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Does the color of your Windows Phone say anything about you?

Does your Windows Phone color choice mean anything?

Does your color preference in Windows Phones uncover a personality trait? Whether it is a white Samsung Focus 2 or a cyan Nokia Lumia 900, does your choice of colors reflect more than a fashion statement? There is some school of thought that the choice of color isn't a conscious effort but rather a sub-conscious choice. Color psychologist Angela Wright states,

“Every time you make a color choice, you’re making a statement about what’s going on in your head, even though most you the time you don’t know it. Around 80 percent of our color choices are sub-conscious.”

So how do the color choices break down? Here's what the color psychologist has to say.

Cyan - The Thinker: The cyan blue is a happy color that conveys an intellectual and considered nature. It is a balanced color that is inspiring. The blue helps to focus your thoughts and clear your mind.

Samsung Focus 2

White - The Sophisticate: White gives off an impression of a sophisticated smartphone aficionado with high standards.

Fuchsia - The Angry Lady: Fuchsia leans towards the sensitivities of female owners. According to Wright, “It’s a very strong statement on the aggressive side of femininity. So this phone is one for the ladies, the sympathizers and perhaps those who’re a bit scared of feminists and want to integrate themselves.”

Black - The Protector: Black comes across as confident and sophisticated but experts say it is more often used as a security blanket. Black is all colors totally absorbed so it creates protection. It's not a reflection of a dark personality but may represent a safe choice for smartphone users.

So is the expert hitting close to the mark? Do you choose the color of your Windows Phone to suit your tastes or is it a sub-conscious decision that is driven by our personalities and character? I'm partial to black because of its conservative appearance and I guess in many ways, its a safe choice.

Who knows... maybe the color psychologists are right?

Source: Conversations Nokia Via: Windows Team Blog



There are 75 comments. Sign in to comment

WinFan1 says:

thats awesome they nailed the cyan on the spot lol but ive had every color but pink lol so i guess that says alot :p

220SeaChaser says:

What about tile color choices? I'm stuck with a black Focus, but I can't seem to shake the red tiles. I try different colors but always end up going back to red.

Same here red tiles just stand out on my focus and lumia 900 always have red but another very good standout on the amoleds is Nokia blue tiles

Great point. At least here, we've got a little more choice. I have Nokia blue tiles on my black phone - does that make me a confident and sophisticated intellectual?

RafRol says:

I can't get rid of the green tiles on my Arrive...

schlubadub says:

What? It's controlled in the theme settings. Only xbox live should stay green.

sepatown says:

You should probably read the comment he/she was replying to.

schlubadub says:

I am well aware of the comment he was replying to. SeaChaser basically said that he chooses to go back to red, but RafRol made it sound like he *couldn't* switch from green...

RafRol says:

Well I was trying to say that no matter what color I choose, I always end up going back to green...

schlubadub says:

Sorry, my mistake. Green is good... I prefer the blue :)

RafRol says:

Nothing to be sorry about.  Blue isn't bad... but not as good as green ;)

benandarchie says:

No. I like the mango tiles. There more bright. Also no app has a mango tile by default so you get loads of different colours

bcasteel says:

Yeah I keep coming back to the Mango theme.

cliff08er says:

I've always had black phones :)

speedtouch says:

Me, too. Not sure why it's always happened that way.

I've always had black or dark gray because the devices I like from a features/functionality standpoint have only come that way, and because most of the time the color choices available don't match what I want... I hate pastel and neons. I want a dark red or blue option!

Yea mines cyan with a skinit on it that blends in with the phone its a DALLAS MAVERICKS skin that really represents my favorite team and city :)

kravex says:

Black - The battery saver, when it comes to desktop colours.

jcagga says:

Hahahahaha gooood one!

In my world, owning any color other than black makes you gay, according to my peers. I'm not gay, own a cyan 800, and proud of it!

Ticomfreak says:

They must be jealous about how awesome your 800 is xD

Luminatic says:

Hah. I'm sophisticated. Who would have thought. ;-)

Maybe I only got black because I didn't like the particular shade of blue available? And because there wasn't any red?

