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WatchESPN comes to Windows 8, never miss a live game again

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Get ready for this year's Super Bowl with NFL Connect for Windows 8


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Official Barclays app for Windows Phone currently in internal testing


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Football kicks off today, grab the official NFL Fantasy app for Windows 8 and Xbox 360

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ESPN Goals now kicking in the Marketplace (UK)

We mentioned a few days ago about ESPN Goals making its way to the UK Marketplace. That day has arrived and you can now grab it to begin the new football season. Though we haven't tried the app yet ourselves, from what we've heard, it's pretty nice. From the app description:

"The complete Barclays Premier League video App! This season football fans can watch video clips of all the goals* from every Barclays Premier League match – completely free on the ESPN Goals app. The ultimate Barclays Premier league app includes live scores, video highlights and clips of every goal, for all 380 games – within just minutes of it taking place*."

  • The essential football app for fans of the Barclays Premier League will feature:
  • Video of goals and match action from every Barclays Premier League match all season long
  • Live scores and match stats
  • Fixtures and results from around the league
  • Additional video including match previews and weekend round-ups
  • Video alerts: Alerts for goal videos, match highlight clips and Weekend roundup clips
  • In-match Clips

Sounds fairly comprehensive to us and the app looks well designed as you can see from above. If its something you think you'll want to pick up, you can get it for free here in the Marketplace. [Not available in the US]

Thanks, Damien H. and Dale B., for the tip!



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Dagolara says:

And for once US users (at least me) are jealous of an app abroad.

I probably wouldve downloaded it just to the the layout of it but why would an app made by an american company not be available to the US?

I'm guessing its Barclays not so much ESPN that is calling the licensing shots here.

Really wish this was available in the US.

TheRealSel says:

this sucks i want this app so bad

luimende says:

I want! USA USA USA!

Saljen says:

See those see-through tiles? They look fantastic, even with a wallpaper behind them! Microsoft, PLEASE take que from this app and give us wallpapers with see-through tiles! PLEASE!!!!!

MarkAllett says:

I wouldn't get too upset USA guys, it's a pretty grotty app despite superficial appearances. Lots of people are having trouble with it and certainly on my Mozart, it refuses to play any videos at all. Those who have got it working say that the video quality is awful. Hopefully it'll get better.