Events for Me, an Eventbrite client app for Windows Phone

Events For Me

Events For Me is a Eventbrite client app for Windows Phone app that lets you tap into your Eventbrite account while on the go.  What is Eventbrite?  Eventbrite is an event managing service where you can promote the event, sell/buy tickets, and validate tickets at the door.  Eventbrite is used for fundraisers, concerts, sporting events and industry conferences.

Events For Me supports the event attendee aspect of Eventbrite’s services.  You can find events, buy tickets, display tickets for validation at the door, and more.  It is an interesting app and if you find yourself attending Eventbrite events, Events For Me is worth looking into.

The main pages for Events For Me include a My Tickets page that lists your tickets for upcoming events and an Events page that lists nearby events.  You will need to register with Eventbrite to use Events For Me.  Registration is free and can be done at Eventbrite’s website.

Events For Me
Events For Me Main Pages and Events Listing

At the bottom of the main pages, you will find control buttons that allow you to filter your events, refresh the screens, and search through the events by keyword.  Options up under the three-dot menu include providing feedback to the developer, share the app, rate the app, view the about screen and log in/out of your Eventbrite account.

Event listings cover a brief description of the event along with dates/times for the event.  At the bottom of the listing, control buttons are available to map out the event and buy a ticket to the event.  When you choose to buy a ticket, you are sent to the corresponding website for the event to complete the purchase.  After which, your ticket will be displayed on your My Tickets page.  You can then pull up ticket information and a QR Code that can be scanned at the event for validation.

Events For Me
Events For Me Settings and Ticket Display

Other features of Events For Me include:

  • Unique markers for recurring/repeating events
  • Unique markers for multi-day events
  • Displays multiple tickets/barcodes for multiple attendees from the same order
  • Ability to pin tickets for each attendee to your Windows Phone Start Screen
  • Windows Phone Wallet integration

The latest update to the app added localized versions for German, Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese.  It is also our understanding that Windows Phone calendar integration is in the works for the next update for Events For Me.

Events For Me may not for everyone but if you attend events managed by Eventbrite, I can see it coming in handy.  It is a free app available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.  You can find Events For Me here in the Windows Phone Store.

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rahulrambhat says:

Interesting,but no use for me

Aashish13 says:

Good app. Will nokia release their black update this week for everyone??

rahulrambhat says:

Use dev preview!!!!!!!!

Aashish13 says:

Preview is for gdr3 not for black right?

rahulrambhat says:

Wat feature do u want frm black?

I want all new glance features and Bluetooth 4.0 , nokia story teller,nokia Beamer,etc

sickleykey says:

Hey George, here is the link for my application that I developed for Events happening in and around New York. It gives all events, ticket prices, walking and drive directions to the venue. I am working on the next version with many more exciting features.
Please could you take a look and any feedback will be highly appreciated. Thanks.

toraji says:



just installed your app...looks good and might be very helpful for New Yorkers and Tourists visiting this city!!!!



hotraia says:

Hay gays Lumia black is now available

Hey GAY you are drunk !!! 

Aashish13 says:

Which country are u from and how u got it?

Aashish13 says:

Which country are you from and how u got it???

Haha are you serious ,he is kidding.

Hey yes lumia black is avaliable for lumia 1520,1320,525 and lumia1020(AT&T variant ) lol 

rahulrambhat says:

Go home u r drunk

Must have for anyone who uses Eventbrite regularly. It's saved me a few times now, looking forward to the calendar integration! :)

daenney says:

It's a really good app and a very cool developer. Helped figure out an issue as was having with not being able to login and ever since it's worked flawlessly.