Hit it spot on for me!

JenkTJ27 says:

Give me a green Lumia 900

slinky826 says:

My wife would totally agree. Thankfully Nokia already offers a cyan for me. Sadly, I'm not due for upgrade until WP8 is due out. Hopefully they will keep the color train rolling.

jedijaxpavan says:

I have the gray HTC TITAN. I have a purple rubber case and I switch my tiles between blue and purple depending on my mood. Yes I'm a straight male. If you ask me purple is not a "gay" color. Pink is light red too. LOL

Zer0fluX says:

I have used the purple theme pretty much exclusively since I got my Windows Phone. The only other color I've used was orange/mango, and I didn't use it long.

mtg1974 says:

I do feel sophisticated with my white Lumia 900. ;)

gorebashd says:

I wanted cyan but we only have Black at Rogers =(

Jagbag13 says:

Same here. There isn't even a chance that they're getting any color other than black :(

erzhik says:

Actually there is. There is a rumor that cyan is coming to Rogers.

siddharaj says:

Plzzz make more colours in tiles dis tile colour see and m bored wid my phone plzzz make more coloyrs in tiles:-(

ejlee072006 says:

My cyan makes me happy...

Zer0fluX says:

I don't buy it. Colors do affect our moods subconsciously, this has been proven, but I don't believe it works quite the same in reverse. If anything, a color choice might reflect one's current mood, but I doubt it reveals someone's core personality.

Lx23 says:

I go with the blue on blue. I got a Lumia 800 in Cyan and I always use the Nokia Blue. The only this that changes from time to time is the background (black/white). I like both colors but I use the black more often.

I'm rocking the cyan 900 with Nokia Blue accent color. I do consider myself a "thinker", but my choice was based on the logic that the cyan 900 is what will be known as "that Lumia phone", and I wanted to help with promoting the platform.
I do have a black case for it when I need to be more presentable at work, but I also use the green "Bumper" too, so really, I have no idea what is going on in my sub-conscious.
To further confuse things, I was really hoping for a green version of the Lumia 900.
Go figure...

erzhik says:

I fell in love with cyan on N9. That's The reason why I got cyan Lumia.

Buren06 says:

Who are these "experts", and what did they have to screw up in their careers to be doing psychoanalysis of smartphone color?
Anyway, my black HTC Trophy reveals that i am too practical to switch from Verizon to ATT, no matter how much I may want to...

ron_wp7 says:

I think a nice feature for the tiles would be to enable the user to be able to change the colour of the individual windows tiles rather than having them all one colour

MediaCastleX says:

That would mean you are a hot schizophrenic mess! Lol #ExpertOpinions =P

skywalker#WP says:

I doubt this. There wasn't much of a choice when I bought my first gen wp7 (hd7). Back then all wp7 phones were black. If I'd to choose a colour I'd probably go for navy blue or perhaps maroon but my next will definitely be that white lumia 900 as soon as it becomes available here. If only it had stayed 32gb.

melvinmajor says:

Personnally, I've the HTC Titan X310e Limited black edition. I decided to buy it on September 29 (I'm in Belgium and I had the choice to buy it a little time before he cames officially on the market) because it's the best Windows Phone, he has all that I wanted and it's an HTC smartphone :P

vieya says:

Too bad the phones didn't come in cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white. It would have been like print design and that's kind of what the grid in windows phone reminds me of. Nokia's design is so sleek this is perfect. I would want it in Yellow and cyan. 

_Haitian says:

At time. Yes/No

Kreblon says:

It's shit like this that gives psychology a bad name.

TonyDedrick says:

Not really. If anything, my attention span says alot about what color phone I choose to have.

gregoron says:

I have a cyan cover on my Nokia 710 and Nokia blue tile. I chose both colors cause it matches the instrument lighting in my VW Jetta when I put the phone there for hands free talking.

zaidthunder1 says:

It's not like anyone other than yourself will notice.

