Do you plan on buying the Nokia Lumia 929 when it's released?

Lumia 929

The Lumia 929 (or Icon, as it's been referred as) is yet to be released by Nokia, but there have been numerous stories, rumours and leaks teasing consumers. Not only that, but China has already seen the Windows Phone be made available, even though it's a Verizon exclusive. The question we'd like to have you all answer is: will you be picking one up when it's eventually released? 

The handset itself is gorgeous from what we've seen thus far and with Mobile World Congress is just around the corner, we're certain to see something soon, whether it be an official announcement or unveiling of some sort. Back to the matter at hand, Mrlugo88 has asked the above question over on our community forum, whilst explaining his thoughts:

"I'll start by saying I'll be absolutely picking it up. It's an upgrade to my 928 that I've been waiting for. Some don't like the look but I love it. Some might not believe it, but I think this will be the only high end Windows phone we'll see on Verizon for a while so I'll be all over it. Again just my take."

So, what's your take? Are you going to be picking one up? We'll be sure to update you all as soon as we hear anything. For the time being head on over to our forum to get involved with the conversation:



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Jas00555 says:

I've been thinking about selling my 1520 and using this on AT&T. 6-inches was awesome at first, but now its too big

Jas00555 says:

That's what she said

S_C_B says:

Even though I'd probably only get hspa+ on T-Mobile, the size is just right!

jgbstetson says:

The leaked specs showed band 4 LTE support. We'll see if it makes it to the production units.

duk3togo says:

That's what I've been curious about if it'll work on T-Mobile...

Rishicash says:

MS should fully commit to WP and just buy T-Mo, invest a few billion to build out the coverage to rival AT&T & Verizon and just make it a WP only carrier with no restrictions. Life would be good. 

jgbstetson says:

That would be a nice. But T-Mobile has deep android roots. Half of the customers would leave in the first month. But they could keep android phones for a long while. Imagine how quickly you'd get updates! I wish.

Rishicash says:

Slow go then. Don't make it WP exclusive but make WP so compelling that many of those Anroid users will want to switch over.

duk3togo says:

I still dont get how people can use a service with limitations for $$. The WiFi calling feature is all that is needed in places with no service.

Unless of course, there's no wifi in the area as well. Reason I had to drop T-Mobile in the Poconos, PA. T-Mobile phones are about as useful as bricks out here. 2G when there was a signal but I could literally go across the street and the signal would drop.

I recently switched to AIO Wireless and have been thoroughly pleased with the service.

Rishicash says:

There are many, many more places that don't have WiFi service than cell service. WiFi is far from being ubiquitous. 

Jim_MAY says:

Only if its available by Christmas. :/
By the way, China only has some 929's that Verizon didn't want. Stop reporting China is selling it. As of right now no one is selling the ICON.

LeiChat says:

If I hadn't bought the 1520 I would very likely go for the 929 when/if it came out in the UK.

My girlfriend is looking to move from her iPhone 4S to a Windows Phone.
I've suggested she waits for the 929.

rodneyej says:

No.. I'll stick with my normal sized screened 1520.... Anything smaller than 6" is just to tiny... Now.. Lol❕

polomint says:

You are talking about your phone aren't you? Lol

rodneyej says:

I accidentally deleted that comment.. Damn❕❕.. Lol

Lumia 8x says:

Show off!! ;)

DJCBS says:

Edit: bah. Your original comment was way more hilarious LOL

rodneyej says:

I guess I accidentally hit the edit button, then tried to post another comment... What are the odds?

PeadarWagon says:

Guess you need an even bigger screen. 6 inches is enough for you to hit the right spot.

rodneyej says:

No, isn't enough.. I want as much as I can humanly take❕❕❕❕❕❕❕❕

You got a 1520 what about the 2520?

rodneyej says:

I couldn't fit it in my pocket.... Lol❕

Rishicash says:

You need a <rim shot> with that line!

4Tiles says:

Can we get LTE if we use this on AT&T? I really hate that AT&T removed wireless charging from the 1520; that is one of the most important features of a smartphone to me. Also I think 5" is more reasonable, even though I prefer the style and colors of the 1520.

as147 says:

This crappy move by AT&T is almost certainly in readiness for the next fruit phone. Even though its makers scoffed at wireless charging it will magically become a fruit inspired "invention" and fruit fans will flock to along with a larger screen they will claim it is the most revolutionary device on the market, conveniently forgetting that have been followers in 2 year + trends.

Nokia isn't getting much out of AT&T and I would tell them to take the phones with wireless charging or Nokia won't supply any. I know the US market is big and AT&T are one of if not the biggest but Nokia has had to change a lot of things to accommodate a so called partner and get very little for their investment. On a global scale Nokia can do without AT&T

JD Miles says:

You are spot on and I could add paragraphs of rants as to how true it is that AT&T has ambushed and" chicken shitted " Windows Phone both 7 & 8. It is absolutely criminal that they have gone so far out of their way to cripple Nokia's offerings , can't imagine them telling Apple to change a core design or they would not offer their device. I'm so peeved I don't know how to get back at them without cutting off my nose to spite my face!!! Obviously they are my only carrier choice which infuriates me even more ❕❗

as147 says:

So it isn't so! Surely in the country of consumerism you have more choice than just AT&T?

