Firemonkeys says there will be no further updates for The Sims FreePlay on Windows Phone 8

EA studio Firemonkeys has announced that no more updates are coming to The Sims FreePlay on Windows Phone 8. We're pretty big fans of the game around here, so this is pretty sad news, and doesn't bode well for an eventual port of Firemonkeys' other major title, Real Racing 3.

The Sims FreePlay launched on Windows Phone less than a year ago. Obviously EA will continue publishing a huge selection of Windows Phone games, but the Sims is a venerable brand that should have stood the test of time on Microsoft's mobile platform. At least there's no indication that the game will be taken down or anything like that, but as time wears on and new devices come out, compatibility and stability may become issues.

How many of you guys enjoyed The Sims FreePlay? Did you ever pay anything for the in-app purchases?

Source: Firemonkeys; Thanks, rachael b., for the tip!



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Warren Dance says:

About your opinion? No one.

Sam Sabri says:

I care and I don't even play any Sims game. It shows that Windows Phone, in some cases, isn't creating the demand for developers to continue to support their app/game. Of course this particular game is a very niche product, but it's still something I'd rather not see happen on Windows Phone.

We have a hard enough time getting decent support for apps with high demand (Instagram, Twitter, etc). Would love to see the day where big players and small players see enough demand to continue to support Windows Phone after releasing their app or game.

Unless they're putting out a new one.

mswindows101 says:

One of the big problems is the the developers b.s. around and release apps so long after it's initial appeal that the demand isn't quite the same. Then fault us saying that the support isn't there. If you are going to make an app.. Put the same time and effort into it as you do with the other platforms. Go all the way in,or stop complaining. Not saying that that's the case here,but it's one that happens. We've spent our money on products from EA for years for example,so spend some to support us too..

b23h says:

good point


Instagram doesn't get an update a long time ago. For a BETA app this is bad! Very bad! Android is so deeply in the global option, the MS has a big problem and a lot of work to do. 

You are correct. I don't play the game, but am saddened whenever a company pulls away from Windows Phone.

coip says:

Did they provide a reason for the stoppage in support? I'm assuming it was small marketshare/small user base, but did they actually say that?

QilleRz says:

Me too. I do care even I am not playing it.

Marco Gomes1 says:

Who cares?! Really?! Maybe the thousands who play Sims on WP ir the millions who play it and could be future WP users?

Gosh! It's a great game that can attract other mobile users.

xTmX Korrupt says:

I never got around to trying it. I still might though when I get time regardless of updates.

I want real Racing 3 and Gt racing 3


DennisvdG says:

You don't want Real Racing 3.

KrisJoeEll says:

I want real racing 3.

Dk92 says:

I want an update to real racing 2. The game is clearly not optimized for windows phones.

Wam1q says:

They didn't get enough profit from it I guess.

odoggyfresh says:

Played it briefly, but I don't do in-app purchases for any games.

Warren Dance says:

I think we need to get used to WP not having Xbox as benefit anymore. It still has bonuses but it has nothing on gaming over any other OS. MS don't care enough to make the right changes and we're only upsetting ourselves by getting our hopes up for the future of Xbox on WP.

rocking23nf says:

anyone having problems with the games store? i only see around 20 xbox games now, i want to buy Final Fantasy since its on sale today but cannot find it in the store.



rocking23nf says:

it just started working again.


jcrus says:

I didn't like the IAP model, though I realize I may be the minority now. Same problem with Throne Together, unless you're constantly spending money the fun factor quickly fades.

KrisJoeEll says:

All I care and all I want from EAmobile is Real Racing 3. Make it happen.

DennisvdG says:

I don't get it, do you like getting money-whored? If so I guess RR3 is right for you...

KrisJoeEll says:

I have played it before. With some strategy and patience you can get through this game without any IAP's.

pepcok says:

Are you sure about that? Can you buy all those "cars-for-gold" with the gold you earn just for racer levels and completion of races? I don't think so - I'm currently racing through the game for the second time (first time I was spending gold for upgrades etc.) and I'm already facing issues with the need to spend gold in order to progress (e.g. spending gold for an upgrade, so that you can finish the series of races and get a few more gold coins). I can imagine when I get to those 800 gold cars, I'll be short of it (again), since the way I'm playing the game now (not spending gold unless absolutely necessary and only if the amount received from a series finish is bigger than amount spent on the upgrades needed to get the car to the proper level).

