EU residents can now know Your Rights as a passenger with Windows Phone

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Rage against the train

The European Union has launched its own app for air and rail passengers stranded in the EU due to cancelations or delays to check their legal rights about refunds and rebates.

The app, simply titled Your Rights, is nothing extraordinary but what is neat is just how wide its coverage reaches. The app’s contents is available in 22 languages, uses local storage for data so no internet is needed and it’s available on Windows Phone, iOS, Android and Blackberry. It’s one of the first times we’ve seen such a massive simultaneous release and it’s nice to see Windows Phone right up there.

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From the app description:

“The Your Passenger Rights application provides users with clear and concise information on their travel rights within the European Union. Presented in a question/answer format, it allows users to easily identify the problem which they are experiencing and be provided with a clear explanation of their rights and the options available to them.”

Currently, the app only covers air and rail but it will extend to bus/coach and marine travel in 2013.

Sure, the EU as a concept and execution catches a lot of flak at times but it’s actually nice to see some pro-consumer legislation turn to technology for everyday use.

Pick up Your Rights here in the Windows Phone Marketplace. Via: Phys.org

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VikArmo says:

Thanks for this Daniel. It's a really well made app although I hope we don't need it!

LimeSoda says:

Hopefully with all the publicity windows 8 is getting (and wp8) it will start to become normal to simultaneously support wp as well as ios and android/ bb.

josipogo says:

For everyone who came in situation that he need to knows his rights at airport, as I have been in situation, very useful, especially if at the end will write down that airline company should pay me trip to paradise.
But, not working at Optimus 7.