If you don't there is another way to at least get what you want (wireless charging) without having that but Lt ugly case spoiling your lovely new phone. Its called DIY but it does invalidate your warranty

I converted my Lumia 925 to wireless charging after having upgraded from the 920. I have never opened up a phone before but after having watched how simple and low risk it was on YouTube I went for it. The guys on YouTube went super slow so you could see every step of the way. It took me half the time.

You purchase the wireless charging cover and unpeel the inside cover holding the induction coil and contacts. It took 2 minutes and is like peeling off a plaster.

You then take off the phone back cover with a suction cup and I used my fingers to work along the edge until it was off (its just snapped on so the reverse is performed to get it off). Then you stick the induction coil onto the back (its still very sticky so easy to do). The only trick part is lining up the connector and getting it behind the ribbon cable. Again, this invalidates your warranty and may not be for everyone but I figured if the phone ever needed attention taking it out would be just as easy and as no permanent adjustments are made they would never know.

I have had it on for two months and love it and as it is a simple electrical connection anyone could do it. No circuit boards or anything is involved. Its just moving the coil back into the phone. The cover snaps back on easy and there is more than enough room inside the phone so no bulges or any visible difference. Easy to follow instructions here http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Uc-o8qQBPSg

Corkers100 says:

Its the same with orange (EE) in the UK. Took the exclusives on windows phone then don't bother to advertise or update them as much as fruit and robots. EE are always last to provide the updates. Still waiting for gdr3

aximtreo says:

Sounds like EE is owned by that most famous American slow poke company called Verizon. LOL

OldAndBusted says:

This crappy move by AT&T is almost certainly in readiness for the next fruit phone. Even though its makers scoffed at wireless charging it will magically become a fruit inspired "invention" and fruit fans will flock to along with a larger screen they will claim it is the most revolutionary device on the market, conveniently forgetting that have been followers in 2 year + trends.

I think perhaps, you have fruit-related issues.   Pretty sure there's an ointment for that.


rodneyej says:

No, 6" is more satisfying..............

infosage says:

Same. After a good 900/920 run on AT&T, I'll never understand why they to people with QI chargers to vet off their network. Oh well, Verizon is welcoming me back with the 929/Icon, so I can't complain.

KingRaven26 says:

I've been telling my roomate to wait to replace his broken HTC Windows Phone (cracked glass) and pick up the Icon for a few months.  Verizon is the worst partner for Windows Phone announcements and marketing.  Even AT&T who has their stupid issues at least tell us about their coming products a couple weeks in advance and doesn't do the whole "it's online... now it's not" or "it's not for sale... but it's now in stores" routine.  I'm about to tell him to just eat the shipping costs and buy one from China since he is on Verizon anyways.

I haven't seen the camera capabilities yet, but I think Nokia should refine their 1020 camera into a smaller 20-24MP sensor and try to just make the pictures crisp and clear as is and allow for SOME zoom but not a ton.  The 1020 is fantastic as a camera phone but having something in the 4.8-5" screen size would be awesome if it could be a bit thinner and lighter overall.  Not complaining about the 1020's weight or size - it's totally fine for me.  But a quad-core CPU shreds on WP8 as evidenced by the 1520 and that 1080p screen looks fantastic.  Basically, give me the 925 with an upgraded camera, CPU, and screen (size/detail) and I think you'll have a great-selling Windows Phone.  The Icon certainly looks to work that angle, but I dunno why Verizon aims for the more blocky style or something a bit more unique with their Lumia products.  Maybe people like it, but the curvature of the 920, 925, 1020, and 1520 are nice to me.

MadSci2 says:

"6 inches was awesome at first but now its too big" = worst excuse for your Wife coming back to you ever! LOL

rodneyej says:

Nevermind that..... Lol..
Is anyone still having issues with the screen brightness dimming bug❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔❔

LaNiQuE says:

Yea my screen is dimming I hope it's just a bug they can fix

rodneyej says:

Well, I wish they would give us some kind of hope.

gamo62 says:

She said give me 6 inches and make it hurt. So, he did her twice and hit her with a brick.

Corkers100 says:

I've got a lumia 920. I thought that was 6inches? Or am i exaggerating again

Jasion5294 says:

Agree that 1520 is too big...

rodneyej says:

Wrong, your baby, booty, little boy hands are too small,,, little feller... Lol❕❕❕

pookiewood says:

What about LTE though?

rodneyej says:

Long Term Epidural❔

Chelsey Love says:

yep the only thing to watch out for is the band, some att and verizon phones wont work correctly on t moble if your not around the right tower. t mobile hasnt fully put up the new bandwith in all of their towers yet as far as i know. however between the 2 companies they should work properly without having to update or change any settings but we shall see. 


