Do you have a preferred nickname for Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana?

Microsoft is set to include a new virtual assistant in Windows Phone 8.1, named Cortana. The name itself comes from the popular video game series Halo, where Cortana is an artificial intelligence who accompanies the player throughout the story. While it's not yet known what the final name of the assistant will be, there have been new nicknames and suggestions published on our forums.

Each owner endeavors to make his (or her) Windows Phone their own, whether it be customizing every part of the operating system, or adding cases and covers to the hardware itself. So what about Cortana, or the virtual assistant which will be present in Windows Phone 8.1? Since consumers will be interacting using natural language, we're sure nicknames would come into play when referring to the mysterious, coded voice.

You may be a fan of Halo, but not everyone else is. There are many fantasies out there in the wild, not to mention folk who simply wish to add some humor to the overall experience. Then again, Cortana would integrated Halo further at Microsoft, bringing everything together across platforms and adding more meaning to the character. That said, there could be a setting to configure this.

So, what would you call Cortana, if not by her name? ​Head on over to our community forum and share your own nicknames for Cortana.



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Neo Nuke says:

Cortana is nice enough

QilleRz says:


Oh man, Cortana is good enough

borasar says:

Do I look like I want to slap my phone? ;P

Cortana is a cheesy as name... I'd take anything but this... eg:

  • WP assist, set up an alarm
  • [your phone's name], whats the nearest chinese restaurant?
  • Windows Phone or WP, call John Doe.
  • Hello, alô, hola, Hi, anyon, ni hao what ever hello is in your language, Text Maria..

This is just me... but what ever floats your boat... the more customization the better :)

KeOnte Smith says:

That would be a mouth full saying that every time

Shawn Magm says:

Sounds like you never watched Fresh Prince.

LOL. And it would work like this:

Me: Hodor, what is the weather like today?

Phone: "Hodor!"

Me: Hodor, remind me of a meeting at 10 a.m. tomorrow.

Phone: HO-DOR!

Me: Arg!!!

frugo says:

LOOOL! I imagine it to be quite limited responding just " Hodor" to everything :P

Acbuono5 says:

I wonder if they programmed some funny response if you try to rename/nickname it to siri

swizzlerz says:

Blue balls as it looks like a circle n comes in blue update

Joel DSO says:

What would be epic, and scary as f*** is if there was a special setting so that when you change the name to HAL9000 the circle becomes red and glowy in the centre

Sheila is perfect if you're a Red Vs. Blue fan. If it has Cortana's voice from the Halo games, then Cortana it shall stay for me. :-)

F.I.L.S.S(Phyllis) is more fitting for an rvb fan

TMaestro says:

I will call her Jarvis :D

I Unquello says:

If we are able to rename it, I will do this as well. I think Cortana is great, but I would be so happy if this could happen:

Me: Javis, you awake?

Jarvis: For you, sir, always.


dda_k says:

Wow, it kinda sounds good. I like it.

Fallakin says:

You want to name it after the Tank?

xRiceyx says:

+1520 RvB FTW!

"computer... Red Alert!"
Computer from the enterprise's voice assistant.
I still prefer cortana.

I read the whole comment section.. No one came up with Eve (Eva as Wall E calls her)
and what about VIKI ?? Virtual interactive kinetic intelligence.. I like both and if i m allowed i ll try both for a month.

Eve (or Eva) would be a great name for the Virtual Assistant!! I still like Cortana, but I may try Eve/Eva out for a while if I can.

Best comment so far!!

Xanderone says:

How 'bout they call her Venus? That sounds sexy, right?

kurtd says:

Link or Zelda

exkerZ says:

You mean navi or midna?

el-ojo says:

Navi would work for me. "Hey, Listen!" Wonder if Nintendo would take issue with that.

aienjell says:

She is set to notifications, hey, look! Texts. Hey, listen! Voicemail.

