Expansys shipping HTC Radar and Titan, in top 20

Joining Digitec today is Expansys in Canada, who is now also shipping the HTC Titan and Radar. What's more is according to the Expansys Top 20 best selling handsets this week, the HTC Titan is ranked number 2 behind the Samsung Galaxy S II Android device. Not bad!

If HTC isn't your cup of tea, remember that Expansys is stocking the Omnia W too for Europeans.

Source: Expansys, thanks Jean-Philippe for the tip!



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Go Titan! Go Windows Phone!

1jaxstate1 says:

Maybe the Titan will be the phone to rule them all!. I'm sure the Samsung Focus S is going to be a great seller too!

rastanac says:

The HTC Titan is also showing up as available in 5 days in the Expansys Australia site! http://www.expansys.com.au/htc-titan-windows-phone-smartphone-unlocked-b...

Wow, that Galaxy Note is expensive! And I wonder how is it that that both models of the N9 are in the top 10 as they have no pricing unless they are ranking based on preorders.Well, just waiting for the U.S. releases.....

mapexvenus says:

Will this phone work with ATT in the US?


Jayceecam says:

Now I need some better apps. Like Skype, on star, hulu plus and I'll be a happy man.