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Developers: take this survey, and get a chance to win a free Nokia Lumia 930!

Nokia Lumia 930


Hey developers! If you have ten minutes to spare today and happen to want a new smartphone (who doesn't?), then we have something for you: The Developer Economics Survey. Brought to you by our friends at Vision Mobile, this quick survey focuses on developer questions around the things that are important to developers: platforms, frameworks, customers, and more.

Of course, your answers will help Vision Mobile build their next report on app development today, but we know you really want to know what you might be able to win for your time. How's a new smartphone sound? You could win a brand-new Nokia Lumia 930! Also up for grabs are an iPhone 5s, a Samsung Galaxy S5, and a BlackBerry Z30, as well as some other cool gizmos.



There are 53 comments. Sign in to comment

kenzibit says:

As always bro...US only.....and alone.

It's not US only, it's worldwide, except for Brazil, for some reason.

I read the fine print of the survey and it says that

Thank you for putting telling these "US only" rage people that they are incorrect this time, and shouldn't always assume this. :P

valireality says:

and no Macedonia!!!

FacilisDK says:

Thats the first question that popped into my mind.

greedypnguin says:

Well I'm on a dev preview. I must be a developer then :P

Talbot690 says:

How can you tell? Dont the 929 and 930 look identical I'm confused I thought the difference was the camera and one is 4.8inch and the other 5onch

MobileVortex says:

it has a Verizon logo on it.

zukirin says:

I think it is Verizon logo. Since 929 is for Verizon while 930 is supposed to be the 'world' version.

kenzibit says:

Can a developer take it for me? Heard today the S5 has the best display ever. Wow...that's impressive. Don't really like Big Sammy but got to admit they really good.

Jaco Ra says:

Good with specs & advertisement. Bad with software & design

...and bad quality

mrappbrain says:

I just had a thought. What if vision mobile holds the survey, but never chooses a winner? Instead, they just post a completely random name, the name if a person who doesn't exist, and fool everyone into taking their survey? No one would be any the wiser. Sounds like the typical carrot in front of the donkey story to me. You'll never get the phone anyway.

riteshpande says:

I do agree with you, i can be 101% possible

Lol. I'd fly to Vision Mobile's office and demand they send out the phone to the chosen winner!

It's not some fly by night event... phones will be won.

Winnabe says:

That got me in splits. Good one, bro.

SamiSaifDine says:

Spoiler Alert .. Remember my name .. Oups! US-only :(

nickros182 says:

Is not US only is world wide except for Brazil for some reason.

Why us only???? Lumia are all over the world :(

Nik Rolls says:

It's not US only, where did you read that?!

Thank you Nik :) actually I read it in previous comments

Dean McCrae says:

Someone wrote Brazil only - dang!!! ;-)

JayRay86 says:

Took that a week or two ago.

MrGoodSmith says:

I don't mind taking dozens of these surveys, only if I know that they are legit about their prizes and not just a cheap mean to get more participants. I don't trust these things anymore.

topleya says:

Don't try doing the survey on a mobile. Doesn't work we at all in IE11

I've filled it easily using my L920 :p

Nik Rolls says:

I got it done, but it's possibly the most annoying website to use on a phone.

PPCFreak says:

Sucks when sites don't support zoom on wp8.1 and IE. Guess will fill survey from computer

Rem97 says:

Go to Settings > ease of access and tick the box 'allow zooming on all web content'.

RockmanNeo says:

Wait... is this for developers only or us "developers"?

Just make sure you say you are a developer in the survey, otherwise you become ineligible for prizes. Made that mistake myself :p

Aashish13 says:

Hope Microsoft gives users who don't live in U.S. but have changed their region for Cortana There. At least consider for those who have changed their region!!!

Nik Rolls says:

Where did you read that it's US only, and how would your phone affect that?

Jazmac says:

I developed a nice sunburn the other day. I wonder if that counts? jk.

Finally, a WP giveaway! :D

Rem97 says:

Lucky that most people here are developers since WP8.1 :D

matro says:

where did you read about US limitation? I haven't read that, there's only a note about Brazil.


richddr says:

Win a blackberry? LOL

Sure! I'm a "developer".

Isn't anyone who has 8.1 a "developer" now?

Dean McCrae says:

They should have asked some developer test questions for validation, like, what does volatile do here?

private bool volatile taskCompleted;

or, something like that ;-)


MrSimmix says:

So technically speaking anyone can do the survey and stand a chance to win a 930 even if they aren't developers (they would just have to lie at certain questions.). But obviously people won't do that.. pffffft...

Dean McCrae says:

You couldn't choose your prefered prize though. So chances of winning the Nokia, rather than a different device, is 25% of 0.2% of 0.01% :-(

Apurv Patani says:

can anyone tell me when is the result of the winner of lumia 930 is gonna come????


mildor says:

Yes! please!

mildor says:

And the results?

Wp_Shashwat says:

Are the results out yet??


sandeep208 says:

ya donno if it works