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DualShot for Windows Phone launches tomorrow, here’s your first look

Apps that are beautiful, functional, with good performance, and new to Windows Phone are what we love. On Windows Phone we’ve been known to have a handful of apps that meet that description. Which is why we’re happy to see another one about to join the Windows Phone Store. It’s called DualShot and it’s coming tomorrow.

Sometimes ideas that are simple catch like wildfire. DualShot is inspired by an iOS app called Frontback. DualShot for Windows Phone allows you to share what you’re up to with your friends in a fun and fast way. It uses the front and back camera to create an image of not only what you see in front of you, but yourself too.


That’s the basic idea of DualShot, but like always there’s a Windows Phone twist. It’s powered by the Nokia Imaging SDK to allow you to edit the image quickly and easily. At launch you’ll have 18 filters available, the ability to use the camera's flash, native sharing to Facebook and Twitter, share to installed apps and the ability set a DualShot photo as your Lockscreen image.


Earlier this summer, Windows Phone developer Sébastien Lachance (@archiecoder) and designer Vincent Gosselin (@vincentgosselin) fell in love with the iOS app Frontback. It’s an app that quickly became a hit and many celebrities jumped on board with it. They wanted to have that same experience, but on Windows Phone.

DualShot is launching sometime tomorrow, we’ll let you guys know when the link goes live. It’s an awesome little app so far and we can’t wait to see it improve with your feedback. We've been playing with the beta for a little over a week and really dig the app. It's a great way to share what you're doing with friends and family. 



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ashram says:

wp8 only or 7.x as well?

Pretty sure WP8 due to the Nokia camera SDK.

Lenin17301 says:

Sell your WP7 device and buy a 520.

I did it. Best thing. But dualshot probably will not work on 520 due the lack of front camera.

schlubadub says:

Why would you sell your old device? I'd keep both :P

Me too, going to keep my 800 forever. Iconic.

John20212 says:

I use my old WP7 as an MP3 player, works great.

Groover1971 says:

Yes, my 10 year old daughter uses my old HTC Arrive all the time. She uses my Zune account for music, plays games, takes pictures and video, texts and even video calling on Skype. When we're out and she needs wifi, I turn on Internet Sharing on my Lumia 822 (included with Verizon), and she doesn't miss anything. It really beats having to pay for another line each month. And the WP 7.8 looks and works great on it.

ScubaDog says:

Doesn't the Lumia 520 only have the rear camera?  DualShot would be useless.

I guess this app will not work on lumia 520 due the lack of front facing camera...

Probably not. Devs can make front camera a requirement in the store and i'm sure they did here since... well... what would it do without it? is true...

Nabkawe5 says:

I think you can use the back camera for both photos guys.

Capsloc says:

So just turn it around to take a second shot?  Kind of pointless.

Nabkawe5 says:

The supposed usage would be, you're at the beach, you take a picture of the beach and then a selfie with your friends, this way that one tweeted picture would have the two moments, (as opposed to sharing two pics or having to create a collage to fit the two pics.)
Now that you asked what the point of having dual shot in the first place you'll never manage to take a great picture of both your self and the subjects you're shooting its a recipe for disappointment where the end picture could be ruind because the guy behind the camera wanted to FIT in :D

rahul.sharma says:

Todays' best comment award goes to Nabkawe5.

Nik Rolls says:

Even if it worked, what would be the point? :p

Yes...this that I thought.....

antivirus says:

Your IQ must be off the charts!! Thanks Einstein! lol

andrewb65 says:

Will it allow taking photos 'the right way up', and not just portrait?
footnote: sometimes portrait is appropriate, but you need to have the choice.

raul_junior says:

Hey any news on the 2 camera apps Nokia announced with the 1020 or is this one of them?

CronGM says:

Am I the only one who thinks dual shot is a dumb idea?

DalekSnare says:

Nope. But I don't understand the point of Instagram either.

teaMJPx says:

Yeah. I love to take pictures but I'm not sure why instagram is such a big deal to people. All I can think of is that its one of those apps for people to cling onto as to why they won't use WP. Other than that i don't see the point as there are sooooo many different mediums to share your pictures.

lol, I think instagram got loads of attention and new users because of  Windows Phone 8 :p

icthusman1 says:

Will this work on non-nokia devices? I have never been clear if the Nokia Camera SDK is only for Nokia phones or not.

neo158 says:

One Shot uses the Nokia Camera SDK and it works on my ATIV S so I would say this will as well. What I want to know is if it will be exclusive to Nokia devices or for all Windows Phones?

Sunofabob says:

Oh I can't wait.

Sunofabob says:

This one of the reasons I chose Nokia. They support their consumers with the best hardware and relevant software.

