Exclusive: The complete Windows Phone emoji list

We have the complete list!

Back in November, Windows Phone team blogger Michael Stroh teased users with some cheat sheets to many of the emoticons or emoji (Japanese) built right into the Windows Phone platform. He didn't share them all, though. Not content with waiting around for more blog posts, we decided to dig through the operating system, not stopping until we found the rare and beautiful emoji. And found them we did.

WPCentral is proud to present the complete list of emoji present in Windows Phone 7.5 ("Mango").

The Complete List of Windows Phone 7.5 Emoji, brought to you by WPCentral



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thommck says:

Now they just need to update the emoji keyboard to show the pictures instead of the characters, or at least add the "hidden" ones on to the keyboard

djmikebrady says:

Agreed!  Most of the second page of pics on the keyboard don't actually translate to anything anyway, I'd rather have these!

Baka says:

A heart can also be made with <3

Yeah, there are a lot of other alternate shortcuts but I couldn't fit them in the graphic. It would be too huge.

Baka says:

just curious...what differentiates an "emoji" from a shortcut?

Shortcut: (baa)

Emoji: (image of a goat)

RogueCode says:

Great work Rafael!

Jf.Vigor says:

Another cool thing is that we can see iPhone emojis when they are sent to us ^_^

Lnin0 says:

So how do I see these in action? Whenever I add an emoji (even one found under the smiley button) to an sms or email I just get the characters, not the emoji

DeWize1 says:

The icon only displays on windows phone in mango (windows phone 7.5) so unless you haven't updated, you will only see the characters. Otherwise, I see no reason for you to only see the text.

jabtano says:

I rather have emoji keyboard to show the pictures instead trying to remember all characters that would be sweet but then the update would  be years down the road the carriers would have to approve the update..er coming soon...just saying....

Sieber101 says:

I like the goat emoji.

starblade876 says:

I'm pretty sure there's a Christmas tree... My cousin sent it to me this past Christmas and my phone displayed it. I copied and pasted it and sent it along with the gift emoji that's up there, but it showed up as the emoji, so I'm not sure how to make it.

CAVX says:

I just finished an app (called Messaging Emoticons - still in certification phase) that lets you type and choose (and filter) emoticons, inserting them right into the textbox. I even found most of the non-announced emoticons, too.
Hopefully it'll be out soon, then I can release an update with the emoticons I missed.

jabtano says:

Let us know when it's done 

Kentcomp says:

Thanks for the list.   I'd love to see this list reversed so the black is white and the white is black so I didn't use an entire toner/ink cartridge printing it!