As expected, Disney Solitaire comes to Windows Phone 8

Disney Solitaire

Last month Disney released Disney Solitaire for Windows 8 with word that a Windows Phone 8 version would be released soon. We are happy to report that "soon" happened today with the release of the Windows Phone 8 version of Disney Solitaire.

Disney Solitaire does feature saving your game progress to OneDrive, which will allow to pick up things where you left off from a Windows 8 device.

Disney Solitaire

The Windows Phone version of Disney Solitaire shares the same features as the Windows 8 version. Game play is centered around two Disney worlds, Peter Pan's Neverland and the Lion King's Pride Rock, and has two gaming modes (Adventure and Free Play).

Additional gaming features include:

  • 120 levels of game play
  • Classic music and clips from each movie
  • Unlock unique animated power-ups featuring your favorite characters such as Nala, the Lost Boys and more
  • Use in-game boosts to move past obstacles and the Adventure Mode levels

The only downside we can see to Disney Solitaire is that it lacks a trial version. Otherwise, it comes across as an entertaining game and a nice addition to the card game genre.

Disney Solitaire

The full version of Disney Solitaire is currently running $1.99 and the game is available for Windows Phone 8 devices. You can find Disney Solitaire here in the Windows Phone Store.

The Windows 8 version of Disney Solitaire is currently running $4.99 (no free trial here either) and you can pick that version up here in the Windows Store.

Thanks, Kevin, for the tip!

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patrickwee says:

Hmm... I thought it is free of charge @@

Akash Patel says:

Try Microsoft solitaire collection its free

Aashish13 says:

I want spider solitaire from Microsoft

Microsoft Solitaire Collection <- what do you think "collection" means?

It's included in Microsoft solitaire collection

Gatlyn says:

Small correction: The game actually costs $1.99 on Windows Phone.

I'm thinking about picking it up.

Not the place to put this, but WP developer preview just got an update featuring more language support

I actually did get an update tho

IzaacJ says:

No Xbox, no buy. #SaveXboxWP

Gatlyn says:

A game without Xbox is better than no game at all.

TechAbstract says:

But would you rather buy 200 gamerscore points for $1?

ikissfutebol says:

I would rather share a can of pop at a pop machine with a human and socialize than keep my face glued to my phone trying to grow my Xbox ePeen score.

Leader boards and achievements are a must for any and every game. Xbox provides this. Would have gladly bought this game as I have just about every Xbox game on windows phone and windows 8. What a shame. I thought Microsoft was easing up on their certification. Oh well.

dKp1977 says:

Ahh, come on, mate. I know you're a GS hunter (just like I used to be back in the days when I had more time), but all this "no Xbox, no buy" crap is serious bullshit. WP is still lacking traction in the market and we should be thankful for every major game and app that hits our store.

That doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see more great XBL enabled games, but I rather have a good game without XBL integration than not having it at all.

DJCBS says:

And as expected, no Xbox. And even worse... They expect us to pay for it...lol

Haha I pass as well!
Disney shows some great support, having them on board with Xbox would be a big W for WP.

Correction for wp pricing $1.99

SamiSaifDine says:

Don't buy it marc! Were don't need the video

sharpycl says:

Haha... That made my night :-)

k0de says:

Thumbs up to Disney for supporting Windows Phones. Disney, and Gameloft thanks.

Sin Ogaris says:

How does solitaire have levels?

Microsoft released its own Xbox version of this game with chievo's a few months ago for WP with 2 others. Check that out instead of complaining its not Xbox.

MacDaMachine says:

That game heats up my phone like crazy. Have no idea why either.

I've got that problem with Frozen and the new free fall game. Those games slurp juice like a overheated thirsty kid. But not with that game. The rest is fine.

There's some 3D graphics in Frozen or thant new free fall game... but Solitaire?

Xbox Live that runs in the background could be the problem. Constant leader board and chievo syncing heats up the phone and drains battery quik. It might just be that

poddie says:

Yeah, there's something wrong with those ms games (minesweeper too). They seem to have no interest in fixing the crazy battery drain.

Sin Ogaris says:

Yep, they actually drained my phone faster than it could charge. Shocking battery management, they also crash occasionally too. Still fun though.

pressstart says:

Practically every game heats up my phone like crazy, xbox or not.

Simple_WiLL says:

My Disney Experience please Disney!

lbaxter says:

Came here to say this...as if Disney would read it.

spaceopossum says:

Not free. Not gonna happen.


You can't afford a $2 game? This is exactly why developers don't want to develop for Windows Phone...

dalydose says:

True story. I'm not sure where this "everything should be free" entitlement mindset came from, but it's ridiculous.

adrian1338 says:

Well this started with the internet and/or cd writers :)

akaliel says:

This is true, I released a game a couple years back, on both Android and Windows Phone.  It had a free version with annoying ads and a paid version that was ad free.  I'd get roughly 1000 downloads of the free version for every 1 paid.  And it was 99 cents.

