Endomondo Sports Tracker gains Bluetooth support for heart rate belts

MobileFiltEndomondo is a popular running app for Windows Phone and other platforms. In fact, you recently voted for it as your favored exercise app so it seems apropos for them to reward you back with a hefty update.

Heading to the Windows Phone Store, and we're eyeing a 9.1 release tonight and its banner feature is enabling Bluetooth heart rate belts. But there's a lot more to this update, which follows on the heels of the previous 9.0 refresh that came out in April.



  • Bluetooth heart rate belts support
  • Updated calorie calculation
  • Set your weight, height, age and gender in settings
  • Enhanced newsfeed (like, comment, send peptalks, view photos, mini map, open friends workout)
  • Set title and attach photos to your workout
  • Fixed autopause bug that would crash application after workout was stopped
  • Fixed manual workout sport selection bug
  • Other small fixes and improvements

Looking at some of the new features and improvements, and it is clear Endomondo is back in the game with Windows Phone. The ability to use Bluetooth 4.0 LE* is relatively new for Windows Phone developers, and we're big fans of using heart rate monitors while exercising. When combined with your age, weight, height and gender, heart-rate monitors can result in more accurate calorie counting, not to mention hitting 'target' levels when doing cardio.

*Reminder: If you're using Windows Phone 8.1 Preview for Developers and Lumia device, Bluetooth 4.0 LE may be disabled until the Lumia Cyan update comes out

Unfortunately, we're traveling this week, so we can't give the new heart-rate monitor support a run, but if you have a monitor (or are thinking of getting one), you may want to go download this latest Endomondo update. Sign up, sign in and get going for #MobileFit with us!

Pick up Endomondo here in the Windows Phone Store

Thanks, Shane S., for the tip

QR: endomondo



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mylumia928 says:

What is your start screen wallpaper, Daniel?

Sam Sabri says:

That's mine and I'll NEVER tell :D

P.S. Endomondo is a pretty sweet app huh?

mylumia928 says:

Ok , lol :-) worth a shot

Posted via the WP Central app on my Nokia 3310

Ankmeyester says:

Yeah awesome app!

Sam you love trolling the readership with your secret stash of start screen wallpapers :/

The people shall find a way to fight back soon :D

So glad that Endomondo is a big supporter of Windows Phones! Cannot wait to get out there and run with a new update!

darthhen says:

It is working for me. Using Zephyr HRM. FINALLY!

darthhen says:

I am using 1020. 8.1 preview installed.

Shane says:

Saw this in the beta, nice addition. What confuses me is the change to yards instead of 10ths of a mile when adding a manual entry. Most treadmills use 10ths, i.e. 3.10 miles. Wondering why they made the change?

Mdc84 says:

To remind us how outdated imperial measurements are? 

lum5 says:

What's the problem with Bluetooth why it is disabled?

Theevenger says:

So, is Bluetooth 4.0 LE enabled for other phones running the 8.1 preview..? (Specifically the HTC 8X.)

ktl88 says:

Edit- my Polar H7 HRM is not pairing/working with endomondo.
It works well with Runtastic Pro and Adidas miCoach on my Lumia 920 with 8.1 DP.
So I believe my phone has Bluetooth LE 4 enabled, but for some reason Endomondo won't pair.

Gag Halfrunt says:

Here the same with the H7.

BTW: How did you get the H7 working with Runtastic Pro? 

Support Endomondo a company who's home page offers no obvious outlook or Hotmail option? But has large Google, Facebook and even Yahoo mail icons? They update WindowsPhone last and typically 8-12 months after other platforms? Or you can support running app's developed for windows phone?

KMF79 says:

Now isn't that interesting.

They're supporting Windows Phone, they should be getting a kudos from you guys.

bawboh86 says:

Yay! I love Endomondo. I've been using it since I was on Android and still have my Bluetooth heartrate monitor. :)

Ankmeyester says:

Dan which app do you use for "word of the day"?

Ankmeyester says:

Awesome thanks! I kept wondering where you found those words you kept slipping into these articles :P

I'll download it and use it in addition to the Advanced English Dictionary app's wide live tile. That too shows me word of the day along with options to toggle which words i want to see (yesterday/today/tomorrow)

Hi Daniel. Which app you are using for the background image ? Thanks, regards.

sHAYM4N says:

Great news just really want routes added now!

StefEBear says:

I'd love to see this (or one of the others) link into Microsoft's Health Vault

apocacrux says:

Just gave this app another try today.
I realize that I still prefer Track Runner just for overall usability. But this is definitely a very close second. Though I can't seem to get the Facebook integration to work.

blackprince says:

They added a transparent tile too, almost missed it on my start screen.

elrohlik says:

What HR belts are supported? Any info on that? Please link.

Their forum page is old and still shows that HR monitoring for WP is not supported.



jarmopit says:

Seems faster :P

Captain_Eric says:

You running faster?

Posted via the WPC App for Android!

tweedie says:

I too would like to know specifically what heart rate monitor it supports.  Seen a "generic one" for £19 online which is cheap compared to more well known brands, but no idea if it will support it with windows/endomondo!

In thoery, shouldn't any bluetooth work?  I mean, its just a protocol that all blue tooth device has to conform to, so it doesn't matter what the device is.

hitchhiker90 says:

I have a polar FT7 which I don't think is bluetooth so its probably not supported by endomondo :(  Looking for an easier way to transfer data from the watch to someplace online.  Oh well, I'm going to download endomondo anyway to see what it can do.