US talk show Ellen gives away Nokia Lumia 1520s in Beats Music promotion

Cameron Diaz starred as guest on a recent episode of Ellen, a popular talk show in the US. What made this particular episode rather special was Ellen giving away three Nokia Lumia 1520 Windows Phones to selected members of the audience. These lucky winners participated in 'Humdinger', a game where they had to score points by guessing which song Diaz was humming.

But wait, there's more, as Ellen gave the entire studio audience 1520's as well. Noice.

The giveaway coincided with promotion of the new Beats Music service, which recently went live and is ready for download on Windows Phone. If you haven't already checked out the new on-demand and discovery service (and aren't happy with what's already available), we recommend you check it out.

Source: YouTube; thanks, Justin, for the tip!



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Pretty cool! More brand awareness.

TheSnapDude says:

Totally, did you hear the loud pop the audience gave for the Nokia Lumia 1520!?  That is awesome!!

Chemilinski says:

Don't Americans clap for everything though..?

In talk shows they give the audience cues to clap, cheer, etc. I'm pretty sure it's the same everywhere, not just the US.

Chemilinski says:

It certainly isn't like that in the UK. The Brits are generally quite stiff in that regard.

inurear says:

Are you telling me you can give a brit $500, and he/she won't express gratitude!?

I would go ape shit crazy and cry...
You hear that WPCentral... remember that next time i enter a contest. :D

eddlang says:

They clap because they're getting a free smartphone.

It goes like this:

Ellen: "So everyone in the audience is gonna go home with a nokia lumia 1520..."

Audience: "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa free phoneeeeee aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Audience: "Wait... what's a nokya loomia 15 20?!! Who cares. We're getting FREE smartphone. Yaaayyyy."

Hopefully they won't sell it and buy that tiny thing called the iPhone 5s, which is a late-2013 "high end" smartphone with 1GB of RAM and has a "retina display" with pixel density lower than my 4.5 inch 720p Lumia 925.

wtma says:

Still a "retina display", to be honest the term does sell, for actually half the phone's price maybe.

TheSnapDude says:

I love how the camera on my 1020 is amazing, and how I can see my damn phone screen in bright sunlight when I am outside!  

Lol. That seems about right.

TheSnapDude says:

2 types of Americans:  the dumb sheep who eat up all the distractionary bullshit, and the real Patriots

koenshaku says:

Those muppets would give a loud pop for anything. They all looked drugged I am amazed people watch this rubbish. It reminds me why I haven't taken my cable box out of the box in the past 6 months.

hs k says:

I haven't watched something on tv for the past 6-7years or so!

MikeSo says:

I don't even own a 6-7years!

I always loved Ellen :)

TechnoTim says:

Dear Ellen. Please send me a 1520

stui83 says:

Check eBay tonight :)

wpn00b says:

Dear Ellen, please send me $1520!

Agent-P says:

She's so funny. Her guest interviews never bore me.

Chemilinski says:

And they're probably so excited! Thinking, 'I'm gonna sell this and buy an iPad :D'

That's what I'm thinking they might do :(

Montpbm says:

Well they can sure sell it to me then..

ThePKReddy says:

That's how I got my HD7. The seller got the phone free

Hope to see "Crack-Head" prices on Craigslist soon. Cheers to Ellen.

Ken Heslip says:

Doesn't really matter what the studio audience does with the phone. The TV audience thinks they love Nokias....that's the point.

Pete Almanza says:

Haha I just watched this bit a few hours ago. Ellen is a guilty pleasure. 

sholokov says:

Me too and I tipped it as well, but I didn't have any footage of the show.

david90531 says:

Don't feel guilty about watching Ellen at all, she's here for 11 years for a reason.

aitt says:

Now every woman will want a 1520.

TheSnapDude says:

those Ellen sheep will just use the 1520 to look up stupid shit on Pintrest

Credo93 says:

I'm so jealous, i really want a white Lumia 1520 :( damn ... One day, one day :-)

damo579 says:

Which phone do you have at the moment?

Credo93 says:

A Cyan Lumia 920. I'm going to miss it, but i'm ready for more horcepower, more megapixels and more screensize :)

silverbladex says:

I too had the cyan 920. I wanted the white 1520 too but ended up getting ready because of availability. Just wish the 1520 came in cyan.

Credo93 says:

I feel the pain bro, i feel the pain... If the 1520 was released in Cyan, it would make me really happy, i mean it, really happy :(

damo579 says:

I have the 920 in red. Hopefully the successor to the 920 will be available in cyan....

Credo93 says:

Yeah man, i really hope so, i also love the camera strip on the back of the 920, i think the design of the camera on the 1520 is a downgrade in terms of design, specs wise it is almost the best. Damn i wish i was part of the Nokia design team .... 

bobmcelyea says:

She actually gave 1520s to the entire audience! Wish I was there.

joe_easton says:

You actually didn't read the article

NykoAlly says:

Joe, you might want to re-read.

Roach26 says:

She gave phones to all the audience. I watched the show...

schlubadub says:

... And it already says it in the article, so there's no need to repeat

HansTj says:

No, YOU didn't.

Not just the 3 audience members, but she gave one to everyone in the audience!

joe_easton says:

Come on people, read the article before commenting

The article didn't mention the fact that everyone got one at the time I posted the comment.