Miistercoool says:

Should be a universal game? No? ^.^

Xbox games warrant a purchase. Others, not so much. I want my friends, leaderboards, and achievements. Do not really give 2 sh*ts about any games that do not provide this. Shame, really. Would gladly pay for this and many other games (looking at you, Artifex Mundi) if they would go through Microsofts' supposed "better and easier" certification process.

Sin Ogaris says:

You can get all on those things on the vast majority of non xbox games. Just get Facebook games on your phone, then you are getting more friend connections, more people on your leaderboards and no restriction on achievements.

I was not aware that I could play Candy Crush and Scrabble on my Windows Phone. Where can I find these two games?

Sin Ogaris says:

What's your point? We are talking about features in Xbox games that are readily available in a number of non Xbox games that ARE available on WP.

What is yours? You just told me to "Just get facebook games on your phone, then you are getting more friend connections, more people on your leaderboards and no restriction on achievements." Whatever the hell that last part means. Btw, most of my friends come from the Xbox world since the early adoption of Xbox 360, most friends I have on fb could not care less about its games. I ask you again, in regards to your baseless comment, how does one go about acquiring these "facebook games" you mentioned?

Sin Ogaris says:

Poor wording on my part. I was referring to games with Facebook integration that are available on WP, they are generally also available as games on Facebook, hence "Facebook games".

The restrictions on achievements is that there is a cap that Microsoft sets regarding number of achievements and points associated, this doesn't apply to games that have their own special progression systems.

Terry Coombs says:

Yeah, sorry Disney - dial down the greed a bit.  There are LOTS of FREE solitaire games out there - including Microsoft's (if they ever fix the battery drain and excessive heating issues).

Sin Ogaris says:

And look what free gets you, battery drain and overheating issues.

Greywolf1967 says:

Microsoft has 2 Good Games out there already, both with Xbox. 

 ! of the games is WP and Win8 so I'll stick with that.

Good guy Disney, never forgets Windows :-)

WPC App for Android- Lenovo IdeaTab A3000

spinzeroWL says:

Just a small thing, but why do you (and everyone else using the Android apps) keep your device signatures?
I doubt anyone cares you have a Lenovo A3000 :)

It means He don't have a Windows phone but still he talks about it. Lol wpcentral given them app is a joke. XD

spinzeroWL says:

No, it's definitely a good thing. Android is the biggest smartphone platform....if their users find merit to be found in Windows Phone devices, then that is all good with me!
I just don't really care for seeing device tags on comments. It's one of those annoying things Android users seemed to love to do on XDA forums when I used to use it (as if ones device history is somehow of interest to others!)

It doesn't mean that at all. I have several WP devices in my home as well as a couple of Android phones and tablets. So it can be more convenient for me to post using my Android tablet whilst at home rather than using my Windows Phone. And the WP app for Android automatically adds a signature to your posts.

Ordeith says:

Should have been released as a universal app

Aashish13 says:

Waiting for ages of empire then we don't need that clash of clans

dKp1977 says:

The game is actually looking quite nice. Too bad Disney doesn't offer a trial again. -_- But from my experiences it can't be long until Disney will offer it for free, like they have done with many of their games several times before.

spinzeroWL says:

Not really related to this story...but I am amazed Whatsapp still hasn't been re-released. That is going to be very damaging to Windows Phone in the near term.
I have been using Whatsapp without major issue for months....there just does not seem a viable reason for them to have pulled it.
Perhaps Facebook want to torpedo Windows Phone so they can just focus on two ecosystems

ZenBot says:

Y'all seem a bit in the dark as to what the game actually is.  It would be fair, I think, to call it "arcade" solitaire.

There's an "Adventure" story mode with power-up cards, score multipliers, stars to earn, objectives...I played a level last night that was a time challenge. 

All of that in a pretty Disney wrapper, with actual music and visuals from the movies (Lion King and Peter Pan so far)...I used a power-up card and had a "Lost-boy" pop up on screen and wallop a card.

Beyond that, it also has "Free Play" mode which is everything your "Microsoft Solitaire Collection" offers...minus the XBL stuff.

Unfortunately the game could use a bit of fine tuning to get it running smoothly...and IAPs are a bit in-your-face so far.

The $1.99 purchase price seems to get you unlimited gameplay vs. the system Disney uses in their free games which usually give you 5 lives which replenish over time...so there's your F2P trade-off.

I've already spent more time with the game than I did with my $1.50 coffee yesterday, so no worries.  I believe "support" goes both ways.