European Lumia 900 arriving at Carphone Warehouse in June

Carphone Warehouse Lumia 900

The European Lumia 900, which was announced at MWC earlier today (or yesterday for those GMT and beyond), is now available for interest registration at the Carphone Warehouse. The Lumia 900 is also going to be stocked at other retailers including Unlocked Mobiles, and sports a 4.3" AMOLED (with ClearBlack technology) display, 16GB storage, 8MP camera (with FF), 512MB RAM and a 1.4Ghz chip.

No word on the pricing as of yet, but we suspect it'll be competitive and will look to be around the £450 mark. According to the registration page, they are looking at a June 2012 launch.

Source: Carphone Warehousethanks, Richard, for the tip!



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Sounds really good. Happy with my HTC TITAN though!

camptime says:

Hope the camera is better then my 800. Still no update to fix the poor quality photos it takes.

Nitaino says:

Nah I won't buy any new WP until Apollo comes out. I Want new hardware specs

onysi says:

these new phones are apollo ready actually.

Tahiti Bob says:

Yeah but Apollo phones will have NFC, multi core, high res, etc. If the Lumia 900 is only out in June, one could as well wait for the Apollo devices.

Big Supes says:

It really depends on the persons budget. Apollo devices will obviously cost a lot more. I'm seriously tempted by the 900. Its gorgeous. By June we'll know a great deal more about Apollo so I'll be able to make an informed decision then.

MarkAllett says:

June huh? Given we're still in February, I guess Carphone Warehouse has a different idea to me as to what constitutes "soon".

conair346 says:

I had an E7 with FF and wasn't a fan, lets hope any new devices don't come with it after this!

CarlosTSG says:

I bet it would be over £550 as Carphone Warehouse aren't cheap.