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Itsdagram for Windows Phone 8 Instagram Client

Dev update: Itsdagram, the full Instagram app for Windows Phone 8, gets notifications, more

It’s been awhile since we’ve shared any updates on Itsdagram, the full-featured Instagram client for Windows Phone that is being written by Daniel Gary as we speak.

The app's development is rolling right along with regular updates (private beta, sorry) and we figured we would share some of it with you.

Itsdagram Notifications

As of today, Itsdagram now has the following working features:

  • Notifications – Lockscreen (icon and detailed info), Toast and Live Tile for comments and likes
  • Social integration – You can now login with Twitter and Facebook accounts for auto-sharing
  • Delete photos
  • Create new account
  • Search for friends – Go through your contacts to find and follow people you know
  • Full commenting, following, liking enabled
  • Activity screen – Single list-view of all notifications (new follows, likes and comments)
  • Loads faster, more reliable connection

The app now is in our opinion, entering the final stages of development. More to the point, it’s awesome. We’re certainly confident that the app will clear the Store, but we’re unsure how Instagram proper will react to it (if at all).

Itsdagram Features

Listen to our podcast from yesterday for a more nuanced discussion of Itsdagram—that will be going up on the site in the next 30 minutes or so.

So what do you folks think? Do you like the look and feature offerings? The app is spec'd to be priced at $1.49 with a limited free-trial and should be out in the near future. And yes, before you ask a Windows Phone 7.x version is planned assuming all goes well.



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I literally just opened this app to check up on itsdagram and BAM, wish granted, lol.

Catlasers says:

Love the wp7 read. Touché.

erzhik says:

Makes Instagraph kinda obsolete, doesn't it?

Jazmac says:

Insta who? I don't have any hopes it will get any better than it is.

expectafight says:

Nah, instagraph being the first still means something to me.  That 3 pics every 24 hour limit nonsense bugs me but for the effort given, i'm truly appreciative.  No issues spending the small amout of money to support the dev and I said the same thing about WPGram and more than likely, I will say the same thing about itsdagram. 
gotta support those who look to support you.  That was the fun part about Windows Mobile and the beginning of Android for me.  Watching these dev's come up with interesting solutions is just cool. 

mr toes says:

If this is ok/ignored by instagram it would be great for the wp community, a full featured instagram client is (in my opinion) all we need to have the mainstream apps on wp.

sqlchicken says:

My money. Take it.

Verkunder says:

Those social sharing features... mmm.

Lilleverden says:

He He, well lets hope it passes windows store approval, when submitted

MDak280 says:

Oh man this looks awesome. I really hope Instagram doesn't shut it down, I'm definitely buying it. I don't even care that I also bought instagraph (thanks, Bing rewards :))!

joe_easton says:

For real; I haven't paid for an app all year!  Bing rewards is awesome!

mr toes says:

So jealous of bing rewards
Ms needs to make it international, there would be way more bingers :)

lin0x says:

No bing rewards here in India. :(

banany says:

Are there plans for this to come out on WP7? I.e. Lumia 800....

banany says:

Lol, my bad.. Cheers

erzhik says:

Seriously. People should not be allowed to comment until they read the article and click some kind of a "terms of agreement" thing.

banany says:

What an innovative idea erzhik. Though it kind of amuses me that you seem to be frustrated at the fact that I mis-read or even did not read all of the article. Oh well, accept my sincere apologies and I hope that you can overlook my comments in the future.

morpheus1982 says:

Then no one would bother to comment.

lin0x says: cereal.

banany says:

I am as cereal as they get. Serialsly.

Rockartisten says:

You have to do an exam of the article and pass before you can enter the comment section...hehe. Nah, it doesn't bother me. :-)

jsnod25 says:

LOLZ I literally scrolled through comments to find someone who asked this question hahaha!!! Never fails, and Daniels responses never disappoint.

jcagga says:

"And yes, before you ask Windows Phone 7.x version is planned assuming all goes well." I don't see hoe anyone can mis-read that.

banany says:

Just an FYI and something I hope can drag you out of your self-centred mind - there are many people in this world who have disorders that affect their reading/interpretation... so you are either someone who is extremely ignorant or someone who lacks this basic knowledge about human disorders. 

expectafight says:

i'll take the bait.  
If a person is aware that they have such an issue, wouldn't it be prudent of that person to not to rush to judgment on something because the way they perceive information could be inaccurate? 

banany says:

That's very subjective. Only those who have such issues can answer that as we are not sure how their mind operates. It could be an element of impetuosity that their illness enforces - no-one knows, at least I don't. 
All I want is Itsdagram to be available on ma Lumia 800 :) and now I realise that the article answers my question..

expectafight says:

And as someone who was diagnosed with such an "affliction", I posed the question. Beautiful thing about assumptions, they go both ways.

