Do you like that Games are listed along with the Apps in Windows Phone 8.1?

If you’ve installed Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers, or read about the same, you would’ve observed an interesting change to the apps list.

On a Windows Phone device, swiping to the right on Start screen brings up the apps list arranged alphabetically. The games though, are listed in the Games app. That, however, has changed with Windows Phone 8.1, and the games also appear in the apps list.

I don’t know how you feel about this, but I’ve had a hard time accepting the change. I install a lot of games for reviews and for my nine year old nephew. To play a game, I head to the Games app, and pick the game I want to play from the list of games there. Now, all the installed games crowd my apps list. I have a lot of apps on my phone anyway, and don’t prefer it growing even further.

Of course, this change helps with the discoverability of the games and I’m sure game developers and studios will love it. Also, a lot of times, I forget to play a game after installing it on some recommendation online since the game is dug deep in the Games app. The recent change would take care of this as well since I go through my apps list several times through the day.

Do you like this change in Windows Phone 8.1? Take this poll, and don’t forget to share your thoughts on the same in comments.

Reading this in our apps? Head to IE11 to take the poll. Here's the mobile link if you're on Windows Phone: m.wpcentral.com/do-you-games-are-listed-along-apps-windows-phone-81



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DennisvdG says:

No so annoying!
It just causes unnecessary clutter! Why would they think this is a good idea??
I really hope they give us the option to separate the apps and games again because this is really bothering me :(

Let's all vote at uservoice to rectify this mistake!

kenzibit says:

Hate it and that's for Android

tbonenga says:


carlosrdd says:

Hate HATE IT! They are taking the soul of Windows phone and making it more like IOS and Android... Instead of upgrading our hubs they take them away completely and make us use at least 3 times the apps you had before! I would count down every thing I don't like but I don't want to rant. I will say there are many things I like and lot I don't I just hope MS is listening and makes the changes.

xankazo says:

OMG! Who can understand people!!!

SocalTouch says:

While the perfect scenario is that all Games be under the Games hub, I did not like that it was upto Developers to enable that in WP8. Some games showed up under the hub and other in app listings. So in that that sense, all games under app list is better that having to look at two places.


Forcing all games to be under the Games hub only (developers having no say in whether it shows under hub and/or app list) though would the real ideal scenario.

wakeupneo says:

Developers used to be able to decide where to put their app, but not anymore. For at least half a year now the store category (games or not games) is the one that decides.

Nivananca says:

I agree absolutely.

Italo Souza says:

I hate so much that and i fastest put in the User Voice! THAT'S SOOOO BAD!

I absolutely hate that! I do not want my games and apps together. They are separate in the store for a reason, they should be separate on my device for the same reason too!

Forc3 says:

People like you wont stop complaining, right? It is pretty darn good that MS finally added Games to the Applist. You have no Idea how many times I had to explain my Friends and Family that Games are listed in the Games Hub and not the Applist. Answers like "weird, why would I open an App to open an App?" or "So confusing, If you wouldn't tell me, I would think my Phone is broken." always came up. Sure after some time they learned were to find downloaded Games but they still found it pretty unintuitive. Its not about your opinions, its about giving people choices to access their Apps the way they want to access them. New Users simply have no Idea were their Games are saved to.

Your friends are morons! Just because their phones have everything jumbled together doesnt mean having a singular place to go for all your gaming needs is unintuitive!

salazka says:

iPhone doesn't have everything jumbled together. It allows you to make "folders" groups of apps. That is something that MS should have done before removing the hubs. Unfortunatelly Nokia although they tried to give a nice solution, didn't manage to solve the problem of app organization in WP. 

That is something i look forward to in the next update.  (If not the return of hubs which was a great idea)

Marco Gomes1 says:

Yes, your friends are complete morons. Dafuk is strange about having the games in a place specifically created for that which is named games hub?!

Forc3 says:

Yes complete Morons as you are right? How about Games are nothing else but Apps? How am I talking to, you Shortminded Idiot fail to understand how new Users feel about this in the first place. Pathetic.

Aanze says:

Even if I wouldn't say your friends are morons (since it's disrespectful and because I also noticed the same behaviour you described with my girlfriend who always tells me her games "disappeared"), I'm still convinced the game hub app is a better way to organize apps.

New users will always find some feature difficult to understand, but it doesn't mean the feature must be changed. Take the notification center for example: its obviously a better alternative rather than having to check the notifications on the tiles right ? Yet, my little sister who never had any other device than her windows phone still doesn't integrate the new reflex of swiping up to check on the notifications.

I don't think we should sacrifice/simplify some features for the sake of the users who want pure simplicity, we don't want windows phone to turn to an other iOS.