I definitely need a larger screen and was thinking about a 6 inch screen. I have "normal" sized fingers and touch typing on the 620 is a frustrating experience compounded by the fact that so many Windows apps make you login in portrait mode.

ArthJar says:

I might, but I'll probably wait until there is an international version. I wouldn't be able to live with Verizon Wireless logos everywhere.

Lumia 8x says:

As sad as it sounds, Verizon logo looks the best!

ArthJar says:

I reckon it looks better than at&t's death star, but I think I have been spoiled by my carrier here in Mexico, phones here don't have any logos. Oh well, I think I'll just have to grow out of that lol.

b23h says:

I'm new to AT&T, having come from T-Mobile.  I kind of like the little "death star" as you call it.   It is small, with no printing or writing anywhere else on the phone (920).   It is pretty understated.   No branding would be best, but that little globe is not so bad.

dreonedon says:

At&t version update for the 920

MikeSo says:

I don't care about the logo, but I want to keep paying my lower T-Mobile bill. If this phone works with T-Mobile, and can be unlocked, I will buy it, guaranteed.

As long as they keep it out of the boot loader im fine with it(loved that factory unlocked dvp's didnt include operator logo @ boot) as i find it slows down the phone @ startup

Lumia 8x says:

Right? My venue pro had no carrier logo boot so it only took 30 seconds to boot up. On the other hand my Verizon 8x takes longer with better dual core processor....

hasasimo says:

Nope. Waiting for the 930 (1520v). Hopefully we get it at MWC.

Cellus13 says:

I'm pretty sure the 930 won't look anything like the 1520v, if anything it looks like a 830.

hasasimo says:

We'll see, but I don't expect any big departure from the 900-family design language. I'd love if it had exchangable shells.

Iain_S says:

plus it doesnt have a 1080 screen just 720.

Acbuono5 says:

Yeah im waiting for the l920 att successor. Im actually hoping Microsoft releases their first phone this holiday!!!

brmbjn says:

When lumia 929 release at indonesia, i will buy one.

Sp12er says:

Not even 1520&1320 duo come here yet... Why the slow distribution... Aaaah....

peachy001 says:

Size is something I struggle with (I know, I know). Don't wanna go larger than the 920. Itching for the 1020, but I am hoping November will bring a similar form factor with improved specs. Besides, nit sure this is coming to UK.

MadSci2 says:

1020 is amazing for camera lovers. Higher spec unit not yet announced and think of all the great pictures you're missing by waiting

To bad though the screen resolution isnt adequate

I'm with you. I preordered my 920 at launch, so my upgrade won't come until November. The phone I want is an increased-spec successor to the 1020 with whatever additional bells and whistles Microkia (as it will be by then) wants to throw in. That is, unless there is a bigger model with a digitizer and support for two apps on screen at once. The 6"-ish class would be much more appealing to me with such features. Only time will tell.

PeadarWagon says:

Btw, you may be able to upgrade in August or even earlier. All you have to do is ask and they usually all for an earlier upgrade.

YianniGR says:

I think I prefer 1520v for which you never mentioned anything.. You don't think it's plausible?

sip1995 says:

Εντάξει σε πόσα site θα αναφέρουν....και στο wppu και phonearena και gsmarena ακόμα και στο techblog.gr το ανέφεραν.....on topic, if this phone find its way to Greece, I'll upgrade from my Lumia 920.

d3ac0n says:

Its not coming our way for sure. But given the fact how shitty LTE is here the Icon,is just fine. I ll wait for a couple of months and then I ll snatch one up from the states

PeadarWagon says:

Someone spilled Greek yogurt on their screen.

badger8080 says:

When is gdr3/black available for the 928 the ms should make 4 tile sizes for the icon and 1520

Drewidian says:

My wife is on Verizon and still rocking a Trophy is planning on gettiing it. I'm going to leave AT&T with my 920 and get it to get on her plan. Its just going to be cheaper to be on the same contract.  If the 929 had a MicroSD card slot, it would be the perfect device for me, but I'm going to get it anyway.  I also have several friends who are jumping from Android to get the 929 on Verizon. While I don't think its a game changer, there are a number of people who want an option other than the iphone or Android.

cracgor says:

I struggled with the same problem, but ultimately went the other route. I´m sick of waiting for the release of this phone. After checking out the 928 and the 1520 hands on, I decided I like the looks of the 1520 better and don´t mind the size just yet. A phone in the hand is worth two in the leaks.

Justin5267 says:

Nope, I'm satisfied with the 928 for now. Locked in for the next 2 years anyways. :P

I was looking forward to it, but the 1520v is what I want. Although its not proven to be real and unlike to come to Verizon.
I'm thinking about waiting on a post-WP 8.1 device.

