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Developers, create innovative imaging apps using the new Nokia Imaging SDK

Nokia Imaging SDK

Earlier today at the Slush 2013, one of the top start-up conferences in the world, Nokia announced the latest version of its Imaging SDK (v1.0) to give Windows Phone developers the tools they need to create sophisticated new imaging apps for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones.

The Nokia Imaging SDK is based on the core technology that the company uses in its signature imaging apps like Nokia Camera and Creative Studio. It gives developers access to filters, effects, and on-screen rendering options that are unlike any other library on Windows Phone. The SDK includes more than 50 built-in filters and also allows developers to create their own custom filters and add previously unseen effects to their apps.  Sam Niemi, Nokia's director of Capture and Relive software products commented, 

"The Nokia Lumia 1020’s ability to effortlessly re-frame and freely rotate pictures taken with the 41MP camera is magical. Now developers can build similar ‘Wow’ experiences in their apps with a single API call."

The SDK was launched as a beta a while back, and several beta participants have already published their apps created using this SDK. Some of these apps are Smart Resize, Social Scene, TapShoot, Panna Paint, OneShot, and Pikura.

Available exclusively for Windows Phone developers, the Nokia Imaging SDK is free to download from Nokia Developer or via NuGet.

Via: Nokia Conversations




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We need video recording and editing dedicated apps too...

Seriously the snapper on all the lumias capture great videos will be a waste not to utilize that as well..

yes.... We can not apply any affects on video nor crop it properly. +920

Wow, f* awesome. Waiting for amazing camera apps from genius developers <3

Does this include making the apps start from shutterbutton? :)

kingkoopa09 says:

Yea u can already set ur default camera app to open when u press the button look in the settings menu under camera

Ed Boland says:

What's up with this PannaPaint app? Completely useless it looks to me.. Was this just some random app attached to this article, or am I not seeing the relevance here?

Aanze says:

I think you're just not seeing the relevance yet simple: every app offering image processing can easily be developped using the Nokia imaging sdk and its libraries.


mango.lover says:

Developers! Developers! Developers!

microhaxo#WP says:

This has the worst documentation of all time. Trying to find out how resize a jpeg. Zero examples and no pointers to which library has it. However if you want to add a useless filter, there are dozens.

Also when i installed via nuget, none of the nokia specific api resolved. However im sure thats more than likely a visual studio problem.

Either way im not using this.

CanGueler says:

Yeah i was having the same issue when I wanted to try the beta

FunksMaName says:

Did you change the platform configuration from "All Platforms" to just "ARM" in the build configuration? See a couple of screenshots down in this article!nokia-imaging-sdk/a...

I agree that documentation is scarce on the API, however you should definitely strongly consider it if you're doing any heavy image processing in an app, I have been using it for a couple of months and it's just blazingly fast compared to system built in gdi stuff.



Scottie P says:

We need some on hardware HDR apps...

RiseUpGames says:

Did someone say custom filters?  ProShot is doing it first :)