Did Nokia goof in the Pureview Video? We don't think so

Pureview Video Clip

We've all seen the Nokia video highlighting the new optical stabilization of the Pureview Camera. You know the one.  The full length version of where the girl is riding the bicycle?

The video has portions shot with the Pureview Camera to demonstrate how good the optical stabilization works (and from what Dan tells me it works really good). The video has come into question when a reflection of the van following the bicyclist to shoot the video suggests the footage was shot with a professional video camera instead of a Pureview Camera. 

Windows Phone Jig

While our first thoughts were that Nokia was using a Lumia 920 mounted to a jig similar to what was used to shoot the comparison videos we saw during the presentation.  We have seen similar rigs used before with the Kurt Vile video that were shot with a Windows Phone so it wasn't a stretch to think what the videographer was holding was a mounted Windows Phone. 

Well Nokia has clarified things a little.

The Lumia 920 pictures in this post were taken using prototype hardware and software, and then reduced dramatically in size. In addition, the OIS video, above (video), was not shot using the Lumia 920.

All of which makes sense as well.  Check out the video below and decide for yourselves.

Source: Nokia Conversations; Thanks to everyone who tipped us on this!



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MarcoBug322 says:

Actually u can already see it on the DOF its too beautiful for a small sensored phone camera.

eyesoreM says:

That reflection is difficult to spot but 48 seconds in (while on the carousel) you can see the shadow of a large format video camera on the checkplate (lower left corner). Confirms that Nokia statement. I'll still be getting the 920 though.

Cellus13 says:

Typical, someone makes something good and others try to slander you pretty quickly. Wow.

I know right? Geez

badMojo69 says:

Isn't that kind of ummm false advertising?
How do we know if anything they showed was actually taken with the phone camera?
All I can say is if the phone is not as good as what we have been led to believe the press will have a field day with them.
I'm sad now.

SaviorXX9 says:

I should sue Redbull then! That shit didn't give me wings. Got damn false advertisement!

simphf says:

Is that why at the end of the commercial it says "red bull doesn't actually give you wings...".


sholokov says:


procen says:

If you think that is not real don't buy Nokia.

Munkeyphyst says:

The video doesn't explicitly state that the footage was taken with a 920. It is, however, clearly presented and crafted in such a way as to suggest that the video and images are from an actual 920. That being said, if the images and video accurately represent the quality and impact of OIS, then all will be forgiven. If Nokia's statements are true, they SHOULD have a little asterisk at the bottom stating "video and image quality representative of OIS impact. Not actually shot with production lumia device."

nokialove says:

Prototype my ass. They used a DLSR and didn't think anyone would notice.

How is that a DSLR?  You have to hold a DSLR to your eye to focus with while shooting video and the reflection doesn't show anything near the videographer's face.

sholokov says:

There are DSLRs available with digital screens. You dont have to hold them to your eyes/face.

smoledman says:

So it's fraud?

badMojo69 says:

I know right.

rselim says:

Isn't that larger camera obviously shown by the fact that it's videotaping the guy and girl using the lumia?

karelj says:

No, because in a screenshot of the reflection only the girl on the bike is there.

wadijusay says:

Nokia should have scheduled and kept secret of Lumia 920 at a later time.  No carrier or release date was announced.  One of the reasons why iphone does well is because the consumer fully knows when an iphone will release (usually within weeks) it's product out in the market.  Not knowing when something is being released only causes anxiety rather than eagerness...
p.s.  I still want the phone and a Surface.  LOL

mdram says:

Agreed. Palm did the same thing with webOS products during their launches. It wound up hurting them.

JenkTJ27 says:

Did Nokia say the commercial was shot with the Purview ever? Do you think all the apple commercials are unedited and ha e some form of trickery to demonstrate the capability/gimmick?

badMojo69 says:

"Do you think all the apple commercials are unedited and ha e some form of trickery to demonstrate the capability/gimmick?"
Doesn't matter they got caught.  Its just that simple.
When you saw the video did you think it was the phone?  I did.
And what the hell does any of this have to do with Apple?

eyesoreM says:

Its about the presentation. We're led to believe that footage is from the phone when its not - doesn't matter if Nokia doesn't explicitly say its a representation of the stabilization tech - its implied that some of the footage is from the phone.

MarcoBug322 says:

Common dissapointed ?
Nokia never acted or stated that was shot with the 920
They even say so at the Nokia blog.
People should be dissapointed for them self in wanting impossible thing.

GreenGo#WP says:

AAAAND Apple always did fake Siri demonstration and no one agues over the internet.

nokialove says:

Why does that matter? That's shitty too. How does that give Nokia a pass?

badMojo69 says:

Again who cares what apples does.
Apple as a company is not in the same kind of financial situation that Nokia is.
I want WP to stand on it's on and with stunts like this all it's going to do is make people run away.

harchestr says:

Please!!!! You're talking out the side of your neck!

awneze says:

here is more proof that Nokia really tried to deceive us!
why are you guys sticking up for nokia, they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar!

dkp23 says:

Very clever...i too wonder how the van got on the amusement park ride.  Quite a nifty van!

Those darn white vans... bet the driver was wearing a black suit, thin tie and dark sunglasses!

rselim says:

Lol! Thank you! So true. We will just have to wait to see what hands on videos we might get tonight or wait til its in the stores and we can see for ourselves. IDC who gets on board or doesn't, I know I'll be getting this phone and im glad it will suit my needs if it doesn't impress at least I have the 900 that I have no problem with or the other options like the ativ. Wp8 = great os on lots of new great hardware.

Anthonyfear says:

Come on guys give Nokia a break, One of two things has happened here:
1) it's not a reflection at all - its a puppet show!
2) the reflection is that of a kebab van and the man is simply trying to hand her a free donair !

DrSaiko says:

Welcome to the world of advertisement, where everything is illustrated. Geez, give it a break. Not having a release date should be more upsetting than some ad done (probably) by a third party.

jake69 says:

99% of the commercials are a big fat hype machine....get over it.

badMojo69 says:

Good job.
Much better than "Well don't hold it that way".

hossiam says:

Did we not suspect there's a van in the video......at the beginning. As the shot goes on the man on the bike pulls ahead a bit and the van drops back. I don't see what's being argued here. Wouldn't the man's angle get the trailing van in the reflection. I will wait to decide how the camera is when it's compared to the iPhone 5. Till then I thank Nokia for pushing forward.

Murgatroyd7 says:

I don't really see what the big deal is.  Of course they want to use some professional equipment to make sure everything comes out perfectly; it doesn't mean they're lying.  The way I see it, it's no different than using pre-recorded gameplay video at E3 (excluding early Kinect footage...).  When the phone actually comes out, we'll be able to see for ourselves instead of judging from an online video, which is what we should be doing anyway.

wpos8 says:

I was not paying attention to the background too busy looking at woman hahaha

muhammudali says:

Guys Relax here is the Link for the Live action if you think they have miseald us :)