STXVI says:

Dude, I'm with your sister on the notification thing. It really should have been a tile. This swipe down thing is so not counter intuitive to using WP. In fact I haven't used it since I've set it up. A tile with a little number letting you know how many notifications would have been better and would have continued the flow of the WP experience.

salazka says:

The tiles provide MUCH better space for app specific notifications. Having said that, the notification center does provide some good functionality and because i am familiar with the notification center in iOS i do use it. But still prefer the tiles for notifications. Unfortunatelly some developers are very lazy.

Marco Gomes1 says:

And how do your friends find games in the store?! Do they go to the games section or does it have a list with all the games and apps altogether?!

His friends are also going to search for contacts and settings in app list.... What a twat. If you are a new user, surly you will not know, and after they know I am sure they will also agree that their app list is now cluttered with too many apps

TechAbstract says:

Yes this way it's idiot proof.

salazka says:

That exactly is why. While the hubs were marvelous, idiots couldn't figure out how their life way more organized this way. They were "confused" as often idiots are.

In a genuine democratic twist, since idiots are more than smart people they often win. Such was the fate of the Hubs in WP and many other features in Windows 8 etc. etc. 

Mad Strings says:

I for one hate the change as I feel it clutters the applist. Maybe by default keep it this way for people like your friends. But have something in the settings to allow us to keep games in the games hub, and hide them in the applist. That should make everyone happy.

carlosrdd says:

+1020 they should do this for most of the new features! Choice is always good!

bradmente says:

IPhone has gamecenter therefore your argument is invalid

goldenpipes says:

On any device I've ever had ios or android before I got my WP. I always had a separate folder for games vs other apps. On PCs as well.

scdkad says:

Isn't a tile labeled "Xbox" and with the word "games" on it a good enough hint that might be where the games are? No way I want my app list longer..

salazka says:

:) No.

"awww this is confusiiiing" :D


Your friends and families are fucking idiots if that's true.. Why wouldn't games be in the GAME HUB?! Doesn't take a scientist to figure that one out.

Forc3 says:

Wow. You should better watch your mouth you little POS. The only fucking Idiot here around is you. Fucking moron srsly. Where are those moderators if you need them?

dalydose says:

Wow...they need to moderate THIS comment. Relax.

"seriously". Your WordFlow isn't working. You're welcome.

Your English is terrible when you're mad Forc3

There are icons and tiles though! If you really want faster access to games without opening the hub. And I hate this change.

MRE Inc says:

What you are writing is the reason MS put all the games in the applist. My source is someone who works for the WP development team.

But I agree, your friends are morons... Do they want every single email they receive also in the applist because otherwise they cannot find it ? They open for god sake the email app to read their emails, so why is it so hard to understand that there is an Game hub where all the games are stored.

Dean Lewis says:

Interesting. Many like myself were on the Windows Phone site when they were showing their Windows Phone 7 live tiles pre Nokia making the phones - we jumped begins the whole vision of Hubs, etc.... but if Hubs are a good vision then they'd be easily understood and common sense.

That said more Hubs are good, I still remember the vision where content all came together into this seamless experience or whatever the very first Windows Phone commercial was talking about..... 2014 seems less ideological and far more GET MARKET SHARE!!

x I'm tc says:

I'm with you. I think it's a major improvement. But the answer, like in all things, is choice. MS should have given users the option.

I'd chose to do it they way they have done. Others would not. And that's okay!

dracus_loki says:

Change your family

Kormiko says:

One good thing about it is that it finally has the quick jump alphabet for games.  I hated scrolling through dozens of games to play the one I want.  You can also use search or sort by most played apps/games.

But, I'd prefer to have those features in the Games hub.

Rug says:

LOVE it! The game hub still works, and most of the things I commonly run are pinned, so it doesn't bother me. Groups or personal hubs would solve the complaints. It seems like the hub concept is going away, which I'm ok with.

carlosrdd says:

You can't delete games from the games hub anymore it's so annoying now....

kingjah says:

Sucks, stifled my WP8.1 thrill more than a bit.

kurtd says:

Absolutely awful. Hate this change. Should have an option to turn it off. That's what Xbox is for.

