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Microsoft Store allegedly coming to New York City

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New Microsoft Store locations revealead

General News

Microsoft to keep adding retail store locations even with restructuring


Destiny beta event to be held at Microsoft's San Diego store Wednesday

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Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 now available from the Microsoft Store, supports LTE on T-Mobile

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Microsoft will open its 100th retail store Saturday ... sort of

Windows Phones

Microsoft won't charge people who pre-ordered Lumia 635 from its store site


Microsoft will give you $650 to trade your MacBook Air for a Surface Pro 3


Surface Pro 3 128 GB ship date pushed back by 10 days for new orders


Microsoft US cuts pricing of its Surface Pro 2 range of tablets by up to $200


Surface Pro 3 launch events to be held June 20 at Microsoft Store locations

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You can now buy a Windows Phone at Microsoft's UK store

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This is where Microsoft Specialty Stores are opening this week in the US

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Your local Microsoft Store just picked up the ultimate gaming laptop, the new Razer Blade


Win a free Windows Phone at your local Microsoft Store this weekend

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Microsoft Store offering 10% + $100 off the Surface Pro 2 and Surface 2 LTE for education customers

Microsoft News

Get $100 off the no contract price of select Windows Phones for a limited time

Microsoft News

Deal alert: First 50 people who bring an iPad to Microsoft Store on Friday get Office 365 free for one year

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Microsoft Store slashes the price of Xbox One to $449.99 USD

Microsoft News

Microsoft Store giving away $100 credit; simply trade up your Windows XP dinosaur (US and Canada Only)

< >

Eleven new Microsoft Specialty Stores opening next month in the United States

Westfarms Mall Microsoft Store

There really is no better place to buy a new ultrabook, tablet or PC than from the Microsoft Store. Sure you can buy products online, but having access to a physical store is great for that instant gratification of picking up your new gadget. You’ll only find those brick-and-mortar stores in select malls across the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. Those in the United States are also set to get 11 new Microsoft Specialty Stores throughout the month of May. Locations and details below.

First off, what’s a Microsoft Specialty Store vs. a Microsoft Store? Think of those specialty stores as popup shops. These are semi-permanent locations in your local mall where you’ll find a curated selection of the best Microsoft products. Microsoft Stores on the other hand are permanent locations with a much larger selection of products. Still, a Microsoft Specialty Store is better than nothing and will be a great place to get the best PCs.

Here are the 11 new locations coming and their opening date.

  • North Point Mall - Alpharetta, GA - May 3
  • The Oaks - Thousand Oaks, CA - May 13
  • Park Place - Tucson, AZ - May 13
  • Jordan Creek Town Center - Des Moines, IA - May 13
  • FlatIron Crossing - Broomfield, CO - May 15
  • North Star Mall - San Antonio, TX - May 15
  • Westroads Mall - Omaha, NE - May 15
  • The Mall in Columbia - Columbia, MD - May 17
  • The Maine Mall - S Portland, ME - May 17
  • Mall of Louisiana - Baton Rouge, LA - May 17
  • Boise Towne Square - Boise, ID - May 17

Sorry George, none in Birmingham this time around...

If you find yourself around one of these malls you’ll want to be there on opening day. Microsoft is planning on exclusive offers for the grand opening day and there will be prizes at each location.

Anyone near these malls thinking of going to them on opening day? Sound off and let us know.

Source: Microsoft Store, Facebook Via: WMPU, WinBeta



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tkdmacgeek says:

Here come the "why the US" comments in 3..2...1

greedypnguin says:

Wai teh murica? It's so racist!!1!

tkdmacgeek says:

racist I know... lol

Please look up "xenophobic".

tkdmacgeek says:

I know what it means.  It is true ;) 

Dont forget, they dont have stores in NYC. They have 2 shitty pop up stores and closed 1 last week. Whoever is is charge of Microsoft's retail stores needs to be fired.

tkdmacgeek says:

That's cuz the isheep have their apple store

Novron says:

With NY's taxes, I wouldn't open one there either.

tkdmacgeek says:

+1020.  It's Obama's fault lol

Ticomfreak says:

Yay liberals! Ugh.

exkerZ says:

Obama isn't even liberal >_> he just labels himself that way to attract the crowd..