Also, they ruined the game even more in one of the last updates, where you are limited to three mechanics (and the third one costs 50 gold to be enabled) so that the game progress is slowed down even more. Plus the whole decals/painting/whatever sh*t they implemented lately...

Result - in the end, I don't really care if they ever release this game for WP. I cared in the beginning when the game was actually more playable than it is now.

pepcok says:

..and if "they" allow me to edit the previous post, it will actually make sense in the first paragraph :)

it was supposed to say:

"I can imagine when I get to those 800 gold cars, I'll be short of it (again), despite the way I'm playing the game now, which is not spending gold unless absolutely necessary and only if the amount received from a series finish is bigger than amount spent on the upgrades needed to get the car to the proper level."

Deaconclgi says:

I've been playing it since it released on iOS and I have yet to spend any Real Money. You seem to try to discourage people about Real Racing 3 at every opportunity. Have you played the latest version of Real Racing 3?

It is a great looking, playing and sounding racing game and i play it on my various iPhones, iPad 4 and Nexus 5, all without spending any money.

Since you aren't the only WP user, it would be nice to have the option, the choice to download Real Racing 3 on Windows Phone for those that would like to play it without having to switch to iOS or Android.

How about we think about other people instead of ourselves. If you don't like Real Racing 3, don't play it and if it ever comes to Windows Phone, don't download it. That is a win win for WP users.

Just like with the Sims games. I didn't download them and don't plan on ever downloading a Sims game BUT I am glad they are on WP for the users who like the Sims but also prefer Windows Phone over iOS and Android.



IceDree says:

That sucks, never got around to try it.

ap3rus says:

they might be dropping support for WP8 in favor of WP8.1, which looks like reasonable

vansiv says:

Freak you, EA. and thank you Gameloft for your right support.

aitt says:

Just another saga in WP, apps, and support.

darthobiwan says:

I haven't been able to play it since the last big update. It would crash every time I launched it, then after a while it finally ran but all my data was corrupted. Between the time it had last run successfully and the time it finally started running, a building that was being worked on was supposed to be finished. When went to tap on it to have it finished it reverted back saying it was still being worked on. The funnier part is it said it had 48 years left until it was done. I checked on it the next day and it was still in the same amount of time. Nothing works anymore, give a sim a task and it never finishes. Eventually I just gave up and uninstalled it.

neo158 says:

They released an update that fixed those issues and added cloud saves.

darthobiwan says:

I tried it after the cloud saves update and it was still busted.

Pranjal Rai says:

Well, this sucks.

Games like this are always better to play on a PC.

And after so many updates for this game and also for Tetris Blitz both aren't available here in Brazil! I tried contact EA with anything that I could but without success. :(

ven07 says:

So basically Gameloft>EA..... At least Gameloft is staying with us

TYTY805 says:

Very unrelated, but my problem with EA is the exclusive Porsche licensing like in Real Racing 3... I want Porsches in Forza 5!

DJCBS says:

This sucks. But hey, at least they updated it to put cloud save in before dropping support. I think it didn't helped them that they issued an update that basically broke the game and took long enough to fix it.


At any rate, EA has been the best at supporting Xbox Games on WP so I won't even get mad at them for this. As long as they keep releasing Xbox Games on WP, I'm fine.

i don't have enough storage.. thanks

sdreamer says:

By the time they release these things its months behind the other platforms and by that time no one cares about it anymore. So then they can just say we released it but there's no demand. Well try releasing it closer to the other platforms so we can all enjoy it at the same time...

You know if they ditched iap and charged $2.99 or 4.99 then I bet they would do well in WP. This iap BS is not us..

armandojv says:

I loved this game, until I the game stole around $140 from in app purchases. I called ea and they said that I had to talk to MS and MS said the opposite and they had me back and forth. So I HATE THIS GAME!!! I did get my money back eventually with the help of a MS store rep.

mrdeezus says:

Wanna hear a broken record? Exclusivity is killing WP. If there was no exclusivity, then there might be 10 or more different WP in stores. Imagine seeing all Nokia,HTC,Samsung models in every carriers store.

