Dragon Age: Inquisition 'premiere content' to debut on Xbox One first

Dragon Age fans on Xbox One will be able to rejoice as the next title in the series will have its premiere content launch on Microsoft's game console first. Announced today at the company's E3 media briefing event, a trailer teasing Dragon Age: Inquisition was shown to viewers.

Expect to see more dragons, demons and other interesting elements packed into the next-gen experience.

Remain tuned for more details from the E3 2014 media briefing event.



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b23h says:

Looking forward to it.   I never finished the first and am now replaying it in order to finish it this time with more narrative momentum...     While Dragon Age is nice, I'd really like to see Mass Effect and I hope Bioware doesn't mess it up...

P.S.  I've never played it on Xbox and usually play rpg's on PC.   Fallout 3 was the first rpg I ever played on the Xbox.


Bigsro says:

Wasn't it just premier content first? Rather than the game itself? Either way, superb showing from MS! Great E3 for them!

Ushae says:

Yes, so glad I opted to get the Xbox One first. This is ok e of my most anticipated games this year.

apocacrux says:

I cant wait! Dragon Age is one of my all time favourite series of the last generation.