DJCBS says:

There have been leaked photos of what is supposed to be the 1520V. WPCentral hasn't reported on them, but I've noticed WPCentral hasn't reported a lot of things lately.

rodneyej says:

What's up with that?... I shouldn't have to go to PA for my WP news❕ I hate PA... Phone Arena.. To many stupid Android sheep..

DJCBS says:

No idea. Maybe the boys are finally on holidays =P Or just decided to not report on rumours any more, even if they're backed by photos.

jgbstetson says:

They check sources. If it isn't solid, they won't put their necks out for it. If you're looking for bad fakes, check wmpoweruser.

DJCBS says:

LOL suggestion taken.

jgbstetson says:

Those just look like resized 1520 photos. 6 small tiles across even though MS explicitly said this was only for larger devices.

DJCBS says:

Yeah I also had that feeling about their veracity. In due time, when the 3 column thing first showed up and people were shouting they wanted them in <5" devices I opposed (and I still do) because the small tiles will become unusable.
But I won't put my hands in the fire for anything any more. If many people demand it, I wouldn't be surprise to see Microsoft ending up allowing the option (even if just to shut up those who mindlessly asked for it)

I think it would be a nice option to be able to try the 3 tile wide setup.
As far as the small tiles becoming useless, most of my small tiles are from apps that don't really have tiles and are used merely as shortcuts.
The live tiles I use are all medium or large, and it might work to have a large & medium tile side by side on my 4.3" Lumia... maybe not though.
The option to make the decision on my own would be nice.

mab664 says:

I plan on making my friend on Verizon buy with it so I can play with it

xrs22 says:

I'd like to use the edge plan and update my 928 to the icon but don't know as a new customer.

purevibz says:

I'm waiting for WP8.1 phones to come out before I buy any new phones.

minimejer05 says:

Yep. Love my 928 but want a better camera and 1080 display. Doubt VZW will be releasing another high end device anytime soon after. As we all know, they're slow.

Sin Ogaris says:

Going to see how the 1820 plays out first, or even wait it out until year end. I want a good 1020 successor.

Sher Allen says:

I have been looking forward to this device ever since I heard about it! I am on AT&T now and want to move over to Verizon when my contract is up in May and plan on picking this lovely piece of equipment up hopefully just in time for WP 8.1 to be coming out!

spiff_p239 says:

If I don't switch to AT&T, I'll most likely be picking up the Icon. If I do end up jumping ship, I'll probably pick up the AT&T equivalent as the 1520 is too big for my tastes.

Narr says:

Do I plan on buying a phone that is only going to be sold on one provider in one country? No! But I'd love to. I guess the rest of the world will be important enough in a couple of months.

In all fairness Verizon customers have ONLY had two Lumia options while the rest of the country and world have received many.

Sure but many of them are low spec(better suited for a customized windows embedded solution) starter phones

I'd choose it over the 1520 if it were on AT&T. And I will recommend it to anyone on Verizon.

Keep in mind my HTC 8XT on Sprint doesn't even have a Sprint logo! (Just HTC and a small BeatsAudio logo)

AngryNil says:

The AT&T 8X is the best, doesn't even have an HTC logo on the front!

rodneyej says:

Not trying to steal the thunder from WPC, but this story has been around for a while now..

It's also fake. BS. Nonsense. Bamboozling. Hogwash.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, but it looks like exactly what WPC reported it to look like.. The video looks real to me... Why do you think it's fake?

jgbstetson says:

Someone took what was rumored and creating something vaguely like that. Then shot a crappy video in portrait mode so you can't see shit.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, Daniel say's it's a fake... I'm stupid...

Grimroid says:

I definitely will be buying a Nokia 929 (Icon). I have A SG3 I been wanting to drop for a while but was waiting for the perfect mobile. The Nokia is the mobile I have been waiting for!!


Shimoner01 says:

If Rogers (in Canada) picks it up I'd upgrade my 920. They skipped the 1520, so hopefully they get this.

crise says:

I just don't have that urge. I have a L920 and see no reason what these slight hardware upgrades would add to my experience. Sure, maybe a fraction faster at some things, but I do not game so I won't really notice it. Camera might be better, but for a smartphone camera the L920 still satisfies me. I'll wait another year for more interesting new features.

Slight?! Quad-core CPU, double RAM, high-res display, and 20MP camera are SLIGHT upgrades?!

crise says:

Yes they are just improvements on the same thing. Evolution, not revolution. When I'm seeing how smooth and fast the 520 is, this new hardware is big on paper, but the change in experience is just lightly noticeable depending on what you use your phone for. I want a revolution in my phone after the 920. The 920 gave me that: wireless charging, super touch, super brightness under the sun. Things like these are the real improvements in my opinion. I want my next Lumia to have solar cells, or a much improved battery, or kinetic, or something else that's revolutionary. I really don't care about more CPU or RAM. Also the 929 looks boring. The 920 is hip, and I'm not going back to boring.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Besides the better camera and for someone who's not in to games, the overall experience is pretty much the same, and the 920 is way better looking.

