Despicable Me: Minion Rush for Windows Phone receives minor update

Despicable Me Minion Rush

It was only a few days ago when we covered the release of Despicable Me Minion Rush for Windows Phone, but already the popular title has received an update, bumping the game to version Since this is such a minor update, we can only assume that bug fixes have been implemented, alongside some possible optimisations.

Unfortunately, Gameloft have failed to provide a changelog for the Despicable Me update, but should you notice anything else that's new or improved, be sure to shout out in the comments. If you haven't yet downloaded the game we strongly urge you to do so, especially if you're one who loves both endless runners and the Despicable Me movies.

You can download Despicable Me Minion Rush from the Windows Phone Store for free (Windows Phone 8). Thanks, Edipose, for the tip!

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Still laggy on ATIV S GDR3 :(

Rich Edmonds says:

How much faster are we talking about?



Roshan Roxx says:

Its still the same

VNamah says:

I don't know, man. You are not the first comment I've read claiming it's laggy. But it runs smoothly on my L925. And I can't take my hands off it. I mean Temple Run was fun..but Minions are something else entirely. Kampai!!! :D
Anyways..just saying.

Roshan Roxx says:

In my L720 Its laggy due to the 512mb ram. L925 has better specs so it should run smoothly

shreyas15 says:

+1 L720. It randomly accelerates on mine. Lol. But laggy:/ hope they optimize it soon..

Miistercoool says:

Even though on my first comment I was being sarcastic, it doesn't lag for me and runs as smooth as butter on my L925

Jonathanmr7 says:

in my 720 they run smoothly (: only a bit lag when kill the boss and the camera move, but nothing more c:

VNamah says:

Oh. My bad then. I wouldn't know about 512MB RAM devices..the L925 is my only WP.

Duduosf says:

Fine on my L925, too.

ojo otter says:

Fine on my 520, It works perfect!

Westoncreg says:

Works well on the 1520 as well:P

VNamah says:

Lol. You don't say..:P

Letre says:

Nothing changed, still lagging.

reprod3 says:

This runs much smoother on my Surface 2 tablet... Maybe it's that newer Snapdragon 800 doing the work...

neo158 says:

Runs just fine on the original Surface as well.

Duduosf says:

Are you talking about Surface 2 or the Nokia 2520?? Cuz the Surface doesn't run on a Snapdragon processor...

R0bR says:

Seems to run fine on my 1080 with no lag that I can tell.

Running better on 512mb ram than before (NL620 GDR3 dev preview)

dakshim says:

little improved graphics and smoother on lumia 520

jaymin00 says:

Guys what is the app data in this game??minion rush is of 326 mb.with around 60% of app data?????

konai says:

On the first start of the game, it downloads some files. I think this is it.

jaymin00 says:

But it will be less than the game size.still 60% is not acceptable.even bloody other storage takes place..huh

Do u know how much size is that???

No lag on Lumia 928. Was a bit laggy on my Surface RT at first but it has settled in nicely & is now playing smoothly!

Better on my 925 but feels like it could be a little better in next update!

Idzaudin Idz says:

Lag.. And heating up my 920!

No lag on my L920, just the heat. But I think it's normal

dinesh84d says:

Battery drain is high and phone becomes hot compared to other games.

kratos15 says:

Much faster now on Lumia 820

when it was first relased it was lil lagy on my lumia 920 , there were some frame rate drops but was playable and i enjoyed it. But with today's update its working very smooth,better than my ipad :D.thanx for a quick update gameloft

Niavlys77 says:

I was wondering the same..

Abdal says:

Today i was at near friend's home. I became so jealously because of one of my favourite game was "ea most wanted 2" installed on android device. Also Dead trigger. !! When wp8 will see these games ??

neo158 says:

That's a question to ask EA, not us.

Abdal says:

I know it broda, but i want to ask everyone why wp8 is given a stepmotherly treatment ?? Isn't a great OS which runs perfectly without any hitch and lags unlike other OS (iOS, android) ?

phstratton says:

Has a game ever had xbox features added after it was released?

Ecurb87 says:

Runs smooth on my L1020.

azarighty says:

The game doesnt work fb integration,doesnt show friends or their scores any takes peeps

it does work on my device

angy ortiz says:

Facebook integration doesn't work on my 920 but no lags!

Resolution is definitely better, but the lag has decreased very little,
still lagging. I am using L720.

jehugo says:

I would say the lag is a little better but the frame rate still sucks. 920

There is new content in the suburban part and the mexican part for sure and runs smoother on my l920. Altough it freezes when you want to invite friends trough Fb. And I got to see the challenges now and can enter so not a bad update at all as far as I can see.

jassp87 says:

Well the graphics has been reduced. Cant see my facebook friends on the scorecard. Or leader board.

lkwah says:

Still can't invite FB's friends

nemesiscy says:

Same problem =(

DVELOPinc says:

The lag is less but still haven't figured out if the random supersonic mode is a glitch or intentional.

NO xbox-Live NO buy

Sunil Das says:

Excellent update,this totally fixed crashes on my Lumia 720 at start of 3rd stage,though graphics are little reduced!

sethpogi says:

A lot more smoother in my 520.

BlackGoku says:

Runs a bit smoother on my Lumia 520 with Gdr3 update few days ago.Though it feels a bit laggy but then i'm happy it responds correctly even when it lags unlike shitty temple run.Kudos to Gameloft.

enigmas006 says:

Tilt sensitivity has been increased, on my HTC 8x it was slightly sluggish up until now. I don't see any performance tweak so far.

James Griggs says:

Wow this game is AMAZING on the Lumia 1520!