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More evidence emerges of Nokia Lumia 2520 on T-Mobile


Nokia Lumia 2520 reportedly heading to T-Mobile US

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Microsoft UK offers Amazon vouchers for Lumia 2520 charger troubles


Nokia Lumia 2520 launching on Telstra Down Under for $840


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Nokia Power Keyboard for Lumia 2520 now at John Lewis in the UK


Nokia not officially releasing the Lumia 2520 tablet to the Philippines

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Nokia’s App Social comes to Windows 8 for your Nokia Lumia 2520


Nokia Power Keyboard for Lumia 2520 now shipping in the UK


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Don't get shocked: Lumia 2520 travel chargers recalled

Lumia 2520 travel chargers are now being recalled for shock hazard

To avoid the risk of electrocution, Microsoft Mobile, formerly Nokia's devices group, has issued a recall of the travel charging kit for the Lumia 2520 tablet. The kit has charging prongs for the U.S., U.K., EU, and Australia. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission in the U.S., "the plastic cover on the charger's exchangeable plugs can come loose and separate, exposing internal components that pose an electrocution hazard if touched while the plug remains in a live socket."

"Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled chargers and contact Nokia for instructions on receiving a full refund from Verizon Wireless or a credit from AT&T for the travel chargers and both will provide a free replacement U.S.-only charger for their Nokia Lumia 2520 tablet," the CPSC advises.

So far, there are no reported incidents or injuries, and Nokia estimates that the recall will affect about 500 units of the chargers.

This recalls follows Nokia's U.K. and EU recalls.

Source: CPSC



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WPUserRevolt says:

@WPUserRevolt - Follow us on TWITTER, we need to show we want better apps.

Zulfigar says:

Ads in the comments? EW!

Micah Dawson says:

Hasn't this tablet had a lot of issues? I seem to remember hearing about something else before.

dalyjc says:

Only with the ac charging unit. The device itself is fantastic (I own one).

Micah Dawson says:

I wanted one but it being rt was a no go

immyperez says:

As do I!  Great thing about the recall...£80 amazon voucher!!! Got the 2520 with the keyboard for £400 - the £80 amazon voucher...that's £320!!! An. Absolute. Steal!!!

ChrisUCL says:

How did you get the voucher?

terrokkinit says:

Agreed and same here. Awesome tablet; now I just need a decent keyboard for it, which I can't afford lol.

MrWhiteman says:

Any Bluetooth keyboard will do

In the original recall, US issued travel chargers were also recalled.

So VZ gets full refund in cash and ATT only gives credit?

bbennett40 says:

You have met AT&T before, right? ;)

upsidedown says:

I love this tablet. A great replacement charger is the targus ultrabook charger apa037us.

sundawg#WP says:

No idea what this accessory is. Own the tablet. Have AC converter in vehicles.

RN50 says:

This tablet has been a massive fail Imo.

Zulfigar says:

You seem to be in the lesser crowd then, maybe you got a bad unit?

aitt says:

Shock therapy. Love this tablet.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

vzw8830 says:

It is a great tablet as long as you disable the USB sleep setting. My wife and I both recently got them.

anirban130 says:

Good job... Well done

datus says:

I wish I hadn't bought one. year too late. keyboard supply 3-4 months late. no mpeg2 decoder. no teamspeak. no hearthstone app. trying to parm it off on someone whilst I wait for surface pro 3. I had the 2520 charger today. no vouchers that I can see so far. perhaps after I send the other one back.

For how much will you sell it to me

DJCBS says:

Honestly, by the time this hits European shelves properly it won't be worth more than 200€ anymore. I'm certainly ditching it until it reaches that price.

el-ojo says:

Gotta love that Nokia quality eh...

500, wow that's small.

So a free replacement "US CHARGER" and for those in England with a faulty charger???

msirapian says:

Nice, but this recall is like a month old. Nothing new.

hcarrega says:

Move along nothing to ser here

RN50 says:

Price of the lumia 2520 is now £299 in the UK.

AV2RY says:

500 units estimate recall? What is it they sold only 500 tablets in the US?

Shimoner01 says:

No, it means they only sold 500 international power adapter kits. Presumably, the majority of people who bought a 2520 would not have also bought that kit (unless it came with the tablet, which I doubt). That said, yeah, 500 is still a puny number, even if it is just an add on.

Cecewp8 says:

Send them to me!

sholokov says:

They should recall the surface charger. The part that goes in the tablet opens up at the seam after few months. I had to use instant glue on two of them to fix them.

Yugiro says:

Has Microsoft not think about moving their factories from China to somewhere else?

Have you not heard, cheap labour is cheap.

CJ Thunder says:

3D printing will make china irrelevant in 15 years.

What? Another recall? Seriously?