-- Sorry if I am mean, I just dislike mean people! --

lawallen says:

I think they were.  Isn't there a new Retail chief I read about them hiring?


NIST says:

Still nothing in Nor Cal.

I guess you didn't know one of the very first MS stores opened in San Francisco? It was also one of the very first MS kiosks before it was upgraded to a store. (I just wish it was at a more visible location closer to Union Square instead of the third floor of a mega mall)

I mean seriously, a major tech city which holds MS's own Build conference every year?

Unless your one of those country red neck die hards with the NorCal sticker on your truck who don't think SF is "Nor Cal" ;)

NIST says:

Sacramento is what I had in mind sir.

Corte Madera store in Marin County is closer to you and without the hassle of crossing the bridge, dealing with downtown traffic and paying for parking.

NIST says:

Thank you sir. Roseville has some embarrassing kiosk.

Tamer81 says:

Why always those gay Americans? Homo AND xenophobic! ;)

danielgray says:

How about some stores in some other countries?

Don't you live in the US Daniel? Or are you talking about the above guys comment? :P

danielgray says:

I live in Sydney, Australia. I couldn't see the previous post when I posted. I wish they would give some thought to retail strategy for the rest of the world. Are they not wanting to compete outside the U.S.A.?

Oh, I thought you lived in the US.

Are you confusing danielgray with rubino ?

No. I just didn't know he lived in Australia. I thought he lived in the US...

I live just north of you, Daniel, in Newcastle. Couldn't agree more. Surely Microsoft Stores in Australia can't be too far away, if they have any marketing sense? I visited the store in San Francisco at Christmas and thought how great it would be to have a local one :(

Markp74 says:

I'd have thought Sydney Melbourne and Brisbane stores would have done well

How about 1-2 in India too ? New Delhi and Mumbai ? These cities have population exceeding 20 million each, and have a huge number of affluent people too.. If only MS wanted to take its stores outside USA..

Its odd because Microsoft isn't that popular in the US for phones or tablets, they have a strong marketshare in a lot of Europe now so why can't they open London, Paris, Berlin stores to increase the market share over here! :( (From UK)

Forget just the capital cities. What about big shopping metropolises such as Leeds, Manchester, etc.?

ymcpa says:

These stores aren't really for the phones.They have a small phone section. Most of it is devoted to laptops and all in ones. There is also a decent sized section for Xbox.

tkdmacgeek says:

Put a store in Syria, and then Apple can say they have a chance at killing the competition lol

Yes, surely Sydney Australia would do well? The retail options here are appalling.

I vote India off that list. Microsoft can get slapped with 500M tax avoidance penalty.

Microsoft has been in India for a long time. I haven't heard of them being in a tax dispute so far. Generalizing the tax situation in India with existing and upcoming companies is a very stupid thing to do.

Tamer81 says:

Yeah, some in the Netherlands for example? Preferably Haarlem or Amstrrdam!

South Portland Maine!

Definitely going opening day/hour/minute.

jeddo45 says:

Well, I personally think that they should open one up in the Cerritos Mall, right next to Apple. That will get some attention...

"Android is a Robot, not a Galaxy."

carlosrdd says:


gevabar says:

Aventura mall?

dv220s says:

We already have one. A pretty big one actually. I was told that Aventura Mall will be getting an actual store soon so I can't wait for that.

Guitarpik says:

Yes the aventura store is opening right across from the store I work at. I think it says may 28th or 29th is the grand opening.

There never be a better time be part of the Microsoft system. From the among the best online services, hardware partner and developers, now each new store is an opportunity to satisfy more customers. Although I do most of my shopping online now. Great to have that option..