I'm currently using three devices. My Android is the DNA. My Apple is the Itouch. my win phone is the 822. I'm definitely going to upgrade the 822 to the 929.

SleepyTheDon says:

Nope im leaning towards 32Gv 1520

I'm using the ATIV S 4.8in. So 5in just won't cut it for me.
Especially now that I've held the 1520 in my hands.
So until T-Mobile launches a 6in Phone (preferably by Nokia) I'll just point and laugh at everything else.
:) Har Har

bamakore says:

I will be getting the 929 icon my upgrade is March 1 2014 love my 928 got it free when i added one of my kids to my plan then i just swapped the phone numbers as she took my old iphone 5 I also got me the nokia 2520 tablet also as it was 299.99 with the 928 love the tablet...

Delibird444 says:

I do plan on picking one up and hopefully bringing it back to US Cellular. They've pretty much dropped all support of anything non-iPhone and non-Galaxy, so it's the only hope I've got of a high-end Windows Phone. I'm ready to toss my Samsung ATIV Odyssey into the river, its hardware is awful. And if they don't allow it... well... looks like Verizon might get a new customer.

Too bad it's not the 1020 ;-;

Riostar81 says:

1020 is the best phone I've had...but I'm scared

DJCBS says:

Not being American, it will depend on:

1 - If there's a Nokia-branded international version of this
2 - If the international version of this is NOT the 1520V (I hate the design of the 1520 and all the other phones with humps - 925 and 1020. I tolerate the hump on the 1020 but not on the 1520. There's no excuse for humps. This 929 as well as Sony's Xperia Z1, Z1S and Z1 Compact prove you can put a 20mp sensor in a phone without humps)

If there's an international version of this that isn't the 1520V, then I'll buy that one instead of the 929. If the international version of this is the 1520V, I will buy the 929. If the international version of this isn't the 1520V BUT is already released outside the Nokia-branding, I'll buy the 929 instead.


So, to keep it short, I'll only skip having the 929 send to me from the US, if NOKIA doesn't release an international version of it with the exact same specs or even additional ones like a microSD card slot (the 1520V is apparently 4.45" and 720p but has 3 columns cluttering the screen).
Otherwise the L1020 is the last Nokia phone I bought and therefore, my last WP device.

Cellus13 says:

Can the x30 devices be released already!?

techjmw says:

I am hoping for am ATT variant of this since I don't want to move over yo Verizon since I have unlimited data. Hoping the delay means other carriers will be getting one since this seems like the optimal size and spec phone.

broughshane says:

waiting to see what microsoft does with 8.1 this season before i make my mind up on a new phone.

Edipose says:

if its smaller in size than the 920 then probably yes.

DJCBS says:

It's not. The L929/Icon is a 5 inch device. The 920 is 4.5 inch. Unless you mean thinner. In which case I think it is thinner.

ivo_apo says:

Pretty much all smartphones are thinner and lighter than 920.
In my view Nokia made big mistake by making 920 a flagship phone. 925 should have been 920.

fredmarkle says:

I've been checking if its been released everyday. I can't wait.

DWTrump says:

I'm torn on this. I really like my 928, but I'd love to have the larger and higher res screen of the 929. Add in Bluetooth LE, the higher res camera, and the fact we probably won't see another new device on Verizon until 2015, and it might be hard to resist.

dreonedon says:

Waiting on at&t version

joanzen says:

I'm still holding on to my 7.5 Titan and have been off-contract with AT&T over a year, just waiting for a screen this size. So I'm definitely anticipating its release. But it's so close to MWC, that I'll probably see what comes out of there before making a decision. Regardless, I'm ready to move away from AT&T.

ThePumisher says:

Nope. Been happy with my 3 weeks old 1020 64GB (yellow).

sip1995 says:

Telefonika exclusive.... ?

Bobatron_yyc says:

No... Not to replace my Lumia 1020, that's for sure. The quad core and super resolution are nice but I'll be waiting for the 1020 successor. Once you go 41mp, you can't go back !

Laura Knotek says:

My upgrade comes in April. I'll either get the 1020 or wait if something even better is announced at MWC.


No 929 for me, since I have AT&T and will not switch to Verizon.

Bobatron_yyc says:

I live in Canada, I'm sure Rogers carrier here will have it soon. You will love the 1020 !!! Especially if you are into pictures. I highly recommend it. I would love to try the new quad core but not giving up the 41mp camera. Good luck.

djodilumia says:

Need a betterment of my 920.... Bigger screen, bigger battery, bigger power...

Definitely a choice for me.... Hopefully not as expensive as 1020,

RyanAMG says:

If I can get a 1520 to work on Verizon I would prefer that but I'll settle for the 929.

