so now my pa has no phone. PLEASE

zeke27 says:

I just want that dell wp7 for that price...