MrDiamondJ says:

What, no store in [insert hometown here]? COME ON!

keifwoki says:

I agree! Why wouldn't they put one there?

Ticomfreak says:

Not enough in California /s

tkdmacgeek says:

CAli is overrated! lol

Microsoft Stores are overrated: Buy your shit online !!

Rishicash says:

The Signature PC's at the MS stores are great. They strip the bloatware and optimize PC's configuration. Their prices are competitive too. People want to have a tactile experience before purchasing and you certainly can't rely on BB for selection and certainly not knowledge. I went to a number of Verizon and AT&T stores to see WP's and none had any to speak of so I had to go to an MS Store for that.

Tamer81 says:

Store is not for buying stuff but to see them and more important see them (W8.1/WP8.1/XB1) work together! And to show people they are here!

ymcpa says:

Population of California is 38 million. Population of Australia is 23 million. The population of California is more than many countries.

tkdmacgeek says:

Cali has the dumbest people in the US!  Earthquake needs to hit, turn Cali into an island, and go bye bye

As someone who has lived in cali off and on for 30yrs, I agree it is home to some really dumb people. Especially here in the SF Bay Area, an amazing collection of highly educated dumb people. I don't wish for another quake though.

[insert side of planet here], you mean ;)

gevabar says:

They have a kiosks in aventura mall, and are building a store now aventura mall has an apple store and it is the second busiest store in the world for apple...

Mikejl87 says:

I went there a couple a weeks ago and saw it under construction. Too bad its a bit too far for me to go back for the opening :\

Finally one in MD, more specifically, less than 1 hr away.

Garneth says:

Yes, but its at the mall that shooting happened at ._. Would have been better at Annapolis Mall honestly

AskaLangly says:

Think that's bad? There is one in Garden State Plaza, Paramus, NJ. Look at news articles about that place. Shootings aplenty...

kevinxb says:

You seem to have forgotten that there was a shooting at Annapolis Mall too. Note the shooter at Columbia mall was not from the area (he lived in College Park) and had no connection to the mall or the people he shot. The shooting in Annapolis was linked to violence at the local high school.
Columbia is a great location for this store.

phil.rick says:

Columbia is a better choice than Annapolis - more community surrounding the mall and in a county with one of the highest average incomes in the country.

Novron says:

Moral appears to be, if you want a MS store in your mall you need to shoot it up.

VagrantWade says:

Wooooo! Finally a Microsoft Store in Iowa! Would have been nicer if it was in the CR/Iowa City area but oh well.

They are building a huge data center here in DSM. It makes sense for a for retail location.

Darren Walsh says:

12.5 corporate tax in Ireland it's a steal ppl

Jeff Woods says:

What about Washington state...

I just moved here, but I think there's one in Bellevue

There are two physical stores in the Seattle area and a specialty store.  Nothing east of the mountains, though. 

Also two in the Portland,OR metro area for those in SW WA...

There's one in Bellevue Square Mall, and one in the University Village in Seattle. Both stores are amazing

DJCBS says:

And still no expansion to outside the American continent...

KMF79 says:

Yeah, I'll go to the Thousand Oaks, Ca. grand opening a couple days before my b-day.

Guytronic says:

I like them MS stores!

One of my new favorite places.

Yay on Microsoft.

sholokov says:

I have one about 15 minutes away. Love it. In fact, it's the one in the picture... Westfarms :)

dorelse says:

I'll be at the Des Moines, Iowa one for sure! Woohoo!

cesar ruiz1 says:

I went for the first time to a Microsoft store this past Thursday, now I know how my daughter feels like when goes to toy's r us.

Sam Sabri says:

For real. It's like a toy store for us big kids.

Zacharyw70 says:

I hate living in southern Jersey. No Apple Stores, and the closest Microsoft Store is 70 miles away.