I hear you though. Im patiently waiting too

jholso says:

Told the Dev I would buy if it had notifications...I will be buying. Even if its only in the market for a short time. The work put in deserves it.

jusatin says:

The UI just looks plain boring and even ugly. Something more along the lines of Metrogram would please me more.

Z10YkakPES says:

Go please yourself with Metrogram then

taymur says:

To me, metrogram is one of the worst designed apps I've ever seen!

I prefer WPGram myself

Agreed. Metrogram is just ugly.

onysi says:

Seriously?  LIKE SERIOUSLY youre bitching about UI when peoeple have been bitching on why they cant upload pictures on those.  Ill take substance over aesthetics.

Jonny8X says:

When will it be released?

To the developer: Can i please get the Beta? :P

This looks great!!! Loved it!! And is almost complete!
The only thing I didnt like so much is color theme: this blue, combined with gray and white backgrounds make this awesome app looks like a iOS port of something. And, using White background theme in your phone seams to make some elements almost invisible in the app (look at the third part of the second picture)...

Hmm, might be neat if the blue can be based on the Accent color? That might be neat...we can run it by Gary to see if it's doable..

Yes, that might be better neat this way.


jsnod25 says:

I agree with that, also would be nice to have black background to toggle, as some images have better contrast with white or black, depending on the shot.

I like this color scheme.

TJWINS says:

Me too. I prefer the blue over the color theme. It makes it feel more like the real Instagram.

Zokudu says:

I like the UI personally it fits an instagram feel with a metro style app. Can't wait.

DonnaxNL says:

Same here man :p

polomint says:

Hmmm, what's this bing rewards thing? Probably not available in the uk lol. To the googlemobile, or is that the bingmobile!!! Hehe

erzhik says:

Sign in to Bing, search and earn points. Redeem those points for gift cards, coupons, etc.

polomint says:

Ahhh thank you, i never knew about that, will do it now :)

jsnod25 says:

You could have googled "Bing Rewards" to find your answer and be ironical

DJCBS says:

I salute the effort of the developers behind this.
However I have that strange feeling that as soon as this is released, Instagram will finally give green light on their App to be released, leaving many people frustrated for having paid for something that they can then get free.

Alex Dean says:

I wouldn't expect people to be frustrated by losing such as small amount, and supporting WP devs, who work hard and are a credit to the platform, deserve some support. For example, I bought Instagraph when it became available and haven't used it yet due to not having an Instagram account, but I admire what the dev is trying to achieve and wanted to support them.

DJCBS says:

Yeah except the majority of people don't live to finance developers. And I wouldn't call 1.50€ a small amount. Anyway, yes, the majority will probably be frustrated for having spend money on a App that then gets a free official version.

dalydose says:

How do you afford your smartphone or a data plan if you are seriously calling $1.49 a significant amount of money?

People want everything to be free and it has to awesome and it better not have ads. Those greedy developers should be happy if you give them a 3 star review, right.

The problem with not supporting developers is that eventually, they'll stop supporting you. They have to eat and pay bills too.

DJCBS says:

You're seriously comparing buying an App to buying a phone? You have a problem, then.
Yes, 1.50€ is a significant amount of money (yeah, 1.50€ is over 2 dollars by the way) when you have in mind that: 1 - you're buying an App. Something that can be pulled out of the store at any time by no reason whatsover. Yeah you have it on your phone...until you need to reset it. Then its gone; 2 - you're buying an App that will get a free oficial release; 3 - one App costs 1.50€. Then another for another 1.50€. And another. and another. And when you buy 6 Apps you've already spent 10 dollars. And then 10 more, and another 10. And when you look at it, you've spent a sh*t ton of money on Apps that you don't even use just to "support the developers".

I didn't asked for this App to be free. Actually, I didn't said a single thing about what I want this App to be or do. Why? Because I don't give a damn about Instagram. However I do see people's reaction when some App goes on sale. "Fuuuu I just bought it last night at full price!"..."crap, I got this on release date for twice the price!"...
Therefore I just said that I have a feeling this kind of reactions will occur once Instagram is released to the WP public.

But regarding the "we must support the developers" thing. NO. We don't. If anyone must support the developers and make sure the platform grows, it's MICROSOFT. Not us. Sure we can support this or that developers because we like his work and we actually use their App a lot. And THEN we gladly support them by buying their Apps, leaving constructive feedback, etc.
But NO, we don't have to go supporting every single developer who puts out an App just because "if we don't, they'll stop supporting us". We are the CLIENTS. We buy whatever we want and the developers offer us products that we may or may not buy. We don't have ANY obligation of buying Apps just to avoid developers to stop putting out Apps. It's Microsoft that has to create an environment where developers can get any reward from putting out their Apps. Not us.

Residing says:

I agree with this sentiment 99.8%, DJCBS :).

roc 920 says:

Well said. Totally agreed with you.

iyae says:

Dude, seriously, no matter which way you slice it or no matter how long the sob story and semi-coherrent explanation, 1.50 is a trivial amount of cash. You bloody miser. Get a job.