Jazmac says:

** Amber update required ** 
Yeah I know that isn't true but I'm hot about 920 and this update these days.

sk1rtsfly says:

ATT sucks as a Premier Partner! My Lumia 820 is pining for Amber.

Flavio76 says:

Nice app,want want...want

Carkid367 says:

I wonder if this will work on the HTC devices? Seems as though many of the camera apps aren't going to work... Don't know why Camera360 doesn't seem to have any issues.

ArchieCoder says:

The app will work on any Windows Phone 8 with a front face camera.
ArchieCoder - DualShot developer

As Archie said it will work on any phone with a front facing camera.
I installed it on my HTC 8X and it works great!

Dragunov2 says:

Amicus Dual Shot is a program who does the same thing and is free aswell, just search in Store

Darkgift says:

I was gonna say the same thing. There's also DualCamPhoto which is free, and Phototastic which has a free and paid version.

Darkgift says:

As an update to my last post, I did download and try it...i gotta admit, way better than Amicus or any of the other ones I mentioned.

WinFan1 says:

Nice looks good

MrThone79 says:

Hopefully not just for those who updated to GDR2!

reprod3 says:

Awesome idea... I'll keep a look out for the app tomorrow.

tah1973 says:

My 920 front camera is so full of dust I think this app would be useless for me.

sk1rtsfly says:

When will ATT GET OFF THE DIME? SABOTAGE Is the only Reason I Can Imagine For Being So Slow! They must make more money from Apple/Android sales. Trying to force WP users to upgrade vs. update!

Nabkawe5 says:

They actually PAY for Nokia exclusivity, its more likely that Android has so many freaking updates to approve that Windows Phone gets burried under them

apocacrux says:

Im looking forward to this. Its purely novelty but I like novel things.

LadyRocki says:

This looks fun. I look forward to using it.

crise says:

Dumb idea, why not just turn around and make that opposite picture with th real camera so you have 2 quality pics.
Also, you would have to hold your phone weirdly to not get yourself on the second picture, like stretching yr arms above yr head and shoot.

neo158 says:

The whole point of this app is that you capture both yourself and what you're doing, not dumb, not "retarted" but a good use for both cameras on your device.

erasure25 says:

Well, to be fair, the best way to take selfies is to angle it downward at you lest we want to see your apparently fat chin and nostril hairs.  Thus, the other end will always be facing up towards the sun moon and stars (Khaleesi!!!).

crise says:

No its retarted. Why use the crappy camera on the front, when you can turn phone around and then make one of urself in that scene with the best lens.

Darkgift says:

Dude. If you're gonna bash someone's idea, and the idea that people like, do it right. Its "retarded" not "retarted". Geez.

E Lizzle says:

He was trying to be PC

Darkgift says:

Well, first I was being sarcastic. It was more of a knock at his spelling abilities. But I gotta say...i don't see how any of what he said was PC or how misspelling the word makes it PC. Unless you too were being sarcastic and it just flew over my

crise says:

Spelling retarded in retarted way is a common joke to indicate that it is truly and deeply retarded. How would a retard spell retarded? Retarted ofc.
But I must confess, I do see a use in it now after some more thinking. When I see all the people that use Instacrap, you see they do not care about quality, and when enough people care having a retarted pose of themselves while taking a picture, it is fine for them I guess. But I do think it's kinda difficult to frame both scenes nicely at the same time. Like erasure25 said, the angles differ a little. 

Micah Dawson says:

When I take selfies with friends I always use the front facing camera. It is much easier to see with the front facing camera to make sure everyone is in the picture. This app would work perfectly. I can be at a landmark and wanna take a selfie but using the back to take a picture of the landmark at the same the idea is perfectly fine for those who plan to use it.

ejlee072006 says:

What about videos??

Brokn Wing says:

I see it Now in the store:) will check it in a couple of minutes.

SoloXCRacer says:

It's avaliable now in the store.  It's pretty neat.  I would have gotten pretty creative with this at a concert I was at two night ago.  It's a neat little app.  Would be nice if you could take the pics in landscape mode.

cybermoose89 says:

Tested it out pretty good

hanerlend says:

The article makes it sound like this is the first app of it's kind on the WPStore. We've been having apps like this at least since early this year. If you do a search for "dual photo" in the store, you'll get a handful of apps.

Freuder says:

There's so much dust in the front camera in my 920 I wouldn't be able to use this app - anyone found a simple way to clear ffc dust on their 920?

pogi920 says:

Take it to Nokia care..they will fix it for free..

joeymk says:

The app is on the market !

joeymk says:

This app is so baddd....

phatboy66 says:

Looks really nice!