Zokudu says:

There's an apple store in sagemore. That's south jersey, unless you mean south east jersey

A store in Tampa bay area would be nice

ZipZapRap says:

Surface Mini launch!

Garneth says:

Wow the day that a Microsoft Store finally opens in Maryland I won't be in the state >_< I get back the next day!

Closest store is 2 hours away. :'(

rain620 says:

Closest store is 18 hours away! By plane! :'(((((((((((

sd173 says:

My closest store is 2hrs 40mins away. {;...[

Ticomfreak says:

My closest full store is about 2 hrs (San Francisco).

There is one that's way closer, but it's only a kiosk (Roseville).

randcd says:

They're opening one in Spring, TX (north of Houston) in the Woodlands Mall in June. It looks huge. There's already one in the Galleria, west of Houston, but nice to see one closer to home.

quikboy says:

Isn't there one already at the Woodlands Mall?

randcd says:

Just a kiosk, permanent store coming in on the first floor.

diego15nets says:

Good to know, thanks!

Reflexx says:

Thousand Oaks finally! Now make it permanent and they'll be able to stay in business from my family alone. LOL

Novron says:

Refuse to do business with them as long as they violate the Constitution by charging tax to residents of states they don't have a store in.

Novron says:

It's unconstitutional to charge tax on items shipped to another state if they do not have a physical store or warehouse in that state.

DVELOPinc says:

You might be on the wrong site then. This one directly serves people who own Microsoft products.

Novron says:

WP Central isn't the Microsoft Store any more than Lowe's is Whirlpool Appliances.
And the vast majority of Microsoft consumers including myself, did not buy their products from the MS Store.
Amazon doesn't charge me tax, they follow the law.

Which Article does it mention this, oh it doesn't, nor is there anything that can be remotely construed as to say this. They don't charge tax because they aren't forced to and it makes their prices seem lower when they put the onerous on the buyer to pay the tax. Not saying I agree with the tax on out-of-state goods from an out-of-state supplier, nor that I agree with the regressive sales tax, a European style VAT tax would be much preferrable, even though it seems like a sales tax, it is almost impossible to avoid.

Back to the topic, I just wish they had a store in my state (Michigan), though I'm not quite the fan of MS I used to was.

Novron says:

Where does it say this? US Constitution Section 9. "No Tax or Duty shall be laid on Articles exported from any State."
It means, if a company does not have a physical presence in your state you can purchase there, the products you buy are an export from that other state and untaxable by the company, the state, the county, city, anyone. Did they not teach you this in basic social studies? It's Constitutional common law. There is no onus on the purchaser. Amazon doesn't charge the tax because it's unconstitutional to do so. They do charge tax to residents of states where they have warehouses like they are supposed to.

DVELOPinc says:

Blah blah blah blah. Take this continuing political bullshit somewhere else. No one cares that your obsessed with Amazon nor care just how much bullshit your mouthing off to sound important. You're trying to compare an online based business with a physical store business and no, they DO NOT operate the same.

Novron says:

Political? Guy, this is basic Constitutional law nothing to do with politics. This is how we've done business in the US for 200 years. No, there is no online exception. It's no different than picking up the phone and calling in your order. Don't like it? Don't read it. Sorry, but this is the MS Store and topical. Unlike the hundreds of you people who hijacked every thread for a week trying to install Cortana. So... Piss off.

DVELOPinc says:

You are one angry old idiot.

Novron says:

Am I? You and numbnuts jumped on me with attitude spouting sh*t out of your asses. You two have no idea what you're talking about and running your arrogance at full throttle. I'm angry and stupid? Take your prepubescent sack and run back to your power ranger or Pokemon blogs.