Agreed. It should be an option. I suspect Microsoft have done to help dispel the legacy rumour that Windows phone lacks apps. It certainly makes me realise how many games I had installed, most of which I never use! Just proves that apps can be a bit of a fad, and no substitute for good core services. Time to put Facebook integration and hubs back!

xxxneoxxx says:

I agree. I mean, how hard would it be to make a slider to show apps in the games Hub only, or have them ALSO show in the start menue? Simple slider would be win-win.

plugfire says:

I agree if they want to make the visibility of games, I think they should make use of the left side of home screen instead. The right is for apps and the left is for games.

jc0196 says:

ergghhhh it's most absolutely irritatingly annoying.. it makes the app list way too long.. used to be able to install and try new games easily but now I have to think about adding to the list or not and in not even a usual gamer on my phone!!!

stui83 says:

The games icons look out of place.

Ahndz says:

guys, we can use nokia app folder. just create a folder for your games. the tile is transparent too!

App folder is way too slow, further more we won't be able to see our Xbox games stats... They have ruined the games hub....

Kha Bui says:

Hate this so much!

pooleyjnr says:

Simply NO, that's what the games hub is for! Bloody idiots, change it back now MS.

Silent Night says:

Just like to note that it would be really easy for Microsoft to add a new option that enables/disables this. I myself dont like it but some of you do.

jdawgnoonan says:

I hated the hubs and do not miss them.

Tjalsma says:

Nooooo. Even further, I wish we could hide the apps that are pinned to the home screen that stay in the apps list. There is too much redundancy.

sholokov says:

Pinned games mean, same game at three places

Tjalsma says:

Why not just throw pictures and music into the apps list too? Maybe email as well.

gmlongo says:

Huh?  Games ARE apps...pictures, music, and email are not.

Tjalsma says:

Nope, games are games.  And I was being sarcastic regarding the pictures and music.

Why no poll?

OT: No, It looks messy

Sam Sabri says:

One sec. I added it, but now it's missing. I'll get it back in.

DreadVenom says:

Sam I think I asked this in another article but what happened to the updated games hub that was leaked? Was that a hoax?

Re OT. Right now its kinda annoying as my app list is now easy to long. Also don't like that you can no longer delete games from the games "hub"/app.

bradmente says:

You can't pin-to-start from the game hub anymore either...

I personally like it no need to really keep opening the games hub

Laura Knotek says:

I like it, since it's the same as on Windows 8.1. More unification between desktop Windows and Windows Phone is great to me.

Ron M1 says:

I like it too, Games are apps and they need to be in the APPS LIST.

Example:If i have 100 games apps and only 10 apps that are not games, how can I find anything in limited Games Hub, maybe MS should do apps hub that are not games?? Separate the games apps from the apps list  does not make any sense!

wtrmlnjuc says:

Apps are apps and games are games for me. I like them separate. If they're going to do this, at least give us app list folders.

Ron M1 says:

I only play with Cortana so Cortana is a game for me, where Cortana need to be on my phone, in games hub or in the app list?

She only needs to be in your search button :)

gerrymad says:

A big difference is that on Windows 8 you can group your apps. There is no comparable option here.

Laura Knotek says:

App folders if you have a Nokia Lumia device.

It's a hell lot slower than default hubs. It makes me feel I'm using a third party app...

Montpbm says:

Nooooooooooo! They need to change it ASAP!

illidanx says:

Where is THE POLL?

Edit: now it appeared, did not see it at the beginning.

Ben Sailors says:

I used to wish it did but not anymore. Got used to it the other way around.

chrish91 says:

Not a huge fan, but then I have a few hundred apps, and only a handful of games! Doesn't make much of a difference to me! But you don't want to know how long the whole upgrade to 8.1 took.. ;D

Micah Dawson says:

It doesn't bother me tbh. I'm surprised it hasn't always been like this.

No need to go into the game hub just to launch.

mjfadaway says:

I know this isn't answering the question, but I just wish all of the apps could be arranged the way they are in Windows 8/8.1 instead of that long list. 

DennisvdG says:

That would indeed be nice

peachy001 says:

How is it in Windows? Gotta be honest I prefered the games hidden. Less cluttered.

That would be absolutely brilliant. As would the option to rotate and have the tiles conform to the panoramic view ala Windows 8

erzhik says:

No. I understand some people like it that way, but why not give us an option to have both?

WinOMG says:


b23h says:

To have a choice.  There should be a toggle setting that will allow games to be listed in the main menu or only in the Game Hub.

interopbyt says:

Agree completely.

Turanga06 says:

It's only logical!

FiXxXeR520 says:

I don't like it either. It is messy, looks cluttered, and makes it harder to find apps that aren't pinned.

Kreets says:

Nope, not at all

DVELOPinc says:

I don't care for it. They are also still listed in Games so they should have at least given users an option to opt out of displaying in Apps List. Doing it this way, things can cluttered real fast.

kunafpls says:

Would agree to this

kunafpls says:

Absolutely hate the new change. Would rather them stay in the games hub. My apps after the most important things to access, not my games. It hampers my ability to quickly locate apps and open them when I actually need them. It doesn't matter so much for games since I would be in a leisurely state so I can take my time to get to them, but this is unacceptable for important applications.

