Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson +  Nokia

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is gifted a Lumia 1020, right from Nokia

Confession: I’m a huge Rock fan (so is Sam). The dude makes fun movies (if you missed Pain and Gain, catch it on DVD), helped make Fast and Furious cool again, has a hit TV show (The Hero) and has a highly entertaining Twitter account. He’s also super motivational and helps this jaded soul to get back into the gym.

Evidently, Nokia thinks the Rock is pretty awesome too as they stopped by his gym to give him the “exclusive” phone, which can only mean the soon to be released AT&T Lumia 1020 with its 41MP PureView camera. He even Tweeted out a photo posing with some Nokia “execs” because the Rock and can do that sort of thing.

Anyway, to Dwayne Johnson, we hope you enjoy your Lumia 1020. You even beat us to the punch, which in some universe may be unfair, but let’s face it, you’re way more awesome than us phone nerds.

Now get swoll for Hercules, show off that Lumia 1020 and get our app to stay up to date on your new super shooter.

For the rest of you, you can follow Dwayne on Twitter @TheRock and on Instagram, so you can realize how puny you are.

Source: Twitter; Thanks, @_chadwick, for the tip!



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Daylife says:

Nice!  Ill take the one in the Black. 

rodneyej says:

You can have the one in the black. I'll take the thick one because I'm black.

You want the Rock? To each his own.

rodneyej says:

Lol.. I likes me some thick white girls thank you very much...

schlubadub says:

Hahaha so you like stupid girls? :P In the UK, Australia, New Zealand etc if you describe someone as "thick" it means "stupid" :P As in "He's thick and can't do maths very well"

rodneyej says:

Wow, really❔... So is thin smart?❔❓

kimlo91 says:

LOL, no thin doesn't mean smart haha. Just Aussie slang (OI OI OI), calling some "thick" is like calling them stupid haha. 

schlubadub says:

Haha no... I think it means "thick in the head" or "thick skulled" to imply there's not much room for a brain :P

cybermoose89 says:

Em no thick to us is like thick headed a idiotic person pretty much it

The US equivalent to "Thick" is "Dense"

cybermoose89 says:

Em we use that in the uk two dude

simphf says:

'Thick' means the same in Canada as well.

blackprince says:

Sounds like every brother I know including myself

It's not just black guys that like thick girls, bro...

I'll take the one on the left lol

navidee says:

Hey, I think all of them except the chick in the right are nasty.

aitt says:

It's the ones that don't look nasty are the best ones. 

dreonedon says:

What makes her nasty

navidee says:

The chick on the left looks very manly.

mrzees says:

SMH, The rock is black too. So what now?

Dazzi says:

PMSL, the rock isn't black -- nice try though still!

TonyDedrick says:

His father's black. So I would imagine that makes him part black too

Dazzi says:

The keywords are 'part black' not black?

Umm no. He is Samoan actually.

TonyDedrick says:

His father's ethnicity is described as being African Canadian. Blacks from Nova Scotia in other places. No one has said The Rock isn't part Samoan. But if his dad is black, then that makes him part black too.

Dazzi says:

Yeah that is right, his father is black.

However, that doesn't mean the 'Rock' is black, he is 'Dual Heritage' or 'Mixed Race' -- just like president 'Obama', 'Bob Marley', 'Vin Diesel' and 'Tiger Woods'.

rodneyej says:

Yeah, they all have to check the box next to black...

lyrisist35 says:

Feel ya on that one!

jonchai says:

The Rock: It doesn't matter what you think!

backlashsid says:

+ Stone Cold Steve Austin

nbktonic says:

You jabroni Shut your mouth and know your role!

jonchai says:

He's gonna shove one Lumia 1020 up your candy ass

chubibapao says:

Thank You so much for Using jabroni :) havent heard It in i while

tribexx says:

Finally, The Rock has come back to Nokia!!!

What you mean comes back to Nokia what Nokia did he have before

Josh Harman says:

I wonder if those Nokia "execs" smelled what the Rock was cooking?