I got an idea, let's all reply to the first post to show how important our comments are and to prove our narcisism.

nuclax says:

They should name it jigllypuff

Nazir Taib says:

Lol.. How about Pikachu

Jack Larson1 says:

Kakka karrot cake

Neo Nuke says:

FIRST! now I added a touch of childishness

honeyrapper says:

I'll change voice to male(heard it'll be available,) name it Jesse and make it call me "Yo Bitch!"

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nuclax says:

Gatorade me bit#h

manas jain says:

Name It Siri Buster Lolzz

Kashyapjani says:

Jesse, lets cook.

joe_easton says:

Best comment ever, brilliant. As a nokia phone, its a lot like jesse, it takes a beating keeps on going.

Can we call it Walt and have it cough everytime we talk to it?

Best comment ever! Jesse rocks!

nickros182 says:

Lol have it say yo after every sentence lol. Its 55 degrees yo!

baron1996 says:

If it turns out annoying then,Sheldon

Aniket Bhat says:


I'm laughing so hard..:D :D :D 

kurotsuki says:

Selma? I wonder is anyone remember this credit card sized personal assistant :3

von Roch says:

Only if it could project a hologram. Then it would be Selma. ;)

Roun says:

Time trax, best idea ever!!!

Mayur says:

Seven of Nine

BataBole says:

Arnold would be fine :D Get to the Choppa!!! xD

2tomtom says:

The leaked demo looks like a halo...

So call it Halo.

greedypnguin says:

I wonder if it will blow up if I call it Google Now?

2tomtom says:

Actually, this article got me really thinking about the name. What I would choose is Bing.

Already know its search+ and simple to say, less syllables. My humble choice.

simphf says:

Oooooor... Microsoft Bing Voice Assistant 2014 Windows Phone Edition

Robert Grant says:

I was going to post something like this. Amazing. And it can call me "Sorry, your Office 365 subscription has expired".

giorgio h says:

Someone hire this man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol ... That's MS way !

ThePKReddy says:

Sally from Oblivion.

That or Simone (from the movie starring Alfredo James Pacino).

LTTG says:

Simone would be a cool name! I saw the movie!


Z10YkakPES says:

I want to take my friends phone and make Cortana call him Gaylord...

Mark Richey says:

Not a Halo player, but I think Cortana is great!

Please don't change it Microsoft

Imagine if they call it after one of the Xbox live members...

LaNiQuE says:

Yea me 2 hopefully they will keep it Cortana

Most likely Cortana, as I've told a bunch of iPhone toting Halo fans about it... but if not... maybe I'll name it Bing.

Same here. Cortana or Bing

illhelp says:

"your very own personal slave"

Yvops (Ee-vops) abbreviation of "Your own personal slave". Lol

xFalk says:

Your own personal Jesus

Ali Assaedi says:

I'll pick her any day over cortana, but then there is weatly.. hmm

mukulvdhiman says:

GladoS!!! Make it happen. I'll pick it over cortana anyday.

nickros182 says:

I was surprised no one said glados it seems so obvious.

Sahil Kutty says:

Kiri....(Siri's evil sister) ;)

Sahil Kutty says:

Or maybe... Scroogle Now! :P

hahahaa!! sounds good to me.!!

NickG92 says:

Scroogle Cow! sounds kinda japanese.

Cool...I'll sail that boat...haha, kiri...

QilleRz says:

Kiri means left in my language. So yeah, I think that's a bad choice.

Fine we'll name her "kanan"

Two bits:

- There is a French cheese called Kiri.

- In Persian, it means male genital or something..

Jack Larson1 says:

Cheese or genitals. :p

simphf says:

Viki (I, Robot)

But then I don't want her to decide what apps should stay or be sacrificed for the greater good of app-kind.

Mayur says:

Correction...Kiri (evil Siri's good sister)

ZipZapRap says:

seems like no one got this.. as a fan of the movie (top three) I salute you!

ArmandMg says:

How about EDI?

b23h says:

I'd not thought of that.  I hope they do a good job with whatever ME4 is going to be.....

Ian Too says:

I've been toying with the idea of either Vigil or Avina.

christofolos says:

Why did I have to scroll all the way down here to find this obvious choice?