All right I stand corrected, however you said that Amazon was following the law, and actually the Section says that CONGRESS (implied in that it is article 1) cannot MAKE Amazon collect a tax. Amazon is perfectly free to charge sales tax to (for)  its customers if their state has one and send it to the respective states. If it did this it would not violate the Constitution (There are almost no laws in the constitution are directed at individuals or corporations, the latter of which was not mentioned on purpose). But even the Supreme Court did not close the issue on out-of-state retailer collecting taxes on or for the buyer. "Click & mortar" retailers (like now charge sales tax even though they used to claim that they were a serparate entity. It may expand from there for all online-only retailers.

I know this ain't no political website, but don't be scared of politics, they affect us ALL!

Constitutional common law? where did you ever come up with that? It makes no sense.

If you think of it, Amazon or wouldn't really charge an "export tax" over and above any retailer that is in-state. They are just collecting the same as in-state retailers.  It is not a special amount charged just to exported goods. That's how most countries impose large tariff like fees on U.S. goods that are the same as the country's VAT tax without getting in trouble with the World Trade Organization.

(-) points for responding to own post.

Rob41664 says:

Store or not MS does have physical offices in most states with their personnel for consulting and sales support. That's enough to have a presence in a state.

Could use one in Central Florida.... Especially in Seminole Towne Center mall

em003 says:

What are you talking about? there are already 2 in Central Florida. Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia.

Yay! We finally get a pretend Microsoft Store in Boise, and it's at the soul sucking mall where I'll never go >_

tdavi82 says:

Baton rouge. I'll be there!

Cotswolds says:

See you there, assuming I can squeeze it in. That's my wedding day!

DVELOPinc says:

Guess ill look for the guy that might still be in a tux and give you a congratulations.

DVELOPinc says:

See you there. Will be driving over from New Orleans.

chandy227 says:

Yes BR! LSU student and BR resident here, see you guys there!

How about opening some stores in other countries. Say Northern Ireland? .-. 

Deaconclgi says:

I used to live in Alpharetta and shop at North Point Mall often. I still have video that I recorded on my Nokia N8 while at the mall in 2010. Alpharetta is a prime location as many wealthy people live there due to many corporations having their corporate offices and call centers there.

I'll have to visit there the next time I travel back to Georgia.

larspassic says:

Hmm. Elven specialty stores. How fantastic.

Bham!!!!!! C'mon!

Novron says:

Careful what you wish, from the sound of the other sites, they'll put it in Eastwood mall.
Really need to put it at the Summit though.

SwimSwim says:

Glad to see more people gaining access to a Microsoft Store in some form. I love my local Microsoft Store, it's fun to play with the products and the customer service there has been PERFECT. I'm even sorta friends with some of the employees (what a sad life I lead...).

I feel all Microsoft supporters should get that benefit and luxury, so I'm glad that we're few pop ups closer to that dream. Yay!!!

There is a need of a regular Microsoft store in NYC. There is a store in NY but not in the city where usually everything is. The store is located in Westchester outside of the city. I don't know what and why is taking so long for Microsoft to have a complete store in NYC. We do have a specialty store in the city. It is like a kiosk.

Appleby55 says:

They should be plastered all over New York City

k0de says:

Agree. What are they waiting for? One in every borough. Manhattan, Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island.

Novron says:

Stop electing communists and they might do that.

People obviously need to be taught what Communism is if they think there has been one elected in the United States.

Novron says:

We've been taught. NYC's mayor can fill three Bingo cards worth of qualifications.

SmoothDog says:

Word Novron. NYC mayor is a joke. You elect them, don't complain when they do idiotic things.

Three bingo cards worth of qualifications for what? Being a communist? Only if you have no real clue what Communism is.

Novron says:

There is Communism and there are communists. The mayor is a communist.

Communists are those who go by the political idea of Communism. Please, tell me what makes the new mayor a Communist.

Appleby55 says:

Ever going to get one in Wisconsin?

WilsonBlaze says:

Wisconsin is a nice place, hopefully soon

wjyjw1231 says:

I live in China. Any advice?

k0de says:

Yes. The article is for USA only. Hopefully MSFT have same plans for China in the near future.

