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Nokia Lumia 635 going on sale in Singapore on Saturday


Nokia updates Network+ again

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Nokia migrates Display into main Settings area to join its siblings

Display Touch Glance

Yesterday we reported on Nokia making some changes to its Display + Touch settings area, where you can configure some options for the Glance screen, altering display properties and adjusting touch sensitivity. The company has split up the panorama panes into separate settings entries to help with familiarity and easier to notice when first using a Lumia Windows Phone. 

Today an update has been fired out stripping Display from Display + Touch, renaming it to Display and placing the entry on the main settings menu, mimicking yesterday's move. Display now sits comfortably with Glance and Touch offering a quick and convenient way to access all three without having to dive into a single area and swipe a million times, hoping for the best.

It's now less confusing to change options for your Windows Phone with more direct access to Touch, Glance and Display settings.

You can update your Display + touch on the Windows Phone Store or by scanning the below code. Thanks, Al, for the tip!

QR: Display + Touch



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acrodex says:

Somehow, I think the setting menu need to get a re-org.  It becomes longer and longer.

di_Genius says:

I think so too maybe in a group setting and also there is this: New software is available for the Nokia Lumia 925! Check out: Have a great night! T-Force ^KM
I tip WPCentral earlier this morning but just got an email saying mail unable to be delivered.

Jakeway says:

One setting called,screen could house all these options.

Sean D. says:

I'm pretty sure it's layed out based on things you're more likely to do/use most often.

Divjot Singh says:

recently updated ones go to bottom.

pranav rai says:

And its not even alphabetically ordered or logically demarcated for such a long list :|

Divjot Singh says:

Maybe we can have more sub settings like
Personalize (Display, Audio , Theme , ringtones etc)
Connectivity (WiFI, BT, NFC , Location etc)
allowing us to pin these sub settings separately

di_Genius says:

Now that's exactly what I was saying +100

psiu_glen says:

Still not seeing notifications with Glance, hope it means what it sounds like...

pranav rai says:

Glance is not supposed to show notifications AFAIK anyways. 

CreepinJesus says:

True; it just shows the time, charging status, and vibrate/ringer status. It's probably to do with how the software accesses that information - those 3 things are all at 'hardware' level, whereas Facebook alerts and new SMSs, for example, are software (simplified).

DieNadel says:

It shows up to 5

Oxymoron428 says:

If it's not supposed to show notifications, then what does the "clock and notifications" box do?

mukulvdhiman says:

My touch and glance settings both are not opening.. :-/

FBirraque says:

Maybe with a pre-defined position for each item also.
The order changes after updates!

Yes I would like to that as well.  It seems like whichever one was updated last goes on the bottom.

mdscj4 says:

Did you really need to waste an article on this? This isn't news.

RudyZ says:

The new Glance page has a "Clock and notifications" toggle. It's interesting to now see "notifications" in there, although it does nothing, and lock-screen icons do not appear. Also interesting is that if you turn this toggle off, Glance still gets activated, but with an empty screen.
Lumia 920 here.

xyhchina says:

WRONG WRONG WRONG! You Are simply Wrong.
Nokia didnt combine settings, instead, they separates settings.
How do I know? Well, everyone, adjust your system time to year 2213, then tap Glance or Touch, there will be pop up menu ask you do you want to uninstall or buy. Click buy, you will see they are actually separate apps!!!

Piro.Garay says:

Ain't nobody got time for that!!!

rui.silva450 says:

I just tested uninstalling some of those app from Nokia with that. I uninstalled touch and now my screen is so laggy xD

Aryan Angel says:

What's the point of having the "touch" setting in gdr1 620?

Technoloay says:

Or in GDR2 620. High sensitivity isn't there anyways. 

Aryan Angel says:

Aren't 620 users getting the double tap to wake thing with GDR2/Amber?

Juzz Tianz says:

I got high sensitivity settings after updated my lumia 620 to Amber.

Aryan Angel says:

Screenshots or didn't happen.

Haigs says:

I confirm this, i got high sensitivity on 620 too.

I like how the new Touch menu says "and Windows Key", yet it does not actually have any settings for the Windows key.
Less confusing. Right.

mukulvdhiman says:

^this is news.. Why aren't you guys speculating this?? Or atleast mention it if you are..

TruPlaya187 says:

I think it only means that even with gloves the windows keys are working as well as for the screen

damo579 says:

No update available for me. I guess I need gdr2 first.

KKRLessey says:

I heard on Twitter that GDR2+Amber will be released around mid-Sep on EE in the UK. Might be the same period for AT&T.

CarmanL says:

WP have the crappiest menu setting I ever see.
bunch of setting and no submenu, no hierarchy, no sorting, change order after update,....

Garminblast says:

The 2nd of two backward steps by Nokia, well out if character for them.

kittananj says:

I still see Display+Touch in lasted update on my Lumia 925.

Ratman826 says:

Can't they add some icons in from of every option. Really tired of scrolling all over the place just try to find the switches for WiFi and connectivity