Unicron109 says:

I definitely want to get this phone I have been waiting for a Nokia Lumia with a large 1080p screen to come to VZW and the camera will make taking pictures of my daughter (which I primarily use my HTC 8X to do) even better. Hopefully I'll be able to get it but I can't lie a high end Samsung device intrigues me.

xRiceyx says:

If this was available in the UK now I'd have it instead of the 1520. However I have a 1520 and love it.

Nischi85 says:

Yes, I have been waiting for a 5" Windows Phone for quite a while now. But I've yet to hear if any version of the 929 will arrive in Europe. Anyone else heard about a european version ?

DJCBS says:

Well, there's codename "Goldfinger" which should be the international (European) version of this phone. But nothing is very clear yet.
There have been 2 photos and rumours of a supposed mini version of the L1520, but that mini version is supposed to have a 4,45 inch screen at 720p instead of a 5" at 1080p so IF that mini does exist, I wouldn't consider it the international version of the 929.


Let us see what comes out of Mobile World Congress next month.

Nischi85 says:

Okay thanks for the info, will hold out for the MWC :)

bono5112 says:

I know this is off subject but has anyone tried the wireless charging duracell mat and incipio case with the 1520. Just got my 32 GB 1520 and have been looking for reviews, videos etc. and can't find anything

TonyF64 says:

I have it for my 1520. It works well. I have no problems with how the charging functions. It fits the phone well. Doesn't add much to the height or width and has a good feel. The case creates divots for the buttons and makes them easier to find. It also locks in the sim cards to keep them from popping out. The down side is that it is only available in black, not an issue for you since your phone is black, but sucks on my yellow phone. The cover is also fairly thick. Makes the phone seem much bigger than it is. It is also too expensive in my opinion.

annthonny says:

I wish it will come to ATT... I'm sorry but the 1520 is just to big and awkward to use

bubbagti says:

If the form factor is close to the HTC 8X, I'll get. I want a better camera on my phone. Love the 8X form factor!

TLRtheory says:

It's almost exactly what I'd need to make me sell off my Lumia 1020... but it lacks external storage. If they release an AT&T version that'd allow me to use my 64GB microsd, it would be my dream Windows Phone.

I really do need that so I don't have to share all those huge 1-3GB games with my music, pictures and videos.

Darkgift says:

I will...love my 8x, but I need something fresh.

Tirinti says:

No. It has no microSD so it is worse than my Samsung Ativ S. I hope Samsung will soon release something new.

If I had the money...

No, nothing that is locked to a carrier. Not anymore. They mess the phones taking out key functions( ex. ATT 1520 no built in wireless charging )and charge to much for the network services. Better buy unlocked and put it on an MVNO

RyanAMG says:

Verizon is big on Qi so that doesn't matter and they sell the phones unlocked.

jwinch2 says:

Not without microSD.  Otherwise, it would get strong consideration.   

treiz says:

My aunt on Verizon will be upgrading her 822 to the Icon

If I can buy one unlocked I m going to buy it cause I like my 925 but three columns tiles and new processor will increase my productivity!

marantaz says:

Yes, I will. Verizon, only you can ruin this...and you're doing a great job of it so far!

felickz says:

And apparently 0 fucks are given

07outback says:

I would, but I just upgraded to the 928 back in Nov. so I'm not eligible for an upgrade:-(

Montpbm says:

Nope waiting on Windows Phone 8.1 update. But I think that T-Mobile sucks when it comes to Windows Phone.

jgbstetson says:

Yup. MWC should be a good indication of whether or not I wasted my money on JUMP.

paulxxwall says:

On att so I'll wait to see what's next!

SQLvariant says:

I think I might just pick one up.

microhaxo#WP says:

No, this should have been out months ago. Too close to potential wp8.1 devices. Also the headphone jack is in the center which is bad for the gym because of my case.

I live in Brazil, and I would like to see this awesome device on my hands!!!

Seria um milagre!

If I had an upgrade, I probably would.
But, I wish the phone was smaller.
They are just getting too big, in my opinion.

DJCBS says:

You can pray that Microsoft manages to forge a deal with Sony then. So far Sony is the only OEM that has produced a "mini" version of a flagship without downgrading specs. If Microsoft manages to convince them to produce one of more Windows Phones, you might end up seeing a WP version of the awesome Z1 Compact.

Fritzly says:

No way; first is Verizon branded therefore you are at its mercy to receive updates, second and by far more important..... WP 8.1 is getting closer and closer so I will wait to see what will be announced both as software and hardware.

ttarbuck says:

No, a 5" screen is just too big my 920 is as big as I want it to be and when I upgrade of anything I want a smaller screen not bigger.

Valyst says:

If it will work on T-Mobile, heck yes.

LenofCC says:

Definitely and only a few more months to go...

I might wait till window phone 9 cause I doubt they will let us update our phones with it...

Yes, assuming that it doesn't feel too large in hand or I feel like its too big for my pocket, I will own the 929.  I currently carry an HTC 8X that constantly reboots (but it is cracked, so that may be why). 

