Dell Venue Pro update for T-Mobile

Good news Venue Pro users! Lionel Menchaca, from Dell, has announced that their Windows Phone handset on T-Mobile U.S will be receiving updates within the next few hours after being delayed for a week. The v2.12 firmware brings with it a whole load of fixes for the device, something users have been enjoying on unlocked handsets. Let us know in the comments when you receive the notifications.

Source: Twitter, thanks for everyone who tipped us!



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YES!, I finally got an update. Didn't get a notification from the phone but just checked through Zune and is now updating. I am very pleased with this :D

I'm trying to update it but it takes about 30min then ends with an error. Seriously I'm getting really sick of this.

NPGMBR says:

Try pulling the battery on your phone then plugging it into your pc. Hopefully, once you get the update the days of pulling the battery will be over.

Jf.Vigor says:

I have mango :(Don't wanna lose my mango for this. I guess this fall when the official mango comes out I'll just update to this firmware update, and then immediately after to mango.Stability & new features in one swoop!

Naterade123 says:

Nice I just saw this and I'm also getting the update now. Notification popped up after I plugged in my phone to my computer.

theefman says:

Yay! Guess it will be flashy-thingy time when I get home.

neogodless says:

I didn't get a notification, but I saw on XDA that connecting to Zune might do the trick, and it did! The update went pretty quickly and smoothly, and I immediately downloaded Tentacles over WiFi after with great success!

NPGMBR says:

Sweet Freakin Hesus....I'll plug this *itch in soon as I hit the door. Unfortunately, I'm feeling fairly certain that faith is gonna try real hard to muck this up for me!

NIST says:

Just updated two Dell Venue Pros through Zune. Perfect install. No issues. The phones are now much quicker, very responsive. WiFi is problem free. Nice features added to the camera, very nice. Just VERY VERY PLEASED.

wolf1891 says:

I am installing it right now!!! (yaaaaayyyy!!!!)