Elkjøp in Norway shipping Lumia 930's early to customers

The Nokia Lumia 930 with Windows Phone 8.1 is just starting to roll out globally, and Norway is slated for July 10th. Preorders started just about a week ago at various retailers, including Elkjøp with the device costing 4495 in Norwegian Krone, or about US $735.

We are getting reports from at least two customers that Elkjøp has already shipped preorders, with reader Sindre H. already receiving his today in the mail and sending us the above photo. Forum member 'thorkenneth' also confirms that preorders have begun shipping, beating out almost all other locations.

The Lumia 930 is the current flagship Windows Phone with 8.1 preloaded. It comes with a more moderate 5-inch display instead of the Lumia 1520's larger 6-inch. In addition, the Lumia 930 comes with a 2.2 GHz Snapdragon 800 processor inside, along with 2GB of RAM, Qi wireless charging and 32GB for storage. The rear PureView camera supports an impressive 20 megapixels.

Have you preordered the Lumia 930, if so when do you expect it?

Thanks, Sindre, for the tip and photo



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When releasing in Singapore ?

+925 haha. Anyways, the number '9' looks different? As in in terms of its font

"All new! Now with non-working Calendars!  We're ready to take your orders..."

andrewkeith5 says:

And now fixed....

Giddora says:

You mean the issue they fixed in about 48 hours?

Replace it with 1020 is good?

DJCBS says:

If your main focus is on imaging, no. This doesn't replace the 1020. But apart from that, everything else in the 930 is better than the 1020. (Well...except the size as far as I'm concerned).

Rockartisten says:

Actually, the 930 is slightly thinner and narrower, but a little bit taller.

Lighter too. Love my 1020, but its kind of a top-heavy brick of a device.

taymur says:

I like this comment. Sounds good to the ear.

SomeGuy11 says:

I have 2 920s, a 1020, 520 and a 925. All but the 520 are Qi enabled so I'm invested in Qi w accessories. Will likely wait til this becomes affordable on aftermarket then get one for a couple hundred $. But no glance screen may kill it for me.

osars ehi says:

Wow Are you currently using all those phones? Or u meant to say you had

SomeGuy11 says:

I have them all. Use a 1020 as main phone, 925 as a 2nd. 1 920 for wifey another as backup. The 520 was free so its my sons angry birds phone

zhris says:

Now I want to go home and look at the box my 925 came in to see if the clock is set to 9:25....

SammyD97 says:

Lol. Good observation, and it's very cute of them to do that though.

DJCBS says:

So they're sticking with the horrible boxes in Europe too...what a shame.

Anyway, I got it pre-ordered for 499€ (well, 440€ because it comes with a free wireless charging plate that's worth 60€ in Europe). But I'm only schedule to get it by the 25th July.

Really? I really like the new boxes. Feels fresh. Got tired of the blue shoe box design.

DJCBS says:

It's the white and the shape. The use of the white makes it look more cheap than it should. If they're going for this box design I think they'd be better with the black/white combination of the Surface boxes.


This one sort of reproduces the same design I don't like in Sony's Xperia boxes.


(Also, I liked the old Nokia-Blue boxes. Not to mention, having them all the same makes it easier to store them all together).

cesar ruiz1 says:

If that box looks cheap to you I can't imagine how you feel about AT&T's package which is less then cheap.

DJCBS says:

I'm European. I don't deal with AT&T nor do I buy my phones on or from carriers ;)

Rex Xu says:

If it was like that here in the US, we would expect alot of people paying less for their "Free with contract" phones. I have how carriers just make it harder for consumers to understand how much they are paying up front.

Aleksi says:

the new retail box is actually a lot better looking in real life than in pictures. Just got my Lumia 638 for work yesterday. Me thinks it's even better than the old blue one.

Green Onion says:

Orange is a good color!

Hey, that's me :D Awesome!

Yugiro says:

Congratulations on your new Lumia 930!

desitunez says:

Share more pics/ photos, cheers

BK1112 says:

More photos and an unboxing video pls!

langemyr says:

Grattis... Venter på min fra telenor.

Giddora says:

And your nick is in trollspråk. Awesome! :)

noelito says:

I can't wait to import this to America

I think the 930 and the 1520 are the same or not? Besides the IPS LCD vs the AMOLED and the size of the screen or am I wrong? I am using a 1520 but would love to have the 930 but if the difference is not quite big... i prefer to wait and get a new WP with more differences... 

IAmBay says:

Does anyone know when AT&T will be getting a new nokia Lumia phone?

Chef316 says:

Really hope T-Mobile gets this phone! Could do without the wireless charging...but would love the 32GB capacity. Would be a welcome upgrade from my 925.

Chef316 says:

Should I get an unlocked one as soon as they are available to use it on T-Mobile US

Mark Richey says:

Wireless charging is a must for me. Quite spoiled by my 920 in that regard. If MS will ever get music together so streaming works consistently I could go for the 32gb. Otherwise, might go for 1520 with micro SD. Size worries me a bit and 5" seems just right.

Averell says:

I still have a big concern on its battery. I'm using 920 and 925, and I want to upgrade, 1020 is slow (in taking photo), 1520 is too big, and 930 is bad in battery life :-(

BTW, I wonder whether 930 has knock-to-wake?


Rex Xu says:

I read somewhere that the 930 will have the double tap to wake feature that is also available on the previous phones, but no glance screen. Sorry I don't remember the source article.

Yes. Lack of Glance is the deal breaker for me. Seems like a silly little thing perhaps but there is actually nothing wrong with my 920. I just want a new toy to play with but if it has less of my daily used features... That and battery life.

luk3ja says:

It has better battery than the 925/

M4MF says:

Still not competing My L920.

The next Flagship is mine.

Edwardlb20 says:

Nice box, could you guys get hold of one for an unboxing?

Dragonic87 says:

HNNNNNG! Such Jelly!

cybermoose89 says:

Its still coming soon on uk sites has not shown up on amazon yet who do pretty good deals

Got mine yesterday from Telia Denmark.
First impression - great phone
Second impression - awesome phone!!
I do miss glance though.

steve ward1 says:

EARLY!!!! November would have been early and we would also have gained another couple of percentage points of market sharefrom all the Christmas market and contract renewals. Wp8.1 should have happened at the same time. 6 month late for catching the bus is not early..

Giddora says:

Christmas is in six months.

beautiful phone.. :'D

For 375 US $ ?!?!?! Why so cheap? In France the Same device costs €549, what is more like 700 US $.

Price difference between regions are so un fair! It's ridiculous!!!

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crmz says:

Got my 930 from Lefdal yesterday... They sent it on 30 june...