Ashhar Hasan says:

I agree. Belfiore also partly agreed but he said that's what the carriers wants. It's business for the carriers.

Diana Silva says:

WP is dying :\ i dont play sims .. But is just a example... without apps nobody buys a wp .. I hope im wrong ..

MrA2Z says:

I played this game for couple of months but then stopped. IAP are not my thingy.

mesamit says:

the game supports only 1 GB device...so how will it gain market when more than 70% users are using 512MB WP devices.....this is perfect example for all developers who are too lazy to optimize game for 512MB devices and starts to whine that they can't support their apps and games anymore because there are less users.....

unknownguns says:

I would have played it if they had added support for 512mb.... Shame...

salazka says:

This game came too late and didn't offer much. Was more like an afterthought on WP. I played it on my iPad. Had fun. But it doesn't belong to a small screen. So i kind of agree with those who said "who cares".

Most users care for developers and products that do not consider them second class citizens. Those who bring to them something fresh! Like Farmville 2 Country Escape from Zynga. I play it a lot on my iPad but would like it on my WP as well!  Can I has it please?   TY!

Benny1434 says:

Not a Sims mobile player but this is a pretty short sighted move. Windows Phone is only going to get more popular, the sooner they realize that the better.
Real Racing 3 is an entirely different story though. It's pretty sad that it hasn't already been made available. It's one of the only racing games that I'm actually interested in and am definitely not alone. It's pretty obvious that it would be a hit game and would have a much more generalized audience than a Sims app would.

Jem_Jem says:

I really want to play RR3 on my Lumia 1520 but it seems its becoming impossible. I don't care about Sims but RR3 is a great racing game for smartphones.

I didint care because it doesnt have cloud sync support thats why Android versio is the best...

Dannay says:

I played it loads but kinda stopped but this is bad :(

LaNiQuE says:

This is sad yet not surprising news I enjoyed playing but then the game started getting alot of issues with buying things which effect game play so I went on their twitter account and noticed how they were definitely not talking much about updates or new features coming to WP but the android and ISO news was always there they even answered their questions while I saw nothing about WP it's like these developers never commit to WP they try it out then go back to their cash cows not knowing alot of us are going to make in app purchases vs android users I would prefer never having this game than dealing things like this over and over

LeHoangHa says:

This is not related to what you guys are discussing above but can anyone help me with the Get Engaged task in this game? It asks me to propose, but when I choose the Eternity Ring or whatever it is, it tells me that I don't have enough LPs? I already have 8 LPs so how many is enough for this ring? :-s Please reply. Thanks for your attention. :D

reallyjoel says:

I have the same problem, I think it's related to turning off the services.. For me nothing works, you can't buy anythng, cloud save is off, leaderboards etc. It seems they shut everything down.

LeHoangHa says:

Yesterday I was done with that task. It turns out that the task requires 10 LPs, which I hadn't had until yesterday. :D

reallyjoel says:

The quest also says it's free this one time. And it is on iOS, I've tried. But on WP the part where it's supposed to be free doesn't work anymore - probably because some lookup on the server doesn't respond any more.

Dafter says:

But what about WP 8.1? ;)

cameroncr95 says:

This is late, but there is news on the official sims blog (link now pulled, originally here: http://www.thesims3.com/community/blog.html?blogid=537735

Anyways, news says that Firemonkeys will be shutting down the servers for the Windows Phone version of The Sims Freeplay on August 1st, 2014, as well as pulling it from the marketplace. 

The Sims 3 and The Sims Medievil will remain in the store despite this. (Although 3 will be free I guess)

The official blog said:


" As of August 1st, 2014, Electronic Arts will be shutting down the online servers for The Sims Freeplay on Windows Phone devices. We understand that many of our players still play the game, and as a way to make up for ending the game, The Sims 3 will be free on Windows Phone 8 devices until September 1st, 2014. Anyone who purchased content for the game in the last month will be refunded, and the store will be closed down July 10th, 2014 to prevent anymore purchases. We thank you for playing The Sims Freeplay and we look forward to introducing new experiences to you shortly."


I am slightly curious as to why they are shutting this down, and as to why they removed the blog post. 

Sims freeplay is still available. The sims 3 is NOT Free but costs 6.99.
So no further support and no compensation. Maybe that is why they removed the blog post