TuanLVT says:

U should watch the video, and read article carefully

Nik Rolls says:

Imagine the deflation of the original winners' egos after realizing that everyone else got one too but for doing nothing ... ;)

mango.lover says:

Not the first time Ellen has given away a Microsoft product: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=okMCodha7Vs

Cool, now I will check EBay & Craigslist hoping for a discount.

Kenjoe says:

Damn i want Nokia 1520 so bad

I couldn't help but watch the entire video.

You lost me at Ellen...

joe_easton says:

Nice promo. I think more people pay attention to things like this when its linked to a service like Beats

willied says:

I hope they can hold them in their hands.

DaveGx says:

Good I guess. Don't understand who exactly watches lame shows like this though.

DaveGx says:

I'll never understand the fascination with these "talk" shows. They're really pointless.

someoneinwa says:

Says the guy posting a comment on a tech blog. To each our own.

david90531 says:

Best talk show out there. Ellen is a saviour

cesar ruiz1 says:

I can see those ladies at home saying to the Lumia "oh my god you so big mmmm" and the husbands are gonna be like " with who the f**k are you talking too.

armandolara says:

And that was the day the WP marketshare doubled.

Roach26 says:

Was watching it today. It was pretty cool...

SB5 says:

Lies.. That's no giant nokia lumia, the status bar isn't right... Looks like android. :(

You beat me to it! Ya, it may have been a "Lumia", but the giant "Lumia" ran Android...

birgs says:

That's the best for windowsphone to be popular,,,it's more exciting in Windows Phone 8.1, and will surpass iphone if thousands of OEMs make windows phone...

Marco Gomes1 says:

Thousands of OEMs?!

wtma says:

Yeah, in China alone.

TheSnapDude says:

Hopefully these women will actually learn to use the phone for real stuff like photography, and not to use it just to go to some stupid Ellen app

Yeah, I bet not even half the audience had even known of windows phone, lol

Got mine, but Ellen can send Ms. Diaz over to pose for my camera!

davidD93 says:

 This is the first time I've seen "Download from Windows Phone Store". More of this please.

MikeSo says:

Yeah I think that's the most exciting part. Nobody ever says that.


Good promotion. I bet this will do more for WP than most of the product placement they do, which is seemingly everywhere.

jabtano says:

Pretty good promo none the less, as Ellen, is seen buy millions.With what is coming in WP8.1. I really can't see how WP can be ignored by the main stream. I hope that Microsoft continues this type of promo's when they get the keys.

mprebich says:

Agree. Finally, MS is getting a clue as to what a marketing strategy is all about. People WILL go out and buy stuff just because they saw it on Ellen.

boxa72 says:

Great exposure for the brand;)

rohitharsh says:

Why the heck the two girls who lost got a phone too.This is what I don't like.

david90531 says:

What about the ppl in the audience that did absolutely nothing? They get a phone too

James Griggs says:

HAH I read this on my 1520 :3

Nabkawe5 says:

New information Cameron Diaz is both tone deaf and short breathed. :)

That isn't news if you saw There's Something About Mary...

Jabid21 says:

So did everyone have to get a 2 year contract?

mobilejk says:

Haha. I think they have to pay taxes on it too cuz it's a gift.

mrdeezus says:

I have the Focus, titan 1, 920,1020 and the 1520. Other than the screen dimming bug is the perfect phone for me....once you go with a large phone its hard to go back....

Somerichs says:

I forgot, Ellen did that commercial for beats audio during the Superbowl...it all makes sense now...

Really? I'm shocked! :O

Jeternal740 says:

I helped sell THREE L1520 devices today; two of them to women. This has NEVER happened before. Coincidence? Perhaps. Glad to see two excellent products get some shine!

mrolympia74 says:

Do you work for AT&T? Im curious how people respond to Windows Phone in the store and what percentage of people look at them

Jeternal740 says:

I work for a familiar devices company ;-) The L1520 is the best selling phone out of the 920, 925 & 1020 at most AT&T stores with the exception of the 520.

Jeternal740 says:

I work for a familiar devices company. The L1520 the most popular WP at AT&T stores with the exception of the 520.

mikosoft says:

This was so awfully staged I'm surprised it didn't backfire. But it seems in US TV anything goes.

Why do so many people have strong hate against our beloved 'Murica? :-/

MikeSo says:

Everybody hates the smart and the beautiful. America, FUCK YEAH!

david90531 says:

I just watched this... So jealous of those ppl!!

willied says:

That clip was downright cringe-worthy.

Cy Bravo says:

I find irony in this; as the Beats music app for the windows phone barely works. Maybe it actually works on the 1520 well, but it keeps stopping songs and lags really hard on my Lumia 1020.

mrTablet says:

Lucky people :)

Marco Gomes1 says:

And suddenly the number of windows phone users in the US just doubled.

mcmc08 says:

So, your'e saying there were 50 million people in the studio audience?  Wow.  I wouldn't have thought there were more than a few hundred. 

Either that or you're saying that there were 50 million people watching and all of them will buy Windows Phones as a result of the promotion.  I kind of doubt that, though I think it will increase sales.

Oh, I see.  You were trying to be funny.  I get it now.  Oh, that was a good one.

TheSnapDude says:

Ellen sheep will buy whatever the fuck she says is good, so yes, Marco is correct!