Green Onion says:

Clippy would be a good name

Clippy is an inspired choice. :-)

Prem WatsApp says:

While you're at it,

Microsoft BOB !

psiu_glen says:

Yep! Was scrolling through to see if anyone else thought of it. "Clippy, find..." this will only work well if the performance is great.

TJWINS says:

Cortana ONLY!

hipsterbot says:

That's the point. Siri isn't a common name and neither is Cortana.

jcar302 says:

Cortana is perfect, let's just hope they don't screw it up.

terrokkinit says:

I have to admit, Cortana just fits. I have played Halo, but I'm not a diehard fan. But the basis of what Cortana is just makes a whole lot more sense, as it fits what AI should be: personable. ;)

Dantekai14 says:

I'll call bitch.

Just kidding.
Cortana is best

Aniket Bhat says:

I thought about that too.

The benefit? If a girl buggers you just say "shut up bitch", If she looks at you, Just say "What? I was talking to my phone" :P :P

Dantekai14 says:


That's the good one

baron1996 says:

Yeah ,thats right maybe one day she'll have the same features as samantha does

aienjell says:

Scarlets voice is a must. Btw, creepy ass movie, cool but still creepy.

btgusto says:

I think cortana is just fine as it won't be confused with anything else.

Dadstar0410 says:

Jeeves, so I can ask him

DJCBS says:

If you can chose the gender and accent of the assistant, YES.

8bitlady says:


I'm hoping there's an option to change the gender, as well. 

LSDigital says:

And if you have an assistant, of course. :p

we probably won't :(

aeonstar says:

Cortana is fine by me.

zigzagr63 says:

It's good... Keep it.

Antluv82 says:

Forget all of that name s#$t.....SHOW HER, y'all will get way alot sell trust me

meathead88 says:

"AMEE" (Autonomous Mapping Exploration and Evasion)

Necroscope says:

Xbox has taken voice commands since the launch of Kinect. You can't customize the name on Xbox, I don't see why you would be able to on WP 8.1.

blackhawk556 says:

True. I don't get the point of the article. Or may be they know something we don't???

Mark Richey says:

You're kidding! How can there be a more knowledgeable bunch than THIS!?

bilzkh says:

Lol it's the WPCentral comment page man, you're bound to find the know-it-all sans knowledge, eventually.

Leaks have suggested that you can.

hipsterbot says:

Voice commands aren't the same as a voice assistant

LSDigital says:

evolution baby :p

specialkevo says:

If you need to say the name to initiate the command, ie: Cortana, what is the weather forecast? Then I would prefer a shorter name. Although I am a Halo fan, it would be much more practical if this is the case

shaan sarode says:

+920 though its hard for to me believe that each time you'll have to start it with the name..... Unless there is an always on(listening) function

2tomtom says:

So call it Halo.

Looks like a halo symbol anyway.

karelj says:

Chloe from '24'. I'll be saying DAMMIT!! to my phone a lot.

If not cortana maybe Hal or Bing or even slave, mwehehe

I'm sorry, Dave. I'm afraid I can't do that.

Bluedemon77 says:

I want downloadable voice... I want JARVIS voice from ironman..

Agent-P says:

YES! Having the JARVIS voice would be the best.

simphf says:

They aren't going to pay Paul Betany (spelling?) that much money.

Now Morgan Freeman-That would be something

nitt_attaboy says:

Exactly my thoughts

pookyjoralyn says:

I would use the name of my sweetie so she's always with me <3

shaan sarode says:

Sweet because you're using her name. Creepy because it's her name but not her voice.....

pookyjoralyn says:

that'd be nice if Microsoft can somehow make a custom voice that sounds similar to hers

fpostrow says:

Yea, I'm using your sweetie's name too.

Legatus says:

This made me laugh.

pookyjoralyn says:

haha, you don't know her name, do you?

Credo93 says:

I just leave it Cortana, or maybe Sienna :)

adamjolin says:

Beverly Dringus? From Dr. Steven Brule fame?

rpm5101 says:

Cynthia Drangus

I like Gladys as well, haha or the name of my crush hihi