I am secretly hoping that Verizon has a big Super Bowl commercial launch announcement planned and that's why it's not available yet ;-).


I have 1020 soo I'll keep it till next January when I have an upgrade. By then better phones will be around

Rather buy gold finger I hope it has the new chip 805

DJCBS says:

The SD805 isn't supposed to reach smartphones until the year is out. So don't get your hopes high. Actually, I wouldn't get any hope of Goldfinger coming with the SD805.


I will be upgrading...i think. I am pleased with the 928 but really am excited about the quad core and 20 mp camera.

Paybackxx says:

I wish T-Mobile had it.

FearL0rd says:

not because I'm with TMOBILE

joezy says:

My girlfriend got the Lumia 1520 n I got the Lumia 1020.. Am too used to having the best Camera around so am still thinking about the upgrade or maybe I could wait for the 1020 successor.. Just hope Nokia makes an Announcement about it soon. If it takes to long I will then get it. I don't wanna buy 2 phones in one year...

xFalk says:

Nope.  My current contract doesn't end until December.  I'll probably be looking at an Icon 2 by then.


Oh...my contract is not up until June...i just control my own destiny. Lol

DavidinCT says:

Not sure.... **IF** something was missed and it DOES have a MicroSD slot, I would say 75-85% chance I would get one, but, with not, I might just stick with my 928 for another 6-8 months. With 32gb and MicroSD with it's other features, it would be the perfect phone for me, without it, Meh, dont know...


With the rumored WP 8.1 coming out in a few months, there will be new devices from HTC, Samsung and maybe this rumored "Microsoft" device. I would bet even Nokia will be releasing new devices (yea, they have seen to be device whores, ever other month we are hearing about a new model or rumored new model it seems). At least one or 2 of these devices COULD end up on Verizon...


Truth be told, 32gb is just not enough for me (Yea, it's fine for the apps but, I can not put 20+gb of music on it too), and with the RUMOR of being able to install apps to SD card on WP 8.1, I really would like my next device to have a MicroSD slot...


I think it's a need, not just a want for someone like me and with MicroSD on only low end devices, it's a joke to me.... It should be an option for all devices, including a high end model...

DJCBS says:

The devices Nokia announces at MWC next month will most likely be their last devices before the damn acquisiton of their D&S division by Microsoft is closed. Which means Nokia will NOT be launching 8.1 devices when 8.1 is announced (they can, however, announce the 8.1 devices at MWC without the announcement of 8.1 since all WP8 devices will upgrade to 8.1)

Seriously considering it to replace my 822. Will likely be at full price, though, to keep my unlimited data, so hopefully the full retail price isn't too bad (preferably not more than 500).

paparatman says:

If I was on Verizon I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

chaz2400 says:

Yes. Absolutely. For sure. Can't wait! My HTC 8X is hangin in there, but I am ready for the next level!


ashram says:

I'd rather have a 1020 followup.

terrokkinit says:

Definitely me. It's a pretty substantial upgrade, despite the minor numerical update of the name. VZ Edge agreement, and I want it, but Verizon is lagging on it. Oi vey! ;)

simmomelb says:

Shame it has a stupid Verizon logo to ruin the appeal of it.

If it is 6 inches then no I will not buy. It is too big. Anything between 4.5-5 inches will be ideal. I do not know why Nokia never listen to what consumer's needs. That is why they are declining in market share rapidly.

fireball24 says:

Its 5 inch screen

A895 says:

If its not too bad off contract, no more than 400-500

fdruid says:

I'd get this, or rather, a version of this with a 41 mp camera

jlzimmerman says:

Yes, unless something better is unveiled at MWC with Qi charging, regardless of carrier.

reprod3 says:

Yes... I will be buying this phone on day one...

bitwise says:

Just a question... Why does it seem like WPC is avoiding the 1520v leaks?

toph36 says:

Would like too... but my wife is due the upgrade. Bought a 928 off eBay for her to try to get her off the iPhone. She likes it so far. If she stick with the 928, then I can take the upgrade to replace my 822. If it comes down to her only sticking with WP with the Icon, she can have it and I'll take the 928. They need to release the damn phone already, I am losing my patience. My 822 has been wigging out lately.

rsdimba says:

I got 928 when it was released and upgraded from Trophy. Wish I had patience for 929 but my wife is ready for upgrade and I have told her to wait to get 929. I hope they release it soon!

fireball24 says:

I did the same..upgraded from trophy..and then used my moms upgrade for 928 :D..now would prolly use my dads for 929...