Shantek says:

If an app is important tho, wouldn't it be pinned?

I'm not a fan. I think it was something people did ask for, they didn't like having to go into an app to find and play a game or have a tile used for a specific title. I can see where some people like it but I'm not one of those people. I like my phone to be easy to find and use apps that are not on my Start Screen and this makes it alot harder. It also makes the Xbox Games app bascially useless, unless you like changing your Avatars clothes alot. That being said, maybe one day it would be nice to have this option but give people a choice! Add that to when the full update comes. Settings > Games > Toggle for "Games in App List". That is all I want. Same goes for the option to have extra tiles on the start screen. They gave people the option instead of forces it on all users. I can't imagine it would be a hard to add. 

PPCFreak says:

Do not like it one bit

Jas00555 says:

When I bought my 920, I thought it was weird since every other OS doesn't have a hub, so I appreciate it.
Also, the games are still in the games hub, so I don't see why it's a big deal that we have options.

devize says:

But we don't have options...

rubenbest says:

Lol yea we do but don't

wolfgangjr says:

Wow. It's amazing how the itards and android users completely killed the neat hub experience that 7 and 8 had. Now we conform to the lowest common denominator. So what exactly makes a windows phone unique?

Mayur says:

No...too messy, why o why MS?

Wunderheiler says:

The reason why is easy, the new Games-Hub does require Internet to display the installed Games. I don't like it either...

BataBole says:

Same as the music hub. So annoying. Hope it will be fixed in the final release of windowsphone 8.1.

danjer says:

The old way was odd but I got used to it. This is different but I'm sure I'll adapt again. Think Cortana. When you say 'launch' all apps are treated equally.

danjer says:

Also think "one platform". Windows 8 already lists games with all other apps. It can also group apps by type. New feature coming soon to WP?

oscarbum says:

No. That's what a Games Hub is for.

dorian_ko says:

Yep, i think the same.

ShahdHamdan says:

No, although I haven't downloaded the 8.1 yet, but I have a lot of games, I can't imagine how long my apps list will be :S

ttarbuck says:

Trust me, it looks horrible. It was the first thing I noticed when I updated my phone and my instant reaction was "WHAT THE HELL HAVE THEY DONE?!"

JABeugre says:

Nope or at least they have to give us the choice to display it just in Games Hub

AlwaysHedged says:

I don't have 8.1 on my phone yet, but I certainly don't like the idea of having games in the same program list as everything else.  Better to have them all nicely tucked away in the game hub.

KasakDesign says:

I have to say, organization is always the way to go. Clutter in my opinion scares a lot of people. Lol

L0gic Bom8 says:

Keep the games installed on the phone IN THE GAMES SECTION!

I like it.
Gives better incentive to not have ugly icons. And they're more easily accessed. And it's more in line with Windows 8, which a majority of tweaks in the future will likely bring Windows Phone more towards.
Can't wait for the horizontal-scrolling start screen with categories! (That's sarcasm, but then not really, because I've accepted that it may happen and that I wouldn't be against it.)

GP07 says:

I personally don't like it but they should have a option for how you want it to be, new way or the old way.

Robinsonmac says:

They should be able to list by type or alphabetically

ven07 says:

I have the games in Xbox game hub and App list :/

MrA2Z says:

Yeah it shows the games collection but they shouldn't be in app list.

MrA2Z says:

Nooooo. Scrolling in Games hub is now jerky

There was an update to the Games app that fixed this for me. (At least, on my 920. Might not work as much if you have a lower-end device.)

MrA2Z says:

I got 920 as well

ven07 says:

I have a 925, but it's still "jerky" lol Doesn't bother me much tho

I wish it could be toggled off. I could see it bring useful if you hardly have any games, but...I have a lot.

Gor Badoyan says:

My game hub isn't working

Ghost48 says:

Me too. It doesn't show my games after the last update

myfyp2 says:

Mine neither. It shows "Cannot open that. Try again."

mipe NR says:

Tha same here. Lumia 820, Slovak.

No...it sucks....
My photos hub is gone as well...
Friggin music and video apps r 2 different apps....and music is really slow.....just sucks

borin srun says:

Not at all. It's too crowded

JodyMaccz says:

That's one of the thing I don't like about 8.1 it makes it seem like i have too much stuff installed

theefman says:

Complete waste of space.

garak0410 says:

No...love the Hub concept..want the photo hub back too...

