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Evidence mounts for a white Nokia Lumia 800 launching soon

Nokia ROMs

We like the idea of white phones only because they stand out in a sea of black-slabs these days. Between our (mostly) white Lumia 710 and all-white Radar 4g, we think the color variation adds some pizzazz and choices to the second gen Windows Phone lineup. So it's with great excitement that we're seeing more and more evidence that Nokia is making a white Lumia 800.

Evidence first came forth a few days ago at XDA where a screenshot (see below) from fshqbizfs. Evidently, he was using an app that browses Nokia firmware and came across some interesting findings. From that screenshot we see listings for a white v2 Lumia 800 coming to Portugal and Switzerland.

Nokia firmware

And we now have the above screenshot from reader VoodooKing (top picture) who was searching for Nokia ROMs on their server to corroborate those entries. As you can see, there are the same listings for Portugal and Switzerland, giving a little more credence to the earlier screenshot from XDA.

White N9

Of course, these could be mislabeled or errant entries but we should note that there is a all-white Nokia N9 (which of course the Lumia 800 is based off), meaning there is precedent for such a design. We're of course excited about such a prospect and hope Nokia sells an unlocked version--between the Cyan and White variations, we think Nokia could have some big sellers here.

Source: XDA, Nokia; Thanks, VoodooKing and Francesco S., for the tips. N9 image credit: Nokia World.



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White Lumia 900 too?

Hampus says:

Interesting, I'll stick with my HTC Titan.

jbrandonf says:

Ok, you do that.

WPSteve says:

Wonder if the day will come where ALL smartphones are white...

schlubadub says:

It'll never happen... I'm sure the vast majority of people prefer slick black, or some striking colours. Plain white is just boring :P

hyperova says:

It so won't happen coloured paint costs way more, so unless we find a cheap as source for white...

I'd definitely go for either an 800 or 900 in white. Preferably for T-mobile since its my new carrier. That white N9 looks too appealing...

MrMetalist says:

I would take white Lumia 900.

fpostrow says:

I have to say that looks really good.

norseman#WP says:

Bring the coloured variations of the whole Lumia series to Canada please!

I want the 900 in Cyan though! :)

justin071894 says:

I just want the dang Lumia 900 already!

onysi says:

candy coloured lumias.

blackprince says:

A darker shade of blue would be nice

Residing says:

Agree.  Even a deeper Magenta, or Red, would be nice.  I'm still dreaming of an anodize aluminum version, though :)

sanjlogan says:

I think lumia 900 in blk is more appealing as compared to white... Lol

sanjlogan says:

I m dying to wait get my hands on lumia 900...rather go for unlocked version

I just want any new phone to come to canada:( I know they are coming but I hate waiting..

schlubadub says:

The blue version is the best. White is too much like the iphone. The pink is good to entice more female users.

jbrandonf says:

Yea but then it really only looks good with the blue theme.

Dave Blake says:

I never have gotten the whole White Phone thing. A good friend of mine paid extra for a white EVO jumped through hoops to get then put a black case on it.

White phones are easier to find when you put 'em down ;-)

FacilisDK says:

I'm buying the all-white Lumia 710 with all the interchangeable covers I can get my hands on. Need colors :)

i2y4n says:

I want to see a dark red color for the Lumia 900.
Go vote on this poll for your favorite color, maybe Nokia will listen...

dnlbntl says:

Not that I'd get it for myself, that white shell just looks gorgeous.

White phones are all right, but I prefer Cyan:-)

TheDoros says:

As much as I'd love to have choice when it comes to color at this point I just want the 900 to come to Canada.

TheDoros says:

As much as I'd love to have choice when it comes to color at this point I just want the 900 to come to Canada.

Nowadays, isn't the important question which color your *case* comes in?

blackprince says:

Who would put a case on the Lumia 800 or 900? That polycarbonate shell and gorilla glass should take any damage you can put it through. Cases are such an iPhone thing anyway. I for one don't want to cover up all that beautifully meticulous industrial design with some crap case.

Nokia ships all Lumia 800s (and probably 900s) with a matching silicone case, just fyi.