Microsoft E3 2014 Live Blog

The Windows Phone Central Live Blog for Microsoft's E3 2014 press event. Tune in to our live from the show coverage below and you can also WATCH THE LIVE STREAM.

The show starts at 9:30 AM PT /12:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM GMT.



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TechFreak1 says:

When I checked Xbox Live events yesterday, it said it was starting at 4 pm GMT but now it reads 5 pm gmt (as well as xbox.com) whereas you guys have it at starting at 5.30 pm. Guessing there is a 30 minute wait time whilst everyone gets seated or something?

iBandar says:

30min pre-show. They are calling it green carpet. Major Nelson is hosting it.

Yeah saw its starts at 5.30 but on my dash its says 5

How many minutes left before it starts?

iBandar says:

14min for pre-show and 44min for the show to start.

What's the pre-show again?

Watching it on the site! After the Xbox event, I'm going to watch the Sony event, because I own both consoles. :)

Rem97 says:

Which one do you prefer?

Both have their pros and cons. One thing I can positively say about the x1 is that the UI, start up time, turn off time, etc, takes FOREVER. The ps4 is much quicker. Takes less than 30 seconds. And it doesn't need to be in standby mode.

Raesu says:

Start up and turn are quite fast imo. What pisses me off is that I need to go through a loading screen just to start a party. (opening friends). And after that then still a couple clicks...

Truth. One thing I did hate coming from ps4 to x1

vinayscxbox says:

Hoping for some new WP games.. :P

They need to blow e3 out of the water this year. Will make or break Xbox One for the next year. Here's to an awesome show!

Hope it will be the opposite of last year. Last year was a mess...

OMG55 says:

I love my xb1 before and after E3

thundr51 says:

Wonder how much time they'll spend on each game.  It's easy to say "Games, games games" and only show 3 games....2 of which launch next year or something.

cannon#WP says:

Finally a good reason to use the Xbox Live Video Player app.

sd173 says:

The video quality is horrible though.

Really? Except for a stutter here or there, mine looks great.

colinkiama says:

Download the 'livegaming' app its an awesome twitch app.

sachinrex says:

Showing the built codes in the post!!! Why?? Check it n remove it!

TonyDedrick says:

Whoopee.... Another COD/FPS, lol. Nonetheless, the game looks absolutely amazing.

I misread "Happy Wars" as "Halo Wars".  I almost creamed my pants in glee...  then the crushing disappointment of reality setting in.

Zuka_WPC says:

Such many news.

andrelamont says:

Am I the only one that is unable to watch the live stream on my phone (flash requirement)?


using LUmia 920 DevPreview 8.1


Tried desktop mode as well as mobile mode on IE

josonjoy1986 says:

Not via browser, Download Live Video Player by Microsoft from wp store......:)

Sunofabob says:

They need to keep exclusivity on Titanfall and Respawn needs to update to 1080p and fix server issues.

WPC App via Nexus 5.

akaliel says:

Yeah, it doesn't work for me from my 920 either. The website says I can watch it with the windows phone app. What windows phone app?

I'm kinda missing Paul right now :(

pdelvo says:

Funny how console gamers are getting completly excited because a game runs in 1080p in 60fps lol.


Internet connection lost

Got to get that Tom Clancy The Division

The Division!!!

Anyone else see and laugh at the dark remake of How to Train Your Dragon? (Scalebound. LMAO)

lubbalots says:

Dammit no ki3 news!

neonspark says:

so no word on the SDK for visual studio universal apps? That would have blown sony out of the water.

Antluv82 says:

I saw sum games that I won't

Yawn at the part I saw. Not to enthused. Some of the stuff we already seen. I might have missed a lot of stuff, hopefully I can catch up on what I missed

thundr51 says:

Pretty excited about the stuff I saw.  Lots of games which is good but the only things that really caught my attention is sunset overdrive which seems like a whimsical Dead rising and phantom dust.  Maybe something else I forgot but those are the only things that really caught my attention.  Kinda sick of shooting stuff and was hoping we'd hear more about some fighting games.  Seems like they mostly showed either exclusive or timed exclusive stuff but hopefully there's more on the floor.

blends says:

It's been on Spike TV. No need to go online. They're also showing interviews with game developers too.

Duffau says:

Where can I watch the post show with Bonnie Ross? Twitch wont let me watch it because I missed it and searching has failed me. Please tell me there is a way. Anyone?

swizzlerz says:

I was sleeping. DVR!