Sean D. says:

I'm not liking a lot of things about 8.1 now. :-/

semerdar34 says:

I just built a folder and put my games in it and pinned it to the front

wolfgangjr says:

Soooo you made your own limited hub. Kind of pointless had they kept the old hub and improved it Instead.

cybrtitan says:

I hated that they were separated in wp7 when I first got it but as I got used to it I liked it.. And I find it annoying now as a longtime user to go back to what I originally expected, but that's exactly why they did it because that's what a first time user would expect removing a barrier to entry which was a big point of this update that means more users and better for the rest of us... So do I personally appreciate the change.. No.. Was it the right thing for Microsoft to do .. Yes..

wolfgangjr says:

No. Makes a mess. A game hub was and is intuitive.

Jeebus137 says:

In the end its probably better this way so that people won't forget that they have the games. Better for developers? I guess they took out the sort option in the app list for 8.1...

abond32 says:

I didn't like it but when I want to find a game without opening the game hub it seems ok. The games are in the game hub but can't pin from hub.

toph36 says:

You can pin games from the Hub.

abond32 says:

Not on my device you can't. Just tried again

toph36 says:

You are right. I know that you could with WP8.0. With the inclusion of the games in the apps list, they took away the ability to pin games from the hub in WP8.1. Don't know why they had to remove that as an option.

b23h says:

I have a 920 running 8.1 and I am finding that I cannot pin from the game hub either.   I do not like having the games in the main menu, but if they were only in the game hub and one cannot pin from there, that would be a significant problem

wolfgangjr says:

Game hub is useless in 8.1.

inertiaNokia says:


toph36 says:

I know some people wanted it. However, it should be an option. I was hoping there would be sorting and filtering options for the Apps list. Hopefully that will come with one of the GDR updates.

zomechin says:

I'm going to say no just because it clutters it up.

When you think about Microsoft's "One vision," it's hard to wonder why games are so inconsistently grouped. You have PC where they're grouped with apps, Xbox One where they used to be grouped with apps but are now separate, and then you have Windows Phone where they used to be separate but are now grouped with apps. 

cybermoose89 says:

It did not make sense to be honest

Ecurb87 says:

No. As soon as I noticed I said allowed "Awww man! What type of nonsense is this???" I'd like them removed, but I'm not dwelling on it.

sjpena says:

I don't mind that the apps and games are all in the same place. Before, I would forget that I had to go into the Game Hub to find games. Now I can find the games either way since the Game Hub is still there. The key is having the option for users with different preferences.

powercamg4 says:

No!!!! Take it away!!! That's why I used to love windows phone because it was more organized than android

Dk92 says:

If I was still a new user I would like it. I remember not being able to find my games when I first got this phone. Now that I'm used to it, I feel it just clutters the list.

DenniSundaY says:

I don't like it but I am getting used to it. And since the games app won't show your collection after the last update it is the only way to open up your games though

They should list the games alphabetically in the game hub with the letter shortcuts. They can even still divide it by Xbox live or not and have two alpha lists, but I really don't like the new way.

Wow. Hopefully they change this before release... that's so much clutter vs how it works now.

psyberjay says:

When I first got my WP, I hated the fact that the games didn't show up on the app list. Now I hate the fact that it shows up on the list lol. I already have lots of apps installed and it's better to just have all the games in xbox hub. And BTW, every time I go into the game hub, it takes a while to update the list of games and the scroll is sluggish.

Zeroplanetz says:

Adding games to the app list is just one thing in disappointed with of 8.1. :( ... My list already has enough in it. Leave games in the game hub area!

Frap0 says:

No, I hate it !

rahul.sharma says:

It is annoying but needed for aligning the WP OS to Windows.
How are games different than any other app?

I am not a fan of the change

killer rin says:

No. I liked it better when it was separate

topleya says:


I also hate that Xbox One Smartglass isn't in the Games Hub

Dk92 says:

Might come in a games app update.

One of their stupidest most illogical ideas from the standpoint of their design philosophy...theyre trying too hard to appease android and iphone users... I am sticking with my hub centric wp8 ...its a shame because i love the notification center but dislike how microsoft continues to alienate their consumer base with these 8.1 inconsistencies (both desktop and mobile)

scrud360 says:

I don't mind them being there but I'd like to tap a button at the very top of the list to select "apps" , "games" or "apps & games". I think that would tidy it up, keep us happy and keep developers happy.
You do tend to forget you downloaded a game as it does get hidden in the games hub but I think the above would be a good compromise.

wolfgangjr says:

Umm no. If I wanted to play a game I would immediately go to the games hub. It was a very logical thing.