Novron says:

Overthrow your government.

Flavio76 says:

Sunning department store sometimes have it all you need....

Drehood says:

Omaha, FINALLY!!!! Man, I've been looking forward to this for a while!!!!!

Richard_Indy says:

Used to live in Bellevue. A nice place to grow a family. I'd be stoked if I still lived there. Too bad its not next to the Nebraska Furniture Mart..

Drehood says:

Rixhard_Indy, I live about 7 minutes from Westroads so this is an awesome location for me. Lol, Xsled, definitely!

Xsled says:

Agreed! Finally!

Richard_Indy says:

The one in Indianapolis is a nice one but then again, its the only one that I have been in. My 81 y/o mom bought a Dell Venue 8 Pro there, it went bad, she returned it and they offered a new one and some free classes on whatever she needed to make her Windows 8 tablet experience better.

dcutting says:

Would love to see one in Rochester, NY at Eastview Mall directly across the hall from the Apple store

In Cheektowaga at the galleria mall there is one, if your willing to drive and familiar with the Buffalo area.

Posted via Windows Phone Central App

Thimbro says:

Dallas please...Arlington is far.

Is Frisco,Texas (just north of Dallas, off the Dallas Tollway) closer to you than Arlington? Stonebriar Centre Mall in Frisco,Texas has had a Microsoft Specialty Store since October 26th,2012. I've been told by the people that work at the specialty store that Microsoft wants to put full line store there, just a matter of space opening up in that mall which space is in high demand there.

MMissionary says:

Still not one darn store in SC. Clostest is in Charlotte which sucks because its a popup store as well. 

+1 for Des Moines. They are building huge data center here. About time we got some retail love.

dorelse says:

Yep, never thought of that tie-in...yep, need to have a store where they're located!  Very excited!

shaskell724 says:

Yay! I live in Thousand Oaks, CA!! I will be there! :)

semerdar34 says:

None near El Paso Tx? Lol I could only hope...

MikeSo says:

Woohoo, one coming to my city. Looking forward to going there :)

Cleveland2k says:

We need one in Alabama. Georgia is too far for me.

It is a pain to know there's an Apple Store just a few minutes from the house here in Birmingham but no Microsoft Store. There's even retail space available in the same complex where Apple is located for Microsoft to setup shop in.

And I agree... Georgia is too far.

Novron says:

So you live a few minutes from me, George.
The Summit hill is also unincorporated, so no city tax for them. Probably why Apple picked that location too.

swizzlerz says:

The more stores the better...

locokip says:

Just happen to be flying into Atlanta the morning of the opening in Alpharetta, GA. Guess I'll be making a side trip!

Antluv82 says:

Y'all need Tu make one in Richmond VA

KrightonX says:

Richmond is one of the Murder captials in America. It's the Hood cuz. Probably not a smart business move to open shop only to have it all stolen.

At first I thought you had mistaken Richmond VA with the god awful Richmond, CA. I looked it up and you are right, Richmond VA is pretty terrible, I had no idea. Richmond CA is considerably worst though.

Alpharetta, GA ... FTW.

princeegli says:

I live close to the north point mall,in Alpharetta,ga ....i plan to go on may 3

locokip says:

I hope they post something on any special opening hours and events they plan on having on the 3rd.  I'll be keeping my eyes open for promotional statements.


There is a Microsoft store in the Mall of America in Minnesota where I live. It's right across from the Apple store. I'm always going into the MS store. I then for fun walk into the apple store and it always reminds me why I don't use apple products. I go back into Ms store after.

SmoothDog says:

I'll be in the MS store in the Mall of America next week. Sweet store. It's the closest one for me, but when I'm in the cities I try and stop by.

OH very cool. I don't live that far from the MOA. Maybe 15 or 20 minutes to drive. When are you going?

