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Poki Deal Lede

As the title states, everyone loves a great deal, especially when it comes to apps for smartphones. There are a number of deals we have covered on our main publication, but there are offers that pass our watchful eyes but are caught on our forums. If you're looking to add to your app arsenal, be sure to check our community for some irresistible app deals.

The thread, "source of app deals!", originally kicked off last year, but consumers have gathered to share deals they've noticed on the store. We strongly urge you to check out some of the apps and games listed in the thread. Not only are there free deals, but also price cuts too. While checking out the daily offers through the likes of myAppFree, there are some real gems on our forums.

Forums Deals

Head on over to our community forums to either read up on some awesome deals you've missed on the store, as well as adding your own. Note: Poki isn't actually on sale.



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efektos says:

There should be an app which summerizes all the free apps in an easy to use interface.

This app should cost money, though :)

rockstarzzz says:

Its called "Store" comes pre installed on your Windows Phone.

efektos says:

What? I looked it up in the store but didn't find anything... Link please?





pookyjoralyn says:

he means the Windows Phone Store of course

Tahiti Bob says:

Something like AppShopper on iOS would be great. For those who don't know, it tracks updates, price drops/increases for every app in the store. You can even create a list of apps you're interested in and get a notification if one of them gets a price drop. It's just great, someone should do that on WP.

Tahiti Bob says:

It's nothing like "MyAppFree" but I'll give "AppDeals" a go. Seems more like "AppShopper".

Tahiti Bob says:

Downloaded and not sure this is exactly the same. Doesn't look like I can set it to alert me about a specific app.

Martsicky says:

You could try Store Watcher, it's free but limited to 10 apps, with 1.29$ iap to remove limits. You can add specified app here and it will notify you if its price get changed.
Is that what you're looking for?

Tahiti Bob says:

It's poorly reviewed so I'm guessing it won't be what I need.

Martsicky says:

Thanks for article, hope we will get more attention. We have reported a lot of amazing apps that went free in the past such as:
Cal (still available)
Angry Birds (all chapters)
Amazing Weather HD
Amazing Alex
Cut The Rope
Cut The Rope EXP
Runtastic PRO
Pocket File Manager
Note +
Avirall Time Suite
Scan - QR Code and Barcode Reader
Flash Video
Music Import
all Disney Games
NextGen Reader
Running Mate
and with price tag reduced:
EA & Gameloft games sale
Red Stripe Deals
+ many, many more limited time offers!
I've saved around 200$ and I don't even download every app reported in there. :)

Man you must be kidding me !! I know i missed the rovio deals but pocket file manager, shortcuts4all and ea/gameloft games, I've been checking the store for these things daily and you say the deals have already been done and over ? I might not get them again ! :(

schlubadub says:

I believe they were reported on WP Central at the time... they were discounts, not freebies, as are the Red Stripe deals

Btw if anyone didn't notice, photo lock pro is currently free...

rockstarzzz says:

What's with all the misleading photos recently in articles?

borasar says:

haha, i bet the dev for Poki is like "dafuq?!" when looking at this article

twentythreee says:

What the fuq, discovered it one month later :D

I was thrown off too

Moli player free for limited time