Diptic updated, picks up support for low-memory Windows Phone 8 devices

Diptic on Lumia 520

Diptic, a collage creator for Windows Phone that we have covered a couple of times already, has just received an update that is going to make a lot of people happy. Version adds compatibility for low-memory devices! Many of you have complained, so this is great news.

This means you should now be able to install Diptic on devices like the HTC 8S, Ascend W2, Lumia 520, Lumia 620, and Lumia 625

There is no change log in the store listing, but we can confirm by installing it on our Nokia Lumia 520. Diptic has told us they misjudged their estimate for what memory many devices had available for applications on the platform and are very happy to accommodate everyone in this release.

Diptic is currently free in the Windows Phone Store for a limited time, so now is a good time to download the app. Have a Windows Phone device with low memory? Install Diptic now and let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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sri_tech says:

Good job for optimizing it for 512 mb devices. This opens up the app for more than half the WP users.

Also, popular puzzle game, puzzle retreat is now available for WP with features that are not yet available on android or iOS.
Courtesy - wmpoweruser

The other day I just happened to post a comment saiying this was a fail app after reading it required 1GB RAM and today Diptic updated it adding support for 512 MB phones. :)

I think they made a wise move. About 3/4 of the public using Lumia phones have 512 MB so now this app will get a considerable amout of downloads.

Doesn't work in my L520. :\

now it's workink :D

david90531 says:

Call me childish but everytime I see this app I misread it as "Dicpic".....

Micah Dawson says:

Thanks lol. Now I won't be able to not see that.

SargeT says:

Aaagrh make me unread your comment back now :D

Happy day! Enjoying it on my 520. The controls are so much nicer than the last time I used it on iOS.

mide64 says:

Good app. Really enjoying it.

Rickosw says:

one key feature missing from Diptic is the function to adjust the Template size, ie adjust how big / how small each pic frame ... Fotor has this function...

Good news am very happy that app developers considers everyone

Saying diptic just sounds like dick tip to me.

dalydose says:

I am hoping that this app will support screenshots.  I love to torture my friends back in Michigan with a screenshot of the weather forecast AND a lovely picture of my view of palm trees, no snow, sunshine and general JOY! :)  Currenty, when I navigate to to the screenshot folder to select an image, it returns as blank in the frame.  Oh well, Fotor and Phototastic do it.