BoBallistic says:

Only if he agrees to use it in fast 7 lol

That would be awesome lol

Duduosf says:

That would be REALLY awesome!!!

yanj says:

nokia was the phone sponsor for F&F6. remembered brian's (paul walker) lumia with a cute family pic as his lockscreen. tej's (ludacris) was an asha.

mjfadaway says:

Those are Nokia execs? Hmm

rodneyej says:

Screw that 1020... Look at them ladys❕❕

ginWINE says:

"Screw that ladies... Look at them 1020 ❕"

Lumia 8x says:

What ladies? Those old women?

mr toes says:

I dont even like this guy, sorry, seems he has a lot of fans but i think hes a cocky twat

Tell him that to his face

This man is humble

nbktonic says:

The jabroni beating, pie eating, trail blazing, eye brow raising, the best in the present, future and past, and if you dont like him you can kiss the peoples candy ass! :P ;)

poddie says:

I suspect you may have formed that opinion by watching his wrestling character. Try watching real interviews and you will see he's cool.

Lumia 8x says:

Its the opposite, he is super nice which is why many people like him.

Everything I have been able to follow of him makes him out to be a fantastic guy. People that I know who have met him all say he is just super nice.

TonyDedrick says:

So I take it you've actually spent some time with the guy?

Nabkawe5 says:

Certainly better than courting Justin Beiber ... Good job Nokia :D

The Rock says, "Know your role. Shut your mouth. And buy this phone!"

PS-- I met The Rock at Wrestlemania this year! :)

That's nothing. I have a pet Rock

jlynnm350z says:

I hate how celebrities get all the perks. There soooooooo special. No I'm not jealous, shut up

sholokov says:

As if they don't have the money for it.

Nabkawe5 says:

The Rock is obsessed with photographing himself (you can see it in his instagram feed) , I think they gave to the right guy and although I like Jessica Alba , I think the The Rock deserves this phone more

xconomicron says:

now he can take super awesome selffies!

Yeah I think they did a good thing here. I follow him on multiple social sites. The dude loves taking pictures and sending them out to all those that care. So this one free phone just gave Nokia a crap ton of advertising from a man who most people that follow him trust.

Cellus13 says:

Hurry up and release the phones already!!!!

redeyss says:

Dude is a millionare...but he needs a free 1020, okay!!^_~

Dazzi says:

LOL, jealousy doesn't get you nowhere -- maybe you should change your username to 'greeneyss'?

MikeSo says:

Yeah, let's follow him on Instagram! Oh, wait...

UzaiBaka says:

Haha you made a funny

simpkijd says:

Wait... What happened... And this makes me want to buy a L1020 how?

Nabkawe5 says:

Nokia noticed that Celebs in America can influence brands, and services , Instagram reached the stars by reaching the stars , Twitter and Facebook did this too.  
I think a 600$ gift is a small investment , its certainly less than what a billboard ad would cost and much more effective in this social media driven world , if you don't agree with this method , its really not your money to cry about .... its theirs they can spend it and advertise however they want. :)

TonyDedrick says:

I can see why the question was asked. I get the idea behind celebrity endorsements. I personally have never purchased something cause a celebrity I enjoy was promoting it. I usually get my info from everyday folks that use a product. But I understand that this is a normal part of advertising. And I take no issue with it

Celebrity to increase the awareness only

IceDree says:


DWTrump says:

Nice. I'm a huge fan of The Rock. And Nokia. Good match!

EAA575 says:

I approve of this.

8-) what the rock, is cooking !!

druger81 says:

Giving rich people free stuff never made sense to me. I understand, give it to them for a better chance the will use it but still. Now when I see celebs with cool things I assume it was given to them by the company just to promote it, not because the person wanted it.

schlubadub says:

Because a lot of people are drones and slavishly follow trends. People like to think they're "cool" by having and wearing the same things as popular people. I think it's just sad :P

UzaiBaka says:

You think I'm sad?

schlubadub says:

If you wear harem pants, then yes :P

IceDree says:

That's why Kanye west can charge a 120+ $ for a white "Designer" T-Shirt .

jmerrey says:

Wonder if he actually got a 1020, or one of the batman logo phones...

He needs 3 , because they(the women) are small

Sam Sabri says:

I want it all.

IceDree says:

"I want it all ... money, fast cars
Diamond rings, gold chains and champagne
S***, everydamn thing"

sicnus says:

Wrestling is fake

druger81 says:

You, are quick

If by fake you mean scripted and planned for the purpose entertaining the millions (AND MILLIONS!) of fans, then yes, yes it is.
However, having seen the damage these guys walk away with to their bodies, you still take a beating, and it takes an amazing amount of strength and acrobatics to pull it off without killing yourself and others.
I take comfort in the fact that it's faked to the point of entertainment and not just a blood sport.

schlubadub says:

Personally I never understood the appeal, even as a kid which is their target demographic. I'd much rather watch acrobatic hot chicks than muscle freaks :P

nbktonic says:

The millions (AND MILLIONS) approve this comment!

