Deutsche Bank, Norisbank and Berliner Bank apps come to Windows Phone 8

Deutsche Bank Windows Phone 8

Deutsche Bank is one of the largest financial and banking institutions in the world. The bank has over 2 trillion Euros in assets and handles the finances and banking needs of private, business, corporate and institutional clients. It’s a big bank that finally has proper apps for Windows Phone 8 users. That’s right, not one, but three apps are available from Deutsche Bank AG in the Windows Phone Store.

You’ll find three apps in the Windows Phone Store: My Bank, Norisbank and BB Mobile. All come from the same publisher – Deutsche Bank AG. The apps all offer users the same functionality, but you’ll need to select the app appropriate for which Deutsche Bank branch you belong to. Deutsche Bank customers will go with My Bank, Norisbank customers will go with Norisbank, and Berliner Bank customers will be using BB Mobile. That said, here are the functions and features you get from all the apps:

  • Mobile banking and Brokerage – the apps offer all major banking functions. You can check your account balance, make a transfer or trade securities.
  • Branches and ATMs – find your nearest bank branch with the app. You can also find a nearby ATM to get cash or make deposits.
  • Contact and service numbers –Use the app to find the appropriate phone number for a banking feature or service.

Deutsche Bank

If you’re a customer of Deutsche Bank, Norisbank, or Berliner Bank you’ll want to check out one of the apps above. Even though we won’t be using these apps, we’re happy to see our friends in Germany and elsewhere get their mobile banking needs satisfied on Windows Phone.

Tell us what you think of the apps below in the comments! Do your features work as advertised or you wanting more?

All apps are free in the Windows Phone Store. Download links to the Store are listed below. You can also find the QR codes to jump to the Store on your phone to download them.

Via: NPU

My Bank (Deutsche Bank) - Windows Phone Store

QR: Deutsche Bank

Norisbank - Windows Phone Store

QR: Norisbank

BB Mobie (Berliner Bank) - Windows Phone Store

QR: Berliner Bank



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Ankmeyester says:

Someone should cover how awesome HDFC banking app is. It's got a perfect 5 star rating.

DreadVenom says:

No excuse. That's what you have Santander, no f*****g excuse. Everytime i see an article about a banking app i hope its theirs but no, they continue to screw over WP users.

carlosrdd says:

Same for Citibank!!! It's ridiculous how no one at Citibank knows anything about a WP app...

lowrider2107 says:

Desperately waiting for Commerzbank, second largest bank in Germany but neither a WP app nor offering a mobile site on IE or UC Browser that doesn't actually kick one out two clicks after logging in... Give me a break !!

Forc3 says:

I hate Commerzbank! Switched to my local Volksbank :P they even have an app

Jefe32 says:

No BW bank app either

blackhawk556 says:

I don't bank with these banks but I'm glad people finally have access to their apps.

Mediademics says:

Always happy to see more apps come to WP. Still waiting on a Capital One 360 app.

Charles Wang says:

CommBank also just released update this week.

Sam Sabri says:

What's new in their 2.0 update? Looks like a great banking app! 

Charles Wang says:

It's a fantastic update. Their previous version was just a wrapper to their mobile website. This version brings it up to partity (bar NFC) with iOS and Android versions. The iOS and Android variants of this version in fact haven't even been released yet, Android rolling out next few weeks and iOS in January, so it's a bit of a landmark for Windows Phone I think, coming from the largest bank in Australia, and indeed one of the largest in the world.

Full feature list are on the app details, but in summary:

  • fast pin-based login
  • balance for one account without login
  • transfer money to existing accounts or via phone / email / facebook
  • branch and atm locator

slbailey1 says:

I'm waiting for SunTrust to release an app before I buy a Windows Phone

edsal says:

I wish my credit union would offer an apps for windows phone (alliant credit union).

davoben says:

I'm looking at you BECU.

mtutera says:

I'm leaving Citibank and going to chase. The only reason is because Chase has an app and Citi continues to have their head in the sand for WP. I can't wait any longer!!!

carlosrdd says:

Citibank employees told me to switch to Android if I wanted the app....

THE_Lawnboy says:

Unf**king believable! Citi is freaking clueless.

Chef316 says:

Wow...that's dumb!

norville2 says:

Or change banks.