Soxpranos says:

Try teal, best color.

niyoko says:

Let's not forget Fujitsu's Windows Phone's color selection. The IS12T comes in a bright Magenta, Citrus Lime color  (mine), and a stardard Black. Each of the colors also come with a matching color theme, magenta, citrus lime, and grey (I think the IS12T is the only phone with the grey color, but i could be wrong.).
I had a case for my phone, but my friends, who have an iPhone or Android phone, told me to take it off because they liked seeing the color. I picked the citrus lime only to get an exciting color to match how I feel about WP7.
My wife got the bright magenta because she liked it over the others offered. Also, she found it girly.

My hd7 only comes in "black". Sides are more gun metalish, and the back is gray. Would like to get my hands on a white or cyan 900, but on tmo.

zaidthunder1 says:

Well, I bought my black Samsung Focus, because there wasn't any other frikkin' color available ! I would have gone for white or cyan, though, if there was a choice.

Nakazul says:

Sure fun with some personal content to look at. This how ever is a bit rough. Why is there only 1 girl phone? Why does a colour have to be a girl or feminin? Gender and colour should never be used. How i would laugh if pink turned out to be the first colour in the stone age that men wear, and did it with pride..... and no, i still don't own a Nokia. With labels comes stereotypes and with stereotypes comes no improvments....darn i got to stop drinking beer.

IsTrooper2 says:

I wanted a Cyan Lumia but got a black one

mythos13 says:

I don't think it is that cut and dried but it is probably more accurate than not.

I would have bought a cyan Lumia 900 that worked on Bell in a second but there is no way I would buy the black. I hope I never have another black phone in my life. I would take any colour over black including magenta. But I think the Nokia cyan is the best colour ever for a phone.

mythos13 says:

Well...any colour except for pink.

wetworker says:

I wanted the cyan so I picked up the black one.Rogers was taken too long. I guess all my kicks that have blue will compensate for it. I also love red,orange,green,white.

JMC5005 says:

I wanted Cyan, but I would have had to wait a month, so went with Black.  I bought a Cyan bumper two months later.

sHAYM4N says:

If I could get hold of a lumia it would be white. Ever since it was nicknamed 'the stormtrooper' its made me want all the moreso.

monigal2 says:

I decided on the black L900 long before they became available, but the blue was tempting.

Not really I wish I had more colors like a rainbow or butterfly's

Black goes with everything.

thenet says:

Geez who fricken cares what color you have. Also colors don't tell you about yourself move on with more important topics for windows phone. Us non Nokia windows phone users dont give a crap of the color of your phone. Hahhaha my wp 7.5 HTC arrive way better than wp nokia

XboxOmac says:

Holy crap. I chose Cyan Lumia 900 and it totally described me. :0

fwaits says:

Really hope to see a red Nokia WP8 device in the 4Q on Verizon like the couple renders floating around a while back showed.  That would be so P I M P.

gregoron says:

No one would call a white Stormtrooper "sophisticate".

DesRed says:

What the colours represent don't mean jack to me. I usually choose which colour I like, and I happen to prefer black or white. Got myself a black Lumia 800 since the white one wasn't available back in February (Malaysia launch, by the way).
Still, interesting article nonetheless. ;)

I would never get a fuschia phone - pretty color but not me. I tend to like deep and/or blended hues - specifically burgundy - I had an HTC touch and Samsung blackjack in these colors. I don't like cyan either - too straightforward and bright - although I appreciate nokiA's choice to produce a phone on such an eye-catching, design-savvy color.

Well I wanted a blue 800, but they only had black, so I chose black, but want a blue case....What does this mean??? :-P

pallentx says:

ha, I got Cyan, not because I like the color, but because my last several phones were all black and I wanted something different. That's about as deep as it goes. It does present some difficulties with the color tiles. When your phone is blue, some of the color tile options really clash with the phone itself. I wish MS would let us make custom colors, or give us more options.  

onysi says:

Under Fuschia, I only saw 'angry' and 'whore'

Apalis says:

Black Samsung Focus here. What, there are other colors ?