SmoothDog says:

Probably Friday afternoon. Going to Chanhassen Dinner theatre Friday Night and Saturday. Family wants to hit the MOA before the Friday night entertainment and I'll stop in when I can convince them to let me have my fun for once!

lesd777 says:

All too far away. Need to bring one to Northwest AR.

Eh 3 hours to Baton Rouge isn't bad I guess. Better than 5 hours to the one in Houston or 5 hours to Atlanta. Maybe a day trip to check it out sometime.

diego15nets says:

3 hr drive, 6 hrs total, that's MS dedication!

kingkoopa09 says:

1.5 for 3 total ratchet city here I come

Andatwa says:

So, since these are only speciality stores, will they be offering any first-in-line giveaways? Have other specialty stores offered specials at their grand openings?

diego15nets says:

Making a trip to Canton, GA for my wedding next week and what a coincidence that the MS store opens the same day as my wedding! Will probably go check it out the following day. North Point mall has an Apple store too, will be fun to see MS steer away customers from them! I've made my dad into a WP fan too so I know he'll be there while my mom is shopping, haha.

What time is the opening for the Boise store? I'm so surprised Boise made the list it NEVER does for major stores...

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

onysi says:

worst city in california.  thousand oaks is a small city.  microsoft needs to come to santa clarita or san fernando valley where apple dominates.

ola500 says:

Would love a store here in Brisbane, Australia. While you're here, I wouldn't mind Bing Rewards, Cortana, Bing Personalized........

tkdmacgeek says:

Obama is traitor

Wael Hasno says:

I live in Sweden. And although I live like 800km from Stockholm, I would not mind travelling that distance if there was a Microsoft Store waiting for me there. This is really unfair.. Lived in Greece before, you can't even buy a Surface there, yet Apple had stores around. No wonder we are so far behind in market.

twomill69 says:

Future stores in the UK perhaps ?

Jaskys says:


corproberts says:

We need some of these in the UK!

Monty9811 says:

It would be nice to have one in Australia. I'd apply for a job there.

RaRa85 says:

The Mall in Columbia. All I need to know. :D

ebradley says:

Woohoo, getting one in my city.

leo74 says:

Since my office is in Alpharetta, I guess I will have to stop by at the store on May 3rd.

plugfire says:

Can't they just turn Nokia shops into Microsoft stores in the near future?

kingkoopa09 says:

Baton rouge la finally a location in Louisiana

chandy227 says:

I guess with IBM and all the booming technology stuff going on there we got it instead of NOLA.  Pretty excited, I'll support them in hopes of them making a solid brick and mortar store.  There's a couple empty spaces at Mall of Louisiana including the Boulevard section where the Apple store is.

radmanvr says:

I have 2 Microsoft stores where I live. I wish I had another one so I didn't have to drive 30 minutes

kingkoopa09 says:

Yea same here id have a job in 2 secs I sell the ish for free

It takes me a 15 minute BART ride to get to the downtown store, but its up on a third level. I need another even closer that's street level...

(you live around San Mateo?)

DWTrump says:

I guess it's better than nothing, but the "specialty store" here in Charlotte is a joke. It was fine when it was just a holiday store, but the selection is too limited (only a few phones, a few tablets and Xbox, along with a select few accessories) and with it being within shouting distance of a large Apple store, MS is bringing a knife to a gunfight. The money in that area of town is there to be had if they put half an effort.

scardboy says:

Still nothing near Reno :/

fpostrow says:

Yea baby. S Portland. Woo hoo!

volvoV70guy says:

It would be nice if they'd open one in Albany. Of course, there isn't a huge market for luxury items here in the rust belt, but we have Apple stores. I dislike going downstate and I won't travel to snotty Westchester just to go to a store. A lot of people around here won't go down there. Or to New England. It's a shame that this area is so depressed, and we are shunned by retailers as things continue to fall apart here.


Never saw the point of these, honestly.

To me, Best Buy is, basically, 'the Microsoft Store'.