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Windows 8 Apps+Games

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Windows 8 Apps+Games

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Disney's Where's My Mickey? becomes free on Windows 8 [Updated]

Where's My Mickey?

Disney released Where's My Mickey? on both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8, pumping some new life into the popular IP. After both apps went on sale not so long ago, Disney has now made Where's My Mickey? free on the Windows 8 store. If you've yet tried out the title, now's the perfect opportunity.

If you love little, cute puzzle games and wish to hop into the realm of Disney, Where's My Mickey? is definitely a title you should check out. You can download Where's My Mickey from the Windows 8 Store for free (usually $4.99 - you can also download the Windows Phone version for $0.99). Thanks, Joene90, for the tip!

Update: We've been alerted to the other "Where's My" Disney apps going free on the Windows 8 store. These include Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? Kudos to neilvillareal for spotting this!

QR: Where's My Mickey



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2 days before I bought it, seriously Disney?

Josh Harman says:

Lesson learned, always wait 2 days before you commit to a buy.

abhishake620 says:

or use the token sextractor and click your way to full version 
P.S.  its a loop hole and taking advantage of it is not bad ...if you are earning and (not a student like me) support the devs as i too will soon become one of them....

Nekusta says:

you can only use that on those that actually come with a trial version... these games don't

schlubadub says:

Sextractor? Is that some sort of sexual farming machine?

Eas195 says:

I taught so, with that 'sextractor' word. I think now it's a 'tractor' of plants called 'sex'.

Tell us which apps you'll produce, so we can use the token extractor on all of your apps and make certain you never make a cent for being such a shit.

Don't you mean 2 days AFTER you bought it??

simphf says:

I was wondering if I was the only one who caught that.

elangab says:

No, I think he meant "ago", not "before" or "after"

Darren Walsh says:

Lol where's my Mickey!

Eas195 says:

In my house! LOL

Sponge920 says:

Still showing as 79p in UK. :(

Rich Edmonds says:

The Windows Phone version isn't free, but the Windows 8 version is.

baron1996 says:

When is the wp version gonna go free??

shreyas15 says:

Very soon. I hope.

elangab says:

2 days after "Roman Cifuentes" buys it.

iMuniem says:

LOL!!!! +1520

Aryan Angel says:

Where's my water and Perry are also free for me. Or maybe they always were free...

573avijit says:

It is not free in india

Aryan Angel says:

Weird. I just installed all three apps for free. Maybe its because my home location is set to US. Try doing that and tell me what happens.

WinMaverick says:

I installed all 3 "Where's my" games for free yesterday and I didn't have to change my  time zone from India. Checked on my brother's too and it says free.
Hope you people are not whining about the WP version!

Eas195 says:

still not free, though.

Eas195 says:

It's on Windows 8 Store.

PCUser271 says:

Yes! I found my mickey...thanks!!

ryraansh says:

Thanks for the tip guys! Great games, great deal.
FYI: Where's my water/perry were free for WP a while ago, but the mickey version wasn't.

mighty_stag says:

Doesn't appear to be free in the UK U_U

Eas195 says:

mine here are free. ID

Residing says:

Thanks for this tip!  I got the other 'Where's My' games for free a while ago, and downloading this one now.  Pretty easy to play using a mouse on my computer.

Hs1993 says:

It isn't completely free right? 'cause only the first scene is unlocked and the rest i need to buy..

dfeghali says:

Not free at all

amitshukla says:

Who said it is free,kindly check store it is not free

99 cents for hours of fun on my Lumia 1020 - yay!!

xFalk says:

I got it.  All the "Where's My" titles are free when I visit the Store. Works pretty good with a mouse too.  Well, I guess it should. :o)

I like free. My kids will play it :-)


therealprof says:

Ugh, Disney games. Actually one game in three different flavours. But then again: If it's free I'll take three. ;)

therealprof says:

Potentially more interesting than Windows 8 might be that it's also available (and free) for Windows RT.

Koen Geerts says:

Not in the netherlands. -__-

gautam12 says:

Not in India :(

WinMaverick says:

Yes it is... in India. I've downloaded all three.
And it's the Win8 version mind it... not the Windows Phone one.

jlynnm350z says:

Whew!! I've been saving up for this for months now. Now I don't have to wait and I can spend that money I've been saving on food, I'm hungry.

Jazmac says:

India always seem to come up short.

anvesh N says:

Not free in India

WP Central, there should hav been no download option on More section which connects to WP store. Everybody has confused.

Nekusta says:

The Windows Phone 8 aren't free for me
Is it just me ?

PCUser271 says:'s the title again...WINDOWS 8 dude

Chandan Hati says:

This game is still not free at least not in India. I just clicked the QR code given above and tried to download the game from the windows market place, but it is still asking for a payment of INR 55.
WHen shall this be free in India