Clodderes says:

No, I'm more interested in 1520. So my next phone could be that. I like the extra screen size of 1520

Eric_J says:

This phone is like a unicorn.

fireball24 says:

Yes!!! Just saw the 1520 at the windows store..and that handset is humongous! I am really looking forward to the 929/ icon as "they" say!

infosage says:

Same. After a good 900/920 run on AT&T, I'll never understand why they told people with QI chargers to get off their network. Oh well, Verizon is welcoming me back with the 929/Icon, so I can't complain.

jgservices says:

Nope, 1520 even though its larger the bigger battery is crucial

AV2RY says:

Only if I had that camera on my 928. For the rest (6tiles, CPU, display) I don't care at all. By now not planning to get another phone, not going to switch to Verizon (on T-Mobile now) so not getting it for cheap. Maybe later, after few month price will drop anyway) For now I'm only waiting for Black update from Verizon, hope I'll get soon

Awaiting 1320 or 1520 for T-Mobile

Oh, its coming! Nokia Lumia 1520 for T-Mobile.

EMINENT 1 says:

1020 successor i'll buy in red on ATT. 1080p and 5- 5.5"

Hossam Tarek says:


the 1520 is doing great for me.

dw852 says:

Yes, if it is cheap.

willied says:

I'm still waiting for a 4.3" high end Windows Phone...I guess I'll be waiting forever.

mrdeeds_72 says:

I would, if it ever came to Bell Canada!

kgozi says:

I can not wait for the 929. I have had my 822 for about 6 months and I love windows now. I just want something bigger. Any ideas on release date yet? Also any ideas on 2 yr upgrade price?

RTGOD says:

My boss is waiting for it. He has the Trophy and his wife has a iPhone that does not want to charge. She wants a larger phone and he wants the 20Mp. The icon is perfect. He is making her switch to WP.

Nope. I'm still locked into my AT&T contract with my Yellow 920.

That said, I wonder when we'll start getting info on the next big AT&T release? I bet there are a LOT of people in my boat who have contracts up in/around November. 


Yep...Me and my girl are both in that boat man....Hoping for a quad core 1020 with 5" or bigger 1080 screen and SD card support.

BKsInBarre says:

Just dropped and broke my 928 and ordered a replacement 928 for $400. As much as I would love the 929 (Icon).. Don't see it happening anytime soon. :-(

Oxymoron428 says:

The 928 can break?

btgusto says:

Nope.  Waiting to see what MWC brings.  I'll be holding off on making a decision until summer anyways

mythos13 says:

I would get this in a hearbeat if it had the full Pureview sensor becasue once you have a phone with it, anythng less is unacceptable. I'm happy with my 1020 so I don't mind waiting longer for its successor.

If it was on AT&T, I am in. I've got an upgrade from my 920 in December

wvanellis says:

The lack of external memory is the deal breaker for me...

b23h says:

I concur, I think it is pretty much THE ideal phone with the one glaring omission.

S_C_B says:

Just gimme a phone like this in T-Mobile!

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jcobe800 says:

I have been holding my upgrade, waiting for this to be released. Even if I don't get it, I'd like to be able to hold both it and the 928 in my hands so I can make a choice.

CrackFachry says:

Nope.. I'm not gonna buy the 929. Currently happy with my 1520.

I'm gonna wait for 1020 successor with Quadcore and improved Camera.

JEiffel says:

Too bad I have a 2-year contract with my 928...

Rockinroofer says:

Article title should be DID you plan on buying the 929/Icon mythical phone? How many possible customers did MS/Nokia/Verizon NOT get while Apple has left the door/market wide open for a 5" phone available on all providers. That door is about to be slammed shut and MNV will never catch up. Hell Blackberry may even come back and steal market share while MNV twiddles their thumbs.  Trying to love this windows phone but they are not loving back. IMHO

PijoeOP says:

Will stay with my 1520 because its gorgeous and super battery life :)

sdreamer says:

Might have considered it if it was on other carriers.

No. I will get one, but not when it's released, as the article asks. I have to wait until June.

May buy it as most of the phones due to drop later dont seem to be amazing enough feature set wise for wp8.1 & even if some else comes to Rogers i dont know if i want to be locked into another contract especially since i preordered a few knowroaming sim

illmartian says:

I want this phone, and probably will get it but this is easily the most frustrating phone release...just release it or tell us something Verizon. Enough with the accidental leaks and bs.

sunil254 says:

i don't like the design.. it feels more thick... i will buy if the design is like 1520...

JoRdaNeK says:

The 1520v is a mini version of 1520 with 14mp camera and 3000mh battery with 2gb ram

Adi2 says:

yes,I'll buy it. if there will ever be a intl version (not from US) an IF it will have the Nokia look not this surface- like  look which is not bad,but one thing I always loved about Nokia is their design language.this verizon variant seems to be designed by someone at MS

SteggyDad says:

Love my 1020 so will wait

dalascby says:

I'm hoping that Nokia has come to it's senses and shipped all of the 929's to China and decided to give Verizon an upgraded, 5 inch version of the 1020 instead.  It was and still is an insane move to make the 1020 exclusive, it caused more "lost sales" than sales. The 1020 is a "breakthrough" phone, it should be available to everyone.

DavePilot says:

Just switched from the iPhone to the 1520. Happy so far.