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ESPN rebrands Soccernet to ESPNFC, new Windows Phone app launching?

WP Central

Currently for ESPN football/soccer fans there is the official ESPNSoccernet app that was launched on July 2nd. The app is an extension of, which ESPN owns but the branding was always confusing. The Windows Phone app has received mediocre reviews with some people noting it still felt like a beta.

Now, ESPN seems to be rebranding their efforts by re-launching as Going to the former site will now redirect you to the new address and site redesign. Not only that, the new site will feature many more features than the previous offering and it should keep fellow footballers happy...

ESPN did mention that there is a Windows Phone app (presumably the aforementioned ESPNsoccernet) and we can only imagine that this app will also have a re-brand and re-launch soon to match all the new services of the site itself. Those improvements are the following:

  • There will be regional differences between For example, the US and UK editions will have regional flavors. But visitors will be able to control their experience by selecting which edition they’d like to view from the top navbar,
  • Gabriele Marcotti will have an exclusive column on every Monday and Wednesday; Glenn Hoddle and Kevin Keegan will also contribute columns for the website,
  • will feature more video integration than,
  • There’ll be an enhanced live experience on the website with’s Live Match HQ featuring chats, previews, post-match updates and more,
  • Roger Bennett from Men In Blazers fame will continue his irreverent columns for,
  • ESPN Soccernet’s podcast will be rebranded as the ESPNFC Podcast,
  • The design of will evolve. It’s currently a hybrid of the design from Euro 2012 mixed with elements from,
  • will be run by a global team with contributors from both sides of the Atlantic.

No word on when a new app will launch (or be updated) but we’ll keep an eye out. For now, you can download and use the ESPNsoccernet app here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. In addition, UK users can of course still use ESPN Goals for Windows Phone. More info on that can be found here or users can download that app via this link.

QR: ESPNsoccernet

Source: ESPN; via: EPL Talk



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TheDarKnight says:

Not avialable in the US? well that sucks.

rceballos10 says:

Dang... No soccer fans huh?... I just downloaded ESPNsoccernet... Just because it's an ESPN app.

theefman says:

Might have more if the apps were better. A match of the day app would be great!

btbam91 says:

What's the status on that ESPN Fantasy Football App?

Rauliulian says:

The app its not working...some error about connecting to server...too bad, its a nice app

yoshiki2 says:

Soccer rules.  America destroyed mexico yesterday... Sweet