Evernote updated to version 2.1


Evernote 21

The popular cross-platform note app Evernote has been updated to version 2.1, bringing a number of features and fixes to the table. The most appealing feature that has been implemented is the ability to literally pin anything to the home screen, including new note options which can be added via the settings, note templates or individual notes. Making a template is pretty straight forward too, creating a new note and selecting "Pin as Template" from the menu will allow the user to create a text, audio or image note template and pin it to the home screen.

Included in the update is improved text editing, with rich text content being the same experience as plain text and editing works just like creating a new note. New languages are supported: Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Dutch, and Polish. If that wasn't enough already, here's some more:

  • Background sync: The app will complete a sync when the device is on a WIFI connection, even if the phone is locked.
  • Search integration: Evernote is integrated with the Windows Phone search. If you swipe across on a search result, you will see notes in Evernote related to that search.
  • More social: You can now share a note to Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live.

Hats off to the Evernote team, a superb update for consumers. You can download Evernote from the Marketplace.

Source: Evernote Blog, via: @leoberto



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macastle says:

This app works the way Onenote mobile should. I don’t understand why Microsoft isn’t really working heard on making Onenote more efficient on WP7.5.

OneNote works great, ever seen the commercial of it? Obviously not.

jeremyshaw says:

he probably wants image/sound attachements, and honestly, it's something I do miss a bit from Evernote. That being said.... I'm definately giving evernote a spin again. Haven't touched it since I stopped using my Nook Color.
Though OneNote+SkyDrive has kept me satisfied so far at work.

U can too put sound and images in OneNote.