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Dilbert's Scott Adams declares Windows Phone a "winner" against iPhone 3GS, EVO 3D

If you recall, Scott Adams of Dilbert fame was lamenting his iPhone and EVO 3D on Twitter and thus fell in to Brandon Watson's clutches. Watson famously offered Adams a $1,000 donation to his favorite charity if he would take Windows Phone for a spin and didn't like it.

Well, Adams received the phone and has written up a decent little review of it compared to his iPhone 3GS and HTC EVO 3D (Android). We'll just cut to the chase:

"The Windows phone has the best user interface experience, although the onscreen keyboard is problematic just as it is with the other phones I used. The Windows interface is intuitive, simple, and has a liveliness that I find appealing. Voice call quality was good, and battery life seemed good too. I declare it the winner compared to my iPhone 3GS with AT&T and my HTC EVO 3D with Android on the Sprint network."

..."If you want a smartphone that is easy to use, performs well, has a good battery life, and doesn't frustrate you, the Windows phone is the best choice of the three options I tested. All you give up is some hipster credibility and access to lesser-used apps."


Now, having said that, it wasn't all gushing either. Adams did a neat breakdown of major features and gave pass/fail grades to all three devices. He confesses he's not a professional reviewer, nor a gadget geek like we in his write up, which we think is a good thing sometimes. Areas he didn't care for on the AT&T Samsung Focus running Mango:

  • On-screen keyboard - yeah, he actually didn't like it. In fairness, he didn't like the iPhone's or EVO's either, so he's being consistent. Fact is, he just doesn't like soft-keyboards and you can't fault a guy too much for that (there's a reason why we like the Quantum, Arrive and Dell Venue Pro around here).
  • "Intangible coolness factor" - this is pretty arbitrary but hints at a larger problem for Microsoft, namely they're just not cool. Yeah, we know, kind of a lame thing to judge the phone on, but lets face it, Microsoft has an image problem. It's getting better but they're still no Apple and that matters to consumers.
  • Apps - "okay-ish". This has been the Achilles heel so far in reviews and while he notices the lack of some big name apps, he doesn't consider the whole phone a fail because of it.

Overall though, Adams seems impressed with Windows Phone, slamming the EVO on its clunky UI and terrible battery life (no argument there) and the iPhone 3GS gets bad remarks for reception and okay results for UI. So Watson, mission accomplished.

Source: Dilbert.com; Thanks, Paul, for the heads up!



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Jazmac says:

W00t! It is an awesome experience with WP7.

jubbing says:

I wouldn't get too excited. While this is a great start for Windows Phone 7, we all know the iPhone 4 is miles better than the iPhone 3GS. Will the result be the same with the iPhone 4 vs Samsung Focus with Mango? I would hope so.. but not sure.

theefman says:

The only thing the i4 brings is a new design, wont affect his feelings on the interface. Maybe better call quality but so far reports say otherwise :)

scdkad says:

It doesn't matter which iPhone you compare to WP7-WP7 is SO completely different from both iOS and Android.

eric12341 says:

jaja I hope u know that u are about to get pounced on by the android central trolls for that last remark.

1jaxstate1 says:

LOL, why is this rich person using a iPhone 3GS. Hahahhaha. I would have been impressed if he was using a iP4.

starblade876 says:

Not every rich person always has to have the latest and greatest to show off... The iP4 came out about a year after the iP3Gs. If he went on a 2-year upgrade cycle after June 2009, he'd be looking for a new phone around this time and I'd guess that's why he got approached.Rich or poor, not everyone wants to spend more just to have the latest to obtain (as he put it) hipster credibility. Besides that, people don't get rich by throwing away money for no real reason.In fact, the kind of hipster stuff that impresses you makes me disappointed in humanity.

1jaxstate1 says:

Comparing a phone from 2009 to a new phone is dumb. Calling someone a "hipster" because they like a particular phone is only showing how ignorant you are. If you're so disappointed in humanity, go kill yourself and you won't have to worry.

Paul Acevedo says:

No fighting, you guys.

Nataku4ca says:

be sure to get blood test before u guys start biting each other(i do understand the 2009->3gs 2010->4 comment though)

starblade876 says:

His comparisons where WP was ahead of or tied iP had nothing to do with the spec improvements in iP4 (except maybe the battery if there were any improvements) because iOS4 is on the 3Gs. If you read his blog post, he compared call quality, UI, virtual keyboard, battery life, app catalog, and coolness factor. I doubt call quality changed much if at all and the UI definitely didn't change. He's not getting paid to do this comparison, so why should he spend money getting an iP4?I called you a hipster because you were dismissing someone for using an older device instead of a newer device when the newer device had little to no real value in the subject at hand; what I said wasn't ignorant. However, it is incredibly ignorant to tell someone you don't know at all to go kill himself.

sunyata says:

To be happy that someone, who doesn't even uses latest technology, uses and likes WP7 is not so awesome.

machina says:

FYI most people are not tech geeks! the idea that you should learn to accept is that WP7 is appealing to everyone (techies /non techies).. And if you know anything about Scott Adams, he's a very smart and perceptive man not to mention his great sense of humor! His opinion counts.

starblade876 says:

In addition to what machina said, in case more people don't want to read, he was also comparing an HTC Evo 3D, which came out not even 2 months ago...

NPGMBR says:

Maybe he sees value in getting good use of the items he owns vice switching up to the newest device that doesn't really offer much in improvements over the last generation!

1jaxstate1 says:

The iPHone 4 offered huge improvements over the iPhone 3GS. Being a WP7 user don't mean you have to be a dummy and let uninformed information sprout from your mouth. IJS.

surge48 says:

Good news! Cannot wait for the Mango apps to be released!

rikkit says:

Interchangeable? He said intangible. You should check your spell checker :P

selfcreation says:

why dint they give them a phone with a keybored! lol

mrmcguire says:

I try not to be a yuppie WP owns all user, but damn... It's really nice to win one.Kudos to Microsoft for having confidence in their product and keeping their eyes on celebs that aren't satisfied with their current smart phone experience.

BCH says:

Scott Adams actually replied to a few comments on his blog to clarify that the iPhone drops calls even with good signal, and the Focus on the same network does not. This really tells us what anyone with an iPhone or friends or significant others with iPhones already know. They aren't good for making calls. The name i"Phone" is ironic. My experience in South Florida is the same: the Focus has outstanding call quality, and in ten months I've dropped maybe 3 calls.

ducttape36 says:

this is cool and all, but what about the charity?

Baka says:

Give that man an Arrive, keyboard is beyond great.Can't stand on-screen keyboards myself.

zulu208 says:

Apps is apparently a big deal. I showed my sister the WP7, she liked it but then asked if she can get her medical app, http://www.epocrates.com/, on WP7.Answer: nope.She ended up getting the HTC sensation instead. I kind of like the Sensation as well. If mango suck **** I'm done w/ wp7.

Yeah, you're right. The reaction I have from everyone that is coming from a static grid of icons to looking at my windows phone is always, "wow, this is cool. How many apps?"

scdkad says:

Pretty sad when the only concern is "how many apps?".

justop26 says:

I need Epocrates, too. But I chose to get a Focus and defend myself on rotation while it comes to WP7..

scdkad says:

How about a Dilbert app!

GekkoAce says:

I just hope they still gave the $1000 charity donation.