Despicable Me: Minion Rush temporarily pulled due to 'superpowers mode'

File this one under funny, but Despicable Me: Minion Rush is now missing from the Window Phone Store.

Don’t you worry though, we’re expecting the game to pop back probably within in a few hours and here’s why. This morning, an update went out for the popular and adorable endless runner. Some of our readers have even reported better support for 512 MB devices (meaning yes, it seems faster), though we have not been able to verify.

The reason it was removed? Evidently this morning’s release had a ‘dev tools’ section, which gave users superpowers, including “Invincibility, the ability to add bananas and tokens, unlock all costumes, puzzle pieces, spawn any powerups [sic]”, so says Reddit user groznyjgrad and a few others.

In short, the developers goofed on the XAP submission and have yanked the app, at least temporarily. Luckily with the new improved Store submission process, the correct version could be live in the next few hours, and that’s what we expect.

It’s a funny little story and if you have the special, super version, chime in on comments (and maybe avoid the next update?). Check on the status of the app by following this Store link.

QR: minion rush



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colinkiama says:

I used some of the cheats. They are so awesome lol

sip1995 says:

Where are these dev tools in the game ?


BRC1711 says:

There's a colourful button at the top of the menu in the game

Sachinmeet says:

There's an icon near the 'high score'. It looks like the new ios game centre icon...

mike13ftw says:

I will never update this game again

jes1888 says:

What version do you have? I have 32!, is this under the settings button?

Edwardlb20 says:

I have 34, don't see any difference...

I got a notification for update and when I updated it it got stuck at downloading. I had to delete it. Now I know what happened. :/ sad I have to download the data all over again.

Not at all working on my device since I used those minion combinations for unlocking new content, couldn't even tap on store,and after the update, always gets stuck on 94% (in game downloadable content) installation, hope any one can help

Musaib124 says:

Same prob wid me stuck at 94% so i deleted it.

Same here. I redownloaded it from the Windows Store and the in game download is still stuck at 94%.

Need a fix quick, dying to play the game. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Yeah,I got the solution, it will take really long to download it dude, thankfully it's not stuck, it's just taking long, :)

Arka1412 says:

I was just going to tip about this as I cannot find it on the store..You are fast as usual

"You are fast as usual"

That's what the ladies tell us....wait, ignore that

Shiba_Ranjan says:

Dan you are in a very good mood today.. holiday effect ? :-)

Arka1412 says:

My girl never tells that..;)

blackprince says:

That's because silicone can't talk;)

I see what you did there master chief...

Arka1412 says:

Send your girl she will also not tell :P

lippidp says:

You dudes have orgies? Respect.

Sameer Beri says:

Now not support for 512 mb ram devices...?


Daniel,first time seen you make a punctuation error ,so quickly edit it before the grammar nazis arrive :p

Second para,first line, "*was removed"

Mondays are killer. Combo of scotch and sleep meds don't help, lol.

piyushbhoir says:

Game is little laggy on 512 Mb ram

Suhasa Su says:

Yes. It is behaving mysteriously after the previous update, sometimes the minion will get replaced by a black arrow thing and I have to go back to menu to correct the bug.

esteban021 says:

Same thing happening to Temple Run 2 on my Lumia 625.In a nutshell, everything is blown out of proportions.Bonuses appear every meter, the wheel bonuses give out crazy bonuses (like 300 gems and 50k coins per roll).It didnt bother me much but now its just ruining my game.

SeraphX2 says:

Haha, that is hilarious. Leaving in the dev tools. Would definitely turn off auto update. Lol

I ve got same problem. Stuck at 94% for a long time. Twice happen this. At third try I made it

OsamaAdam98 says:

You aren't 'stuck' on 94% the game is just installing what it downloaded at this point, Keep it on and be patient in like 5 mins you'll be good to go.

Hero Calibo says:

Luckily I was able to download the update and now i have unlocked all minions and upgraded all powerups. Hahahahaha

Pranjal Rai says:

Shit, I wanted to update it, but I skipped. This sucks.

psychotron says:

Darn, I missed it! Wondered why the update notification disappeared. :P

BRC1711 says:

Downloaded the update earlier didn't look at the game until I read this. The cheats are crazy god mode and all sorts im not updating the app again lol

terrokkinit says:

Oh dangit! Should've updated it!! ;)

AskaLangly says:

It's because Gameloft are greedy bastards. This is the crap I do when these kinds of games are on Win8. To be truthful, this game is heavily XORed. Can't edit values.

So mad I didn't have minion rush installed now....:(

OsamaAdam98 says:

Any region where it's still not pulled yet ? :|

Faraaz96 says:

Best update ever .. LOL.. XD

Edwardlb20 says:

I have the dev version, so cool!

lum5 says:

Good its pulled out due to download error i lost time & data...stuck at 94 % :angry:

Ma Rio says:

I have it also, so sick man :)
Ask if you want to know about anything, I can try to put some SS.

BlackGoku says:

never instaleed it again since it is laggy on my 520.Hats off to imagni for making temple run 2 smooh on 512 ram devices.

Arka1412 says:

Temple run 2 is more laggy compared to minion rush on my 520

No Whatsapp, no Viber, no Minion Rush, OMG, WTF is going on?!

Microsoft keeps changing APIs and barely has any :(

davidD93 says:

"meaning yes, it seems faster"

Love it Dan

Sebastianx says:

Too bad i didn't update mine. :(