TonyDedrick says:

Thank you Einstein for that brilliant revelation.....

crooza says:

LoL his gonna go, there is no instagram on this how do i use it.
Then it proably take him 10 years to work out, that he has use a third party.

IceDree says:

The 1020 can upload directly to Instagram from the pro camera app or whatever it called

gazmatic says:

Those execs are hotttt

schlubadub says:

Hahah that was a joke, right? :P

Jf.Vigor says:

I think he means hot compared to how they couuuld look

xankazo says:

Dwayne Johnson Rocks!!! *no pun intended*

DJCBS says:

And on tomorrows news: " 'The Rock' is hospitalized with a destroyed foot after he dropped his new Nokia on it"

Dadstar0410 says:

What was Nokia's motive for doing this? Why the Rock? Why not me, or Sam, or Daniel????

He has a much bigger following. Not to mention that his followers appear to give him a lot of respect. So by seeing him use and love this phone there's no telling how many will want because he uses it.

JoRdaNeK says:

3310>1020>therock (based on rockness)

BK-one says:

The rock will take the one, S4, the 5, put them all in a blender to whip them up, freeze them overnight, then the next day, take that frozen block, shine it up real nice, turn it sideways, and stick it straight up htsh$t, samdung and crapple's candy a$$e$.

DaveGx says:

Never cared about celeb product placement and never likes them getting free stuff when they can afford it.

BK-one says:

You need to take your roody poo candy @$$ to the corner of "know your role" blvd and Jabroni drive and check yourself directly into the smackdown hotel.

IceDree says:

Lol ! I was gonna say that

Rick Smits says:

The rock is a cool dude indeed.

the blonde exec with black dress is definitely HOT!!!

hitchhiker90 says:

There was a wrestler in that pic? Sorry, was too busy looking at the women :P

quyle85 says:

The rock + Nokia = The people's champion

BK-one says:

I guess that 1020 will now be referred to as the "people's phone".

Duduosf says:

That's nothing. Jessica Alba owns a Lumia 920!

Josh Harman says:

Insert inappropriate comment about Jessica Alba here _____.

UzaiBaka says:

She's also way hotter...giggity giggity...

Duduosf says:

That's exactly my point ;)

lippidp says:

Wait. There's some guy that calls himself The Rock? LOL! That's so freaking retarded. I'm sure our brilliant citizenry will elect him into public office soon...

It was his stage name when he was wrestling. Relax and no need to be so judgmental.

Duduosf says:

What do you mean with "there's some guy"? You don't know who this is?! Wtf, man?!

sumedh says:

You don't know the Rock ??? Wow.... You clearly need to check in the smackdown hotel.

nbktonic says:

Sorry to say, but you need to revisit your childhood. Even better if you grow up in the 90s!

lippidp says:

Nah, that's not it. Even as a child having a certain level of intelligence and being heterosexual I had no interest in Wrestlemania. I had a mentally retarded cousin that was big into it, though. Anyway, congratulations to The Rock. Enjoy the phone and try not to hit anyone over the head with it.

awneze says:

Nokia is real, boobs are fake

lokiduck says:

"Get swoll" lol

The Rock aspires to one day become the face of Nokia.  Invincible.   

chadwick611 says:

This makes me happy Make him a pitchman for Nokia, the Rock
is awesome

Luminatic says:

Didn't know "thick" is "stupid" Aussie slang only! LOL I chose The Rock. Finally a guy who's taller and stronger than me!

prashant45 says:

I know what rock is cooking

jailman says:

Give a L1020 to cristiano ronaldo

DJCBS says:

He may be good in football but he's to stupid to know how to work with a smartphone. He can barely speak his own language...lol
(yeah, I can say that, I'm Portuguese :P)

rayd1994 says:


kinaton says:

I hope the Rock layeths the smackdown on that phone. Nice big elbow drop lol.

Big Supes says:

Nokia, you're more than welcome round my house with your lovely phones... and ladies. :)

allos autos says:

I can totally see Daniel and Sam watching Tooth Fairy.

bankrober0 says:

Why do they have the wpc app linked to the download...

I am just taking a shot in the dark. But I would assume that the rock being so famous that someone just searching him and or WP (Nokia, 1020) will find this article. Thereby some who don't know the site well might be inclined to download and see what other news might be covered. Thus increasing the user base of wpc.

