Exclusive Executive Caddie app heading to Nokia Collection?

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Well, well, well. Colour us surprised (pun intended) with what the above image could point to, but if it holds true we could see the Executive Caddie heading to the Nokia Collection of OEM apps. Of course, should this happen, we'd expect to see the original app remain available for all Windows Phone owners, but it would be interesting to see unique variants of the app (available for free) tied to which Lumia 900 you purchase.

Executive Caddie is a popular golf app on the Windows Phone Marketplace, and rightfully so as it's quite simply gorgeous. Functionality includes highly accurate golf course database, on-course GPS and scorecard functionality (for up to four golfers). Reviews have been positive from users and it has been with us since the beginning (released in December 2010). Microsoft has reportedly given the developers the nod with eligibility for a "Showcase App" promotion. It would seem as though Nokia has caught wind of this positive aura.

The above photo shows two Lumia 900s running Executive Caddie with a unique theme / colour scheme that matches the device pigmentation. The Lumia 800 in the middle is using the default app that's currently available on the Marketplace. Could we be seeing exclusive versions of the app hitting the Nokia Collection or just an updated version? Could well be, and perhaps there'll be a few extra features thrown in for good measure.

On a humorous side note: someone rescue the poor Lumia 800 being patronised by size sitting in the middle. Executive Caddie is available on the Markeplace for free (usually $29.99), which has had its price tag slashed since Christmas.

Thanks Michael for the heads up and the image!

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MaulerX says:

Aside from the Executive Caddie app, is that a burgundy L900 I'm seeing? Like, a mothers day L900?

parthp90 says:

I was just gonna mention that too!

Rich Edmonds says:

Just a case I'm afraid :-)

evilrobot says:

Matching background colors... if only someone would have thought of that with WP7 themes for the Cyan, the inclusion of Nokia Blue is a little strange considering a Nokia Cyan would have been more appropriate.

inteller says:

magenta 900 is for a mom's day promotion.

That's a regular 900 with a magenta case on it ;)

Bruno H says:

Is that a red lumia 900?

AzD says:

Usually $29.99, but currently free? That's quite a deal for a golfer.

ejlee072006 says:

Omg the magenta..

weepatc says:

This app. is next to useless in the UK. I have requested course mapping for the golf courses I use but the dev has not responded. Why would Nokia want this app in particular? It's a joke in the UK.