E3 2012 - Stepping into the shoes of the Gun Bros on Windows Phone

Who says you can’t find mobile games at E3? A few days ago, Windows Phone Central met with Mike DeLaet and Jason Enriquez of Glu Mobile to discuss their upcoming mobile Xbox Live games. The first title they demonstrated for us is Gun Bros, which we revealed in April.

Gun Bros is a top-down twin-stick shooter somewhat reminiscent of arcade classic Smash TV. Players choose from one of two titular brahs, outfit them with an arsenal of high-tech weapons and armor, and then fly to one of several planets and start filling hostile aliens full of equally hostile ordinance. Don’t worry; the aliens are actually big jerks and they totally have it coming.

By completing missions you’ll earn both XP and Xplodium, a rare mineral. XP leads to leveling up, opening access to better equipment. Xplodium can be processed and used to purchase said equipment and items. Of course, Gun Bros is a freemium title and players can purchase even shinier guns and things with Microsoft Points. You won’t have to purchase credits to enjoy the game though.

Gun Bros has passed certification and should launch very soon. We highly recommend trying the PC version for free right now using Google’s Chrome browser – after a few minutes you’ll see why we’re dying to play it more on the go.

Gun Bros title



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gorebashd says:

Looks awesome. Can't wait. =) just nerd peeps to play with lol

dogmeat1978 says:

Did he say its live right now??

Yes,but in the article you'll see the clarificaiton. It passed cert and should be released soon (up to MS). It's live in the sense Glue Mobile is done with it.

gorebashd says:

Hope its released soon. I need a new game lol

dogmeat1978 says:

Ahh cool, just got a bit excited then!!

buggyglint says:

So does the windows phone version include xbox live co-op similar to its android and iphone counterparts?

Paul Acevedo says:

Sort of. You download AI ghosts of your friends or something.

I can't wait to play it! Used to play it on ITouch then I sold it to get Xbox 360.

BK-one says:

Had this on my iPhone. Great action packed game. It won't disappoint

cedarlog says:

looks great game to buy welecome glu mobile to windows phone :)

Shantek says:

Glu have already got like 5 games on the platform...

majohnny says:

Great game, but only in Co-Op and gets boring there, too. Played it on my iDevice a while ago.