+1 Or if the Rock sees this article on the 1020 ;)

rainking430 says:

Daniel, fyi the Twitter post has #batphonethuggin after it, so it may not be a 1020 after all.

NickMon68 says:

OMG girl on left works at Nokia - i need a new job !

dudedud says:

Cool, maybe this'll help boost the Lumia's rep

jfrancejr says:

What you all are experiencing with these girls is a phenomenon called "group hotness". Three or more girls in a group appear hotter together than individually. Try cropping each one solo to see the reverse effect - it's not always pretty. (So my pick is all three.)

The cheerleader effect lol

Wael Hasno says:

..rich people being gifted phones.. Had to wait 4 years to get my Lumia 620.
Why would they just give him one anyway, make sure you hire the guy as an ambassador or something, have him use the thing like Jessica Alba does.. I'm overanalyzing this but I'm pissed, so yeah.
Love them executives.

walter1832 says:

I hate to be a downer, but you know that after he plays with it for a day or two, he's going to give it away or throw it in a drawer and go back to his iPhone.

paulxxwall says:

My android and iPhone have not been even seen since I got my Lumia 920

jessical alba is the only one of the celebs that continue to use her Nokia 920. 

paulxxwall says:

I know what you mean by puny I gone to a wwe event where he was there im 5,10 215 and and I practically eat dumbbells and he still seemed twice my size I was like wtf this guy is a monster

Good OL MC says:

I follow the Rock on both social media accounts. Hopefully I won't see any "Sent from iPhone" :-p

wpguy says:

Have him in an ad doing the pec-pop of love.

prashant45 says:

Woowoo.... Rock is rocking

I love me some ROCK TOO buy buy Lumia 920 hello 1020 damm how far away the 1120 will be

Viipottaja says:

Elop never looked so good!

Nokia: Because you're such an awesome guy, have a 1020
Rock: Hey man, thanks!
And the phone was promptly tossed in a drawer never to be seen again.

MikeSo says:

Well, if he already had AT&T he might switch to it... otherwise, I suspect you're right.

jlangner says:

Picture certainly does not look that good to me...doesn't look "sharp" and clear.

neogodless says:

I can't believe I had to scroll through this many comments to get to a comment about photo quality. I would hope this is not a 1020 photo... it's overexposed, a little blurry and no depth of field.

rainking430 says:

I don't think it's a 1020. Look at the hashtags for the twitter post. #batphonethuggin

So now besides having the people's elbow and the people's sunglasses, the Rock now has the people's smartphone.

Bit desperate Nokia, He will probably stick to his iPhone anyway.

exactly what I was thinking, maybe some campaign like smoked by windows phone, or that camera comparison as by MS would be great

I'm a big fan of the Rock, too! Diehard wrestling fan here. He's so lucky, and awesome that he's a member of the WP family! Wonder what color 1020 he's getting?

Lenn Liggins says:

Get him and others to promote this phone.

prashant45 says:

I want lumia again

killerb255 says:

Nokia commercial with The Rock in it: FUND IT!!!!!

ibuyufo says:

Am I the only who wants the phone and don't care about any of the people in the photo?  Send me a phone Nokia!

Jazmac says:

I know its promotional but let Rock buy his own 1020. Gift me a 1020, I promise to tell everyone I know about it.

Betomann says:

The steps to get free stuff: Become famous, get rich and wait to receive free stuff from a thousand brands.

the best part of the Rock is that hes from the university of miami (fl).

I don't know, he may just sell it, how does nokia know he will use it (unless they pay him to do so)
giving it to a poor guy would've been much better advertising :)

a: Does he know how to use it? 
b: Does he need it?
c: Could he afford one anyway?
d: Those girls look well happy posing with a sweaty wrestler.

AccentAE86 says:

I guess we now know what is the "People's Phone"

prashant45 says:

Nokia you ROCK

YvoNne81 says:

I like this phone Nokia Lumia 1020 since it has a good camera which can shoot in super high resolution and you can zoom really close your images.

YvoNne81 says:

I like this phone Nokia Lumia 1020 since it has camera that can shoot in super high resolution and you can zoom your images really close.

prashant45 says:

Johanson connect with me on whatapp

rainking430 says:

Uh guys, I don't think he got a 1020. The twitter post has #batphonethuggin after it.

Samst22 says:

Did nobody else realise that he posted this to facebook using the iphone twitter app? The photo is taken by an iphone.
On another note, look between the two women on the right, does anyone else see a blue phone shaped object? Doesn't look like a 1020 or a 925.