From the Editor's Desk: Get ready for #TM13!

Long time readers of any and all of our Mobile Nations sites will remember the Smartphone Round Robin. It was a cross-site editorial event where we took a break from our regular day to day beat, swapped phones, and sounded off on the competition in an unbiased fashion.

It was a great event, we loved it, you loved it, and you've been bugging us literally daily to do it up again. And we have been listening. It's coming. And soon! We have re-envisioned the event, bigger and better and more suitable to the state of mobile in 2013, and we're going beyond our in-house team this time around. Hit up the video above to get a gander at our awesome hosts! :)

This week you'll see less blogging from our EiCs as we're in NYC doing a bunch of grunt work in prep for the event that will unfold online. If you want more, follow me, Daniel Rubino of Windows Phone Central, Kevin Michaluk of CrackBerry, as well as Phil Nickinson of Android Central, and Rene Ritchie of iMore, are joined by John P and Cali Lewis of Geek Beat and we'll drop more hints throughout the week.

Ok, that's it. we've already said too much. Stay tuned tuned to all of our sites, follow us on Twitter and G+, and look out for #TM13 for more!



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mr toes says:

So basically you all swap phones and review your experiences on how the other half lives? Sounds cool.

Vb2012 says:

But at a cost of zero articles on wpcentral yes its very awsome -_-

Err...I'm not the only writer for the site, so no. And that's not what the post said either.

That was the Round Robin. This is...more, much more than that.

mr toes says:

Ok, its just thats what i got from the article, couldn't watch the video, maybe i missed something in there, was just trying to understand it better

DaSchnee says:

Somebody felt a bit awkward while recording that video.... ;)

rainking430 says:

Maybe he was just feeling shy cuz Cali was there? Wouldn't blame him. :-P

Xaphoon148 says:

G+... No Sir, don't think so...

Vb2012 says:

Lol nice one fack google :)

KQ17 says:

I saw TM13 and thought about Pokemon. Hope I'm not the only one.

AaronP105 says:

You're not! Haha

maceball says:

Ya, me too. Not sure what Ice Beam has to do with swapping phones.

ktl88 says:

It looked like Mr. Rubino was standing in the wrong place, uttering only a few words! :) Just like MSFT! :) Come on Rubino!

RaRa85 says:

Lol yeah Daniel is like me. Laid back and reserved and knows when to light it up or just chill....I guess.lol

Tjalsma says:

Very excited for this. And congrats on the haircut Daniel.

Trainer used TM13 on Rubinomon. Rubinomon learned Ice Beam!

taymur says:

TM13 is Ice Beam right? :P

Sam Sabri says:

This is the nerdiest comment I've read today on WPC. You guys just brought back so many childhoon memories. 

bilzkh says:

It seems Dan was the only one to have visibly benefited from the Fitness month...couldn't recognize him at first.

kidjenius says:

Daniel Rubino, you looked like a BADASS in that video!! I dig the hair

WP95 says:

Our boy Daniel repping the WP community well! Hes probably thinking in his mind "Damn, why am I up here? I just want to get back to my Lumia!"

redeyss says:

Really looking forward to this! Great idea people, wpcentral is my favorite app on WP!

blackprince says:

Ugh not Rene, that guy is insufferable.