MattyBoy83 says:

In Europe that might be a large sum of money, but here in Australia I doubt many people will cry over it. It is way less than the price of a coffee!

erzhik says:

We've seen numerous times when official app is released, it still sucks compared to some 3rd party apps. Example: twitter vs. Rowi, YouTube vs Metrotube. Yes, those official apps were recently updated to bring them up to par with top 3rd party, but for the first year or so, those official apps sucked.

DJCBS says:

That would be true, except that those examples you've mentioned were all Apps designed for WP7. What we've been seeing is the official Apps being redesigned to meet the new standards of quality that WP8 demands.
Instagram on the other hand, will come out directly to WP8 (and I wouldn't hold my breath for a WP7 version). And the official Apps we've seen released directly to WP8 are very good, be it Pandora, Tumblr, Spotify...Good to the point of being aux pair with (when not better than) other very good 3rd party Apps.

Ordeith says:

I will buy this even if instagram comes out first.

woodsielord says:

My professional opinion is that they shouldn't even bother release without Foursquare integration.

I triggered off the title "the full instagram app" and clicked through. More click fodder. Got me again. Nice trick.

Hopefully you found some value in the story as it's a fairly big advancement in the platform for WP8 users who desperately want Instagram.

Also, it's not so much a trick as trying to be descriptive in the title. There are a lot of 'Gram apps out there on the Store that just pull in your feed. Translation: boring. This is not one of those.

laserfloyd says:

It'd be click bait if it ONLY said that but it's preceeded by the name of the app, Itsdagram.  You didn't have to click it. :)

cgold1 says:

Does this app have a nice livetile? If it was like Weave's livetile I would be excited. (WP grams is nice too I just wish it didn't stop showing pictures after you open the app)

ScRePt says:

I understand that they need to monetize this but, this gives the company one more reason to go after them.
Maybe they should turn this to donationware or something so that they are not accused of monetizing foreign private APIs.

skier06 says:

Looks awesome far! I can't wait to use this on my 900 instead of sending pics to my android work phone to post. Need a wp7 tester? :)

taymur says:

Any news on the battery life after the notification update?

onwu says:

Though I won't download, it looks like a good effort by the developer. I just hope he is able to make some kind of return before an official app turns up.

DrewLumia900 says:

WTF is Itsdagram in the WP Store? Is this another one of those apps that is only in the US? If so, please say tired of hunting for Region limited apps.

You could, you know, read the post where it explicitly states that this app is (a) in development and in private beta and (b) will be heading to the Store soon.

If you could be bothered to write a comment on our site, you can be bothered to read our articles for comprehension, please.

chadwick611 says:

Happy happy joy joy

Is it available to all country or limited?

Did you read the text??

any chance for WP 7.8? 

mazami says:

Shut up and take my money :))

cannon#WP says:

My body is ready for when the 7.8 version is released.

I'm guessing the answer is no!

sixium says:

"And yes, before you ask a Windows Phone 7.x version is planned assuming all goes well."
-The article.

SleepyTheDon says:

I'd buy it only if Instagram is more than 2months out

SleepyTheDon says:

People really don't read before they post :| not surprising

whitneyjj says:

To the developer, it would be awesome if you could make a snapchat app!

AgeT says:

Can I make a guess? Are you wpc guys behind this app? Cause your articles about it are always written in such a flowery way :D

Sam Sabri says:

You could make that guess...but you would be so very wrong. 

flowkidd says:

Anybody knows the lock screen on Daniel's phone? Thanks guys.

Ultimateone says:

Damn this app looks insane!
Wondering why it took this long for anyone to do this?!

Throwing money at screen in hipster filter. #notreally

kovisxd247 says:

When it comes to nokia lumia 800

Miistercoool says:

Near future?!?!? Give us a date damn it!!! :(

Not a user myself, but I'm speculating that an official app will launch with the 928.

when comes instagram :)

joelsilva says:

I wish it would be free! :) waiting for wp7 version...

kiddori says:

A picture of himself on his home screen? Yikes!

Chris Lytro says:

i m waiting for the WP7.X edition too

luniboy26 says:

If this makes it to the store I might actually pick up the Lumia 928. Windows has been making great strides and I'm definitely watching.

Malmer says:

Looks good except for the terrible bold font in settings etc. It should use the same font as on "activity".

RyanDaLyon says:

F*** shouldn't of wasted my $200.00 on instagraph when this is only $1.49!!!

cant see this app in the market :(

fredie12 says:

just checked marketplace and its not there! guess not available in uk yet?????

Josh Cea says:

its in private beta...says so in the article.

Jazmac says:

The beta s in the store. 

i bought it and mine doesnt have activity and me screen. i reinstalled it twice already. what should i do?

ELIAS12 says:

itsdagram is now in the store as beta release. i purchased it and it looks amazing and this is the link !