Developers: Check out the free Visual Studio 2013 launch event in London

Visual Studio

Before the New Developers Conference (www.ndc-london.com) kicks off in London, there's a day planned for Visual Studio 2013. December 3rd will see a free pre-conference workshop set up for developers and co. to check out. The best part? You don't need to be attending NDC to pop along.

Did we mention there's going to be some folks from the VS team in the US present, along with local MS reps?

"Join us on the 3rd of December for the launch of Visual Studio 2013 and find out how these tools will help you create your applications or to modernize existing applications."

There'll be Nicole Herskowitz, Senior Director of VS Product Marketing, along with David Carmona, Director of VS Product Marketing, so it's well worth attending if you're set to use Visual Studio 2013. As well as the talks, deep dive sessions will be available with technical experts. Some of the topics covered:

  • Agile development and what is new in TFS
  • Building applications for Windows 8.1 and Windows phone with Visual Studio 2013
  • Introduction to our Testing Tools
  • Develop and Test Applications on Windows Azure
  • Develop Web Applications with Visual Studio 2013
  • Application Lifecycle Management using Visual Studio

A full agenda will be published soon. Why don't you be an ol' sport and head on over to Eventbrite to sign up and pop along?



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Are there that much new features in vs2013?

updated sdk. Don't know whether they will provide the sdk for vs2012 or force upgrade. To be honest I don't want to upgrade my vs2012 just yet.

phito says:

The changes on the IDE maybe not, but the changes in TFS are a must have.

polychromenz says:

You can run them side by side, i am

I hear you can finally edit while debugging in 64-bit applications.

deluksic says:

Love how they call it 2013 and its third Q already

they called vs 2012 - vs 2011 until the launch...

Ohh! So we would be able to develop windows phone apps directly on vs2013. Nice!

phito says:

Is the same on VS2012

Mmm they call it Vs2012 for windows phone. Im running (for now) the vs2013 preview and its for Windows, not wp. So i think that they unified it or something like that

freshfelicio says:

The (free) express versions are for one task only (VS for WP, VS for W8, VS for Desktop). The professional version has all bundled in one program. And the ultimate version also has team collaboration.

schlubadub says:

Correct. It's been like that as long as the Express versions have existed (2003?), although WP has only been included from VS2010

Hoping for the oft-rumoured tools for bringing Windows 8 apps to Xbox

Ravikumar401 says:

is der any video player app for Lumia or windows phone to play video file from sd or phone memory , i have few video files i cant run all of them same time means play all options is not der .
Any i m not sure y windows phone developers not concentrated on video players for wp. Its very sad.

Derrr... Say what?

the_tyrant says:

We are getting ripped off here.

Products with 2 year lifespans like visual studio and windows server have moved to a 1 year update schedule. Yet they still charge you for the update? and the update is minor, practically service pack level stuff.

WTF? Microsoft expects me to buy Windows Server 2012 r2 at full price 1 year after the original came out? And the same is true for Visual studio 2013. The updates aren't even major! Back in the day, they would just roll the update into a service pack!

Will it be be necessary to attend the conference to get a free visual studio 2013 ???