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Endless Robot Street, a smash 'em up kinda game

Endless Robot Street

I'm not sure if you would consider the Windows Phone game Endless Robot Street a game or a stress reliever. It's listed in the Windows Phone Store as a game but plays more along the lines of a street reliever.

With Endless Robot Street you play the role of a giant robot who goes down the street smashing everything in sight. While the game keeps track of your destruction as career stats, there's no in-game scores or any way you can lose. Still, there's an odd sort of attraction to Endless Robot Street.

When you launch Endless Robot Street you have the option to swipe down to begin the game or swipe up to view your destruction stats.  You're destruction stats includes how many people, cars, buses, helicopters and buildings you've crushed during your career and the day.

Game play is simple, you control a giant robot leg that crushes, kicks and stomps whatever is in sight. When you're in the game, swipe up at the screen to raise the leg and swipe down to lower. The faster you swipe, the harder the legs stomps and once your foot makes contact you can continue to swipe to crush whatever is beneath your foot. Cars will take a little more effort to crush than pedestrians.

Endless Robot Street

You can swipe left or right for kicking action. Which is kinda neat when you kick a bus into a flying helicopter. Your robot will slowly advance down the street as you crush things and eventually you'll generate enough power to enable your lasers. When you get the green light to use lasers, just tap/hold the screen with two fingers in the area you want to blast with the lasers.

As your travel further, you'll get the chance to squish buses, buildings and helicopters.

Endless Robot Street has an odd attraction to it. From the crunching sounds of cars to the squish the pedestrians make to kicking buses down the road, the game has a little bit of an addictive quality to it. I consider it more of a stress reliever than anything because it really lacks any gaming features.

Graphics are nice, controls simple and my only nit is that you can't access your destruction stats while your in the middle of a game. If needs to be an option when you pause the game.

If you need to vent by crushing everything in sight, Endless Robot Street is worth trying. It is a free game and you can find Endless Robot Street here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Endless Robot Street



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A "street reliever"??? What's that?? Hahaha

this game is amazing haha, i love it! 

hahaha ,,, i like this game :)

mondokjm says:

Sounds unique. I'll give it a go.

mrcraggle says:

It's fun for a couple of minutes but then you're just stomping the same things. It'd be much more interesting if there was some kind of variety. I kept playing in hopes that the military would come in to try and stop me using tanks and stuff. The graphics have a cool style and it has some fun physics as you can kick and flip the vehicles but that's about it.

MSfiend says:

I think I'll pass...

I'm pretty sure that the game is a tech demo primarily.

Salman Shah says:

Very low file size, worth a try.