Effectual update to include auto-suggest and spell checking, with more features on the way


We've been provided a heads up that Effectual for Windows Phone will be updated in the next handful of days. This upcoming release will add auto-suggest and spellchecking functionality, which is something we picked up in our previous coverage. What's more is the team has other features on its list for future versions.

Here's a quick snippet of the response a reader of ours received from the Effectual team:

"We have gotten several requests for the ability to set reminders for a specific time of day, rather than just on a date. It is definitely on our Effectual to-do list!"

As noted above, the next version of Effectual should be available in the next few days (depending on store approval speed). You can download Effectual from the Windows Phone Store (Windows Phone 8 only). Thanks, Alan, for the tip!

QR: Effectual



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MSfiend says:

Fuh fuh fuuuhhh fiiirrrssstt?

walter1832 says:

Suh suh suuuhhh, what's up folks?

rodneyej says:

Lo lo lo looooo LOL!

fwaits says:

Liking ths app very much so far and liking the dev responses to it.  Also can't wait for the Win 8 version for cross platform task management.

Sam Sabri says:

Same here. I can see myself preferering to enter tasks on the Windows 8 version and then manage them on my phone. Dope app. 

Onager1286 says:

Yeah it feels weird to get so excited for a to do list app, but cross platform syncing is great to see coming to the windows ecosystem.

pranav rai says:

I definitely needs offline support as well though. Its kinda sucks not being able to see your to-do list when on the move and a data connection is beyond reach. 

Sam Sabri says:

1. adj. cool, nice, awesome
2. noun a drug

Only one of those makes sense in this context. 

Ramonis7 says:

Just hope it works offline u.u

rodneyej says:

Hey, that's what someone above said too. ⤴⤴

@Ramonis7, it won't, because it will be cross platform syncing. At least this is the message that I got from the dev.
Anyway great app, also the fix for completed to-do task that still appear on live tile is fixed.

rodneyej says:

You know, you can use that little arrow on people's comments to reply to them. They will be sent a message as well!! Not sure if you knew that.

I know my friend, just twitter/forum habbit.

fwaits says:

The dev can program in a cache ability to allow for offline use I would think.

Onager1286 says:

Yeah there is no reason changes to your list couldn't be sent as soon as an internet connection was available... Kind of alarming that's not there

ajua says:

I started using this app last week. It's been great so far, but this will make it awesome:

  • - Reminder at specific times (this will be in the next release)
  • - The ability to rename tags and change the default icons. Currently, if you make a new tag you can only choose from a few icons. The ones from the default tags can't be choosen.
  • - The text on the tags description is too small, even if you set the large text size on the settings.
  • - Some usability changes like increasing the size of the reminder, due date and priorites on the task description are needed in order to make it easier to tap them.

Effectual is very good as it is right now, but the dev should polish it to make great. Windows 8 sync would be nice. Hopefully, it won't take long.
I've been using Tasks, which is still a more polished app than Effectual, but it lack of sync options in this day and age is a bummer. Besides that, it still is my favorite. I will continue to use Effectural and see if future updates makes it better.

blackdaemon says:

I like this app. But I have WP 7.8 so I can't use it. Can somebody enlighten me (the app developer, preferably), what are the special